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A critical appraisal of Sri Aurobindo's perception on India’s past Krishnakumar, A Ajith Kumar, M P History 2020
A historical anatomy of the evolution of social revolution in Travancore George Philip Maharajan, M History 2006
CMI and socio-economic and religious transformation in Kerala in the 19th and 20th centuries Mathukutty, A A Joseph Sebastian Thekkedom (Fr) History 2003
Coins and currency of pre-modern Kerala till 1600 AD Joseph Augustine Rajan Kurukkal, P M History 2016
Colonial Rule Internal Migrations and Post Independence Practices Locating Kattunayakas of Wayanad Prasanth, P Alice, M D History 2020
Decentralization of power at the panchayat level in Kerala and the Gandhian vision of Gram Swaraj - A study in historical perspective Johny P D Jose, P K History 1996
Dr G Ramachandran: A historical biography Mathew, T M Joseph Sebastian Thekkedom (Fr) History 2005
Educational and Depressed Class in Colonial Kerala Ancy James Michael Tharakan, P K History 2016
En-gendering individuals: A study of gender and individualisation in reform - Language in modern Keralam 1880's-1950's Devika, J Gangadhara Menon, M History 2003
Environmental History of an Island: Mapping Land Use Pattern Changes in Vypeen Jiya Tharian, P Sebastian Joseph History 2020
Environmental reordering of a native land: Colonialism and the making of Munnar Jijo Jayraj Sebastian Joseph History 2021
From core to periphery-a study on the socio-economic process of cochin and its islands 1900-2013 Stancy S. M.D. Alice History 2019
From core to periphery-a study on the socio-economic process of cochin and its islands 1900-2013 Stancy S M.D. Alice History 2019
Gender and spirituality: Archaeology of religious life in Kerala Annie, P V Rajan Gurukkal History 2006
Historical analysis of industrialization and its impact in the society with special reference to Ernakulam District Alphons Ligori, T O Chackochan, P L History 2015
History as development experience desegregated and deconstructed analysis of Kerala Michael Tharakan, P K Rajan Gurukkal History 1998
History of social legislation in Travancore State Suresh Kumar, P Cherian, P J History 2003
Imagining equality: Modernity and social transformation of lower castes in Colonial Kerala Sanal Mohan, P Nizar Ahmed History 2007
Industry development in Malabar early attempts (1930-1950) Haripriya, M Gnagadhara Menon, M History 2016
Land tenure systems in Travancore (1865- 1959) Nature, evolution and impact Philip Cherian Johny, P D History 2010
Life and works of Arnos Padiri Gracy, K S Johny, P D History 2015
Local history of Chengannur: A study of institutions and social relations Susan Cherian Cherian, P J History 2010
Local history of Mavelikkara Lekshmy, P L Cherian, P J History 2013
Locating Women Labourers in The Plantations of Malabar 1850-1950 Beena, P Jayasree, C H History 2021
Making of the Colonial Timber Empire in Travancore : A Critique of Colonial Forest Policy Lekha Pillai Vellavoorthottathil, Kadammanitta P.O, Pathanamthitta-689649 Sebastian Joseph History 2018
Making of the past in South India historian's craft under colonialism Vijayalakshmi, C Rajan Gurukkal History 2005
Mapping iyer settlements along bharathapuzha region-15th century to 20th century AD Kamakshy V. Sheela Irin Jayanthi J. History 2019
Native state of Cochin –A study on the socio-economic reforms and development(1900 -1947) Hema, K R Nirmala Devi History 2016
Panampilly Govinda Menon: A freedom fighter and an administrator of Cochin State Twincy Varghese Johny, P D History 2016
Politicization of women in Travancore State (1900-1947)- A Study Smitha Sara Padiyara Sheela Irin Jayanthi, J History 2015

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