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A taxonomic and ecological study of the aquatic macrophytes of Kuttanad wetlands with special reference to spatial and temporal distribution using remote sensing and GIS techniques John C Mathew Sankaran Unni, K Environmental science 2010
A theoretical study of radialenes Minu Elizabeth Thomas Devaky, K S Chemistry 2022
A theoretical study of strain in Spiranes and related species Baby Thomas Pius, K Chemistry 2006
A theoretical study of the regio-and stereochemistry of bimolecular nucleophilic substitution Celine, M C Pius, K Chemistry 2007
On the trail of Mysteries: Detextualizing the criminal and the detective in crime/detective fiction George Sebastian Krishnan, K M English literature 2013
Tailoring of highly specific nanostructured sorbents for drugs based on molecular imprinting technology Sooraj, M P Beena Mathew Chemistry 2015
Tailoring of nanomaterials for the sensing and degradation of Agricultural and industrial effluents Priyanka, R N Beena Mathew Chemistry 2021
Tailoring of Nanostructured Material for the Concentration of Heavy Metal Ions From Waste Water Archana Aravind Beena Mathew Chemistry 2019
Taxonomic and phytochemical studies on selected species of family Apocynaceae Egy T Paul Thomas Mathew, P Botany 2009
Taxonomic revision of the genus Murdannia royle (Commelinaceae) in India Anna Ancy Antony, A Santhosh Nampi Botany 2014
Taxonomic studies on the Torymidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Kerala and adjacent areas Mercy Ignatius Narendran, T C Zoology 2013
Taxonomy and bioecology of ground-dwelling spiders(arachnida: araneae) in the Kerala region of western ghats Pradeep, M.S Sebastian, P.A Zoology 2019
Taxonomy and Ecology of Diatoms in brackish waters of Ernakulam District Geo Joseph Francis, M S Botany 2020
Taxonomy and ethnobotany of the family myrsinaceae of Kerala Sebastian, A Antony, V T Botany 2022
Taxonomy and Ethnobotany of the Family Vitaceae Kerala Rani Joseph Scaria K Varghese Botany 2021
Taxonomy of Spiders Belonging to the Genus Cyrtophora Simon, 1864 (Araneae, Araneidae) of the Western Ghats using Morphological and molecular Data Elizabeth, V. Mathew Sebastian, P.A Zoology 2019
Taxonomy, Biology and Culture Potential of the genus Caridina of Achencoil and Pamba Rivers Suvarnakumar, G Sunil, M S Zoology 2016
Taxonomy, distribution and ecology of the Riparian flora of Pamba river, Kerala Joby Paul Sankaran Unni, K Environmental science 2013
Taxonomy, reproductive biology and behaviour of Muriyad carplet, Amblypharyngodon melettinus muriyadensis Teji, K T John Thomas, K Zoology 2012
Tea plantations in Kerala: A study with special reference to abandonment, closure and rehabilitation packages Santhimol, M C Baby, M D Commerce 2015
Technological changes in marine fishing and livelihood threats of fisher folk Jisha John Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2013
Technological changes in the Coir industry in Kerala and Tamil Nadu Madhava Menon, N Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2004
Technology adoption in Rubber production in Kerala Ushadevi, T V Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2001
Technology and its impact on management in printing industry in Kerala Hari Chandra Sekhar Management studies 2017
Technology in banks and its impact on operational efficiency and risk management with special reference to Commercial banks in Kerala: An econometric analysis Manoj, P K Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2010
Tekso d 'Denho in the West Syrian tradition: A study of the Feast of Epiphany in the Malankara Orthodox Church Varghese Varghese Baby Varghese (Fr) Syriac studies 2012
Temperament Character and executive functions among students with learning disabilities and without learning disabilities Gayathri Devi, M.S Muhamad Mustaffa, K Psychology 2019
Terrain evaluation and comparative study of Elappara, Vagamon, and Peeramade sub watersheds of Periyar, Meenachil and Pampa river basins of Western Ghats, South India, Kerala Manju Elizabeth Kuruvila George, A V Environmental science (botany) 2015
Tetraethyleneglycol diacrylate-crosslinked Polystyrene support for solid phase Peptide synthesis Renil, M Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1992
Text as praxis: A study of Fredric Jameson's critique of postmodernism Sudhakaran, C B Raveendran, P P English literature 2002

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