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A study of Certain Psycho-Educational Variables of Secondary School Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Hema, K.J Jacob,P.J Education 2019
A Study on social competency and educational aspirations in relation to emotional intelligence among tribal Students at secondary level. Savitha Prasad Poulose P.J Education 2019
Developing a model based on cooperative learning for enhancing social intelligence and academic achievement among students at upper primary level Sunitha Susan Jose Poulose, P.J Education 2018
Influence of parenting behaviour on executive functions and academic achievement among adolescents of parents with schizophrenia Faisal, P. N Jayasree, P Education 2019
A comparative study of the contributions of Benjamin Bailey and William Carey to Indian education Wilson Mathew Anandan Nair, K Education 2002
A comparative study of the juvenile delinquents and normals with respect to their self-concept and locus of control Varkey, A V Jaleel, P M Education 2010
A critical study of the programmes of early childhood education centers in Kerala Kurian, C C Joshi, N D Education 2003
A plan of action for environmental education through learning of geography in Secondary schools Geetha Gopinath Suresh, K P Education 2009
A study of certain psycho-social and academic correlates of happiness among teacher educands at secondary level Smitha P S Thulaseedharan T V Education 2017
A study of effectiveness of remedial programmes in Mathematics for the disadvantaged children of primary schools Gokuladasan Pillai, C Jaleel, P M Education 2010
A study of group differences in computational skills of Secondary school students Pushpa Marian Madhava Kurup, V Education 2006
A study of process outcomes in Physics in relation to some select cognitive, affective, social, and environmental variables Celene Joseph (Sr) Suresh, K P Education 1998
A study of the effect and the relationship between some selected correlates of achievement motivation and achievement in social sciences of secondary school students Mathew Joseph Thulasidharan, T V Education 2009
A study of the influence of certain psycho-social correlates on pupils in the acquisition of Biological concepts at Secondary level Josemon P George Jacob, P J Education 2007
A study of the psycho-social problems of Orphans in Kerala Benson, N Jacob, P J Education 2003
A study of the relationship between intelligence, scientific creativity, achievement motivation, home environment and achievement in Science of Higher Secondary school pupils of Kerala Rosamma Philip Jaleel, P M Education 2008
A study on age, education and earnings of Engineers in Kerala Sam V Daniel Jaleel, P M Education 2002
A study on discourse competence in english in relation to linguistic performance and linguistic intelligence among secondary school students Smitha Kunjappan Poulose, P J Education 2022
A study on management styles and their influence on teacher performance of the secondary schools of Kerala Vijayan, M R Reghu, V Education 2017
A study on the educational and vocational problems and needs of students in the Vocational Higher Secondary schools of Kerala Reene Kuncheria Jacob, P J Education 2010
A study on the effectiveness of advance organizer model in the teaching of Mathematics among Secondary school pupils at differing levels of intelligence Meera Raj, S Suresh, K P Education 2008
A SWOT analysis of elementary teacher programme in Kerala Josen George Celine Pereira Education 2009
An assessment of the educational and vocational programmes of Juvenile and observation homes in correcting the behaviour of Juvenile delinquents Sreekala, K K Celine Pereira Education 2008
Analysis of educational philosophy in Gita and its relevance in the present educational system Asokan, P Celine Pereira Education 2013
Application of information processing models in teaching Chemistry at the secondary and the higher secondary level Rema Devi, K Jaleel, P M Education 1998
Application of information processing models in teaching Mathematics at secondary level Anila Anna Mani Jaleel, P M Education 2009
Apprenticeship-type learning (ATL) model-development and its effect on Higher secondary students' achievement in Chemistry Bindu, R L Sivadasan, K R Education 2008
Attitude of College Teachers towards CBCSS in relation to their Classroom Management, Work Anxiety and Socio-Personal adjustment Bindumol, K K Celine Pereria Education 2016
Comparative efficacy of constructivist and synectics models in teaching English poetry at secondary level Prasanth R Sarathchandra Raj G Education 2017
Coping strategies of students with parenting deficiencies Sajith C Raj Exemmal, J Education 2013

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