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Calcium sulfide based nanophosphors: structural, optical and cytotoxicity studies Rekha, S Anila, E.I Physics 2020
Developing new ceramic polymer materials for different technological applications Vinila, V.S Jayakumari Isac Physics 2020
Structural and optoelectronic properties of silver based transparent conducting oxide thin films fabricated by post air annealing and oxygen plasma assisted reactive evaporation techniques Keerthi, K Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2019
Synthesis, Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of Luminescent Nanocrystalline Dy/Tb/Eu oxalates Dinu Alexander Cyriac Joseph, Co Guide Biju, P R Physics 2019
A Study of Some Nonlinear Plasma Waves in Multi-ion Plasmas Sijo Sebastian Chandu Venugopal,
Antony S
Physics 2018
A study of some Plasma instabilities in Multi-ion and Anti-loss cone Plasmas Samuel George Chandu Venugopal Physics 2013
A study of the properties of certain Nanophase materials Marykutty Thomas Kallolickal George, K C Physics 2005
A study on anomalies and irregularities of ionosphere under geomagnetically quiet and disturbed periods Prabhu, M Unnikrishnan, K Physics 2020
A study on some of the characteristics of solar wind flow towards earth Visakh Kumar, U L Kurian, P J Physics 2020
A study on the influence of size and surface effects on the physical properties of CdS and ZnS nanostructures Anoop Chandran George, K C Physics 2015
A study on the physical mechanisms behind the existence of the solarTransition region Bilin Susan Varghese Issac Paul Physics 2021
A study on the physical properties of cuo and sno2 nanostructures Jiji Koshy George, K.C Physics 2019
A study on the physical properties of TiO2 nanotubes Pournami Vijayan P George, K C,
Marykutty Thomas
Physics 2016
A study on the structural optical and electrical properties of selected metal oxide nanostructures PauloseThomas Abraham K E Physics 2017
A systematic study on the growth and properties of metal coordinated malonate and malate crystals Lincy Alex Saban, K V Physics 2016
Absorption in the pulse profiles of accretion powered x-ray pulsars Jincy Devasia Indulekha, K% Biswajit Paul Physics 2014
An Experimental and Numerical study of some Nonlinear Phenomena in Glow Discharge Plasmas Prijil Mathew Kurian, P J Physics 2020
Analysis of Chaotic Neuronal Networks and A Hyperchaos Based Image Encryption Scheme Mineeja, K K Rose P Ignatius Physics 2021
Atomistic simulation of nanoscale MOSFETs in the ballistic regime of operation George James, T Vincent Mathew Physics 2012
Behaviour of ionosphere and its interaction with solar-magnetosphere system Subhadra Devi, P K Unnikrishnan, K Physics 2014
Biofibre reinforced ceramic polymer composites Reenu Jacob Jayakumari Isac Physics 2018
Boundary layer aerosol characteristics at a tropical coastal station Trivandrum from Lidar and impactor measurements Rekha Rajan Parameswaran, K Physics 2002
Broadband x-ray spectral investigation of active galactic nuclei Savithri H. Ezhikode Ninan Sajeeth Philip Physics 2019
Chaotic dynamics of some systems Mary Vinaya Rose P Ignatius Physics 2020
Characterization of mixed MgxZn1-x Fe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles synthesized using sol gel auto combustion method Subin P John Jacob Mathew M, . Physics 2022
Characterization of nano cobalt ferrites and studies on their antibacterial activity Sheena Xavier Mohammed, E M Physics 2015
Characterization of Nano Zinc Ferrites and Investigations on their Optical Limiting and Antialgal Applications Rintu Mary Sebastian Mohammed, E M Physics 2017
Characterization of rare-earth doped magnesium ferrite nano-particles and its catalytic activity Smitha Thankachan Mohammed E M Physics 2015
Chemical Bath Deposited Nanocrystalline (Cd:Zn)S Thin Films as Photodetectors Joissy Mathew Anila, E I Physics 2020
Crystal growth and physico – chemical characterization of new metal coordination coplexes of metallic acid Mahalakshmi V Saban K.V Physics 2017

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