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Effectiveness of an instructional strategy based on critical thinking skills for learning mathematics at secondary school level Minni George Sajna Jaleel Education 2018
Effectiveness of an instructional strategy based on path- smoothing model on creative problem solving ability, perceptual speed and achievement in mathematics of students at secondary level Timy Thambi Jacob,P.J Education 2019
Effectiveness of animated and static visuals based instructional strategies on achievement in basic science of students at upper primary level Abdul Shukkoor, P K Jacob, P J Education 2014
Effectiveness of attention relevance confidence satisfaction model on certain cognitive and affective variables among students at secondary level Jessymol Mathew P.J. Jacob Education 2018
Effectiveness of brain compatible learning on select student related variables at primary school level Anisha, S Thulasidharan, T.V Education 2019
Effectiveness of certain behaviour modification models on achievement in Commerce among students at Higher secondary level Sajikumar, K B Jacob, P J Education 2012
Effectiveness of certain embedded strategies for improving academic performance in economics of students at higher secondary level. Remmiya Rajan, P Jaya Jaise Education 2011
Effectiveness of certain information processing models on achievement in English of students at secondary level Rajan, K Jaleel, P M Education 2014
Effectiveness of certain modern instructional strategies on academic achievement, self-concept and achievement motivation of institutionalized children at secondary level Manikandavijayan, V.T Thulasidharan,T.V Education 2018
Effectiveness of co- operative learning on learning styles and academic performance in Mathematics learning at the Upper primary level Sunila Thomas Sudharma, A Education 2009
Effectiveness of cognitive apprenticeship model on select cognitive and affective variables among secondary school students Sherly Philip Sajna Jaleel Education 2018
Effectiveness of community participation in raising productivity and production – A case of vegetable cultivation in Kerala Jaya Anitha Abraham Philip, P J Economics 2009
Effectiveness of concept mapping approach on select cognitive and affective correlates in teaching chemistry at higher secondary level Betsy Joseph, E Jaya Jaise Education 2019
Effectiveness of continuing education programmes on the socioeconomic and educational conditions of the tribal people of Kerala Raveendran, V. P Thulasidharan, T.V Education 2019
Effectiveness of critical pedagogy combined with constructivist approach in learning commerce at the Higher secondary level Jayalekshmi, S Jaleel, P M Education 2012
Effectiveness of developed multisensory strategy on academic achievement of children with learning disability at primary level Ronu Thomas Jacob, P J Education 2016
Effectiveness of drawing skill oriented instructional approach on achievement in basic science of students at primary level Manoj, A V Jacob, P J Education 2014
Effectiveness of electronic media based instructional strategy to create environmental awareness among the Secondary school pupils of Kerala Madanakumar, C K Celine Pereira Education 2012
Effectiveness of financial inclusion policies of Reserve Bank of India with special Reference to Kerala Renjith Jose Pulikal House Madappally Post, Changanassery 686546 Zacharias Thomas Commerce 2019
Effectiveness of in-service training programs for Teachers and Headmasters by DIETs Sathyanesan, P Reghu, V Education 2002
Effectiveness of jurisprudential inquiry model in teaching Malayalam at Secondary level Jalajakumari, V T Sudharma, A Education 2006
Effectiveness of jurisprudential inquiry model on academic performance, entrepreneurial skills and social competence among commerce students at higher secondary level Rinu V Antony Sudharma, A Education 2015
Effectiveness of Kolb’s experiential learning model on achievement in Mathematics of students at secondary level Varghese K Cheriyan Jacob, P J Education 2010
Effectiveness of learning styles and meta cognition upon the learning of Malayalam language at Secondary level Sreevrinda Nair, N Sudharma, A Education 2013
Effectiveness of McCormack and Yager taxonomy in teaching physics at secondary level Rajasree, S Jacob, P J Education 2013
Effectiveness of mental modelling based on multiple strategy instruction for enhancing reading competency in English among upper primary school students Bincy Thomas Jaya Jaise Education 2015
Effectiveness of micro finance system through self help groups A study on the extent of women empowerment in Kottayam district of Kerala Baburaj T.S N.C Jacob Political science 2019
Effectiveness of multiple intelligence approach on achievement in Biology of Secondary school students Tessy Joseph Kallarackal Celine Pereira Education 2010
Effectiveness of Parent-focussed educational intervention on the quality of life and psychosocial adjustment of school children with Nephrotic Syndrome Mercy Jacob Elsheba Mathew Behavioural science 2019
Effectiveness of participative management in the industrial sector of Kerala Deepu Jose Sebastian Tharsis Joseph Commerce 2010

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