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A plan of action for environmental education through learning of geography in Secondary schools Geetha Gopinath Suresh, K P Education 2009
A Policy framework for the administration of College Libraries under corporate Management in Kerala Radhakrishna Pillai, C Raman Nair, R Library and information science 2021
A psycho-educational approach for the modification of alcohol expectancies among the adolescents Lilly, N C Varghese K Varghese Social work 2012
Palestine issue in the contemporary Saudi poetry Jafar Sadik, P P Mohamed, P P Arabic literature 2014
Palynological studies on certain Malvales Geetha Lakshmi, K Raju, E C Botany 2004
Palynological studies on the South Indian myrtales Leena John Kuriakose, M E Environmental science (botany) 2014
Palynological studies on the South Indian Papilionaceae Kuriakose, M E Raju, E C Botany 2001
Panampilly Govinda Menon: A freedom fighter and an administrator of Cochin State Twincy Varghese Johny, P D History 2016
Panchakosa siddhanta a study based on taittiriyopanishad Vijayarajan, K.U Viswanathan Nampoothiri, P.V Sanskrit literature 2018
Panchayati raj in Kerala after the seventy third amendment: Problems related to transition Lekha, G John, M S Gandhian studies 2005
Panchayati raj institutions and rural development of Kerala Icy K John Abraham George Economics 2007
Paperless trading in Indian stock markets Joseph George Thomas John, M,
Joseph, K X
Commerce 2012
Paradigm Shift from Responsibility to Accountability: India Needs More Commensurable Corporate Obligations for Respecting and Protecting Human Rights Aneesha, P R Sheeba Pillai Law 2021
Paradigms of change: New articulation of relationships in the works of Denise Levertov, Maxine Hong Kingston, Nikki Giovanni and Paula Gunn Allen Tessy Anthony, C Chacko, P M English literature 2009
Paradigms of conflict in Indian fiction in English, 1981-1990 Sonia Chacko Varghese John English literature 2007
Parametric approach to structural analysis of simple molecules using spectroscopic data Indira, K Rudra Warier, M K ,
Ananthakrishnan, T R
Physics 1998
Parental pressure for achievement in school and its influence on children’s academic interest, actual academic achievement, self-esteem and creativity Thara Sebastian Indulekha, K V Home science 1998
Parental stimulation and peer experiences as correlates of select social relations and academic achievement of Primary school children Limsy John, T Suresh, K P Education 2009
Paristhithika sthreevada darsanam Kalidasa kavyangalil – Malayala vivarthanangale aspadamakki oru patanam. (പാരിസ്ഥിതിക സ്ത്രീവാദ ദർശനം കാളിദാസ കാവ്യങ്ങളിൽ - മലയാള വിവർത്തനങ്ങൾ ആസ്പദമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം) Meera Madhu Saramma, K Malayalam language and literature 2021
Parody and politics in post-colonial fiction: The Indian experience (with particular rReference to Shashi Tharoor's The great Indian novel) Leslee Thomas Harris, V C English literature 2001
Passive sol-gel materials and active wave guides by ion-exchange/femtosecond inscription for various optical processes Toney Teddy Fernandez Unnikrishnan, N V,
Sudarsanakumar, C
Physics 2009
Patayaniyile natoti natakangal – sambadanavum patanavum (പടയണിയിലെ നാടോടി നാടകങ്ങൾ - സമ്പാദനവും പഠനവും) Remya Mohan Ravikumar, B Malayalam language and literature 2020
Patent on life forms and its impact on human environment with particular reference to climate change Sunil Gladson, M Vikraman Nair, K Law 2017
Pathway distributions, autoregressive processes and their applications Shanoja R Naik Jose, K K Statistics 2009
Pattern of funding Higher education: A case study of the situation in Kerala Joy J Kulavelil Rajan Gurukkal Education 2001
Paulose Shliho according to Jacob of Sarug: Critical analysis of homilies 61 and 62 of Jacob on St. Paul Raju, P J Jacob Thekkeparambil Syriac literature 2017
Pedagogical interventions in sex and sexuality: A study among adolescent school children Asha P Rao Alex, O J (Fr) Social work 2009
People development practices and tourism delivery performances: A study with special reference to public sector tourism agencies in Kerala Murali, E Jose, K G Commerce 2014
People’s campaign for planning in Kerala - A study of the participatory methodology of planning and implementation Sudhakaran, M N Harilal, K N International relations 2006
People’s campaign for the Ninth Plan: A study of decentralised planning in three Gram panchayats of Kannur District in Kerala Kunhambu, V V John, M S Gandhian studies (political sc 2003

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