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Ichthyo-diversity of Puthenvelikkara and its environs in Ernakulam, Kerala, India Shyla, M H Jameela Beevi, K S Zoology 2017
Ichthyodiversity of Muvattupuzha River in Kottayam District, Kerala, India with DNA Barcoding of Tetraodontids Zeena K.V K.S.Jameela Beevi Zoology 2018
Idea of unity in quantum philosophy and Upanishads Kartika, T S Nirmala Devi, D Philosophy 2014
Identification and Characterisation of Bioactive Molecules from Ayurvedic Decoction, Balaguluchyadi Kashayam Rahitha Devi, S J Prakash Kumar, B Biochemistry 2021
Identification and characterisation of bioactive molecules from Ayurvedic decoction, Punarnavadi Kashayam Bashi, M B Prakash Kumar, B Bioscience (biotechnology) 2021
Identification and degradation studies of emerging contaminants in selected aquatic matrices Nejumal K K Aravindakumar, C T Environmental sciences 2022
Identification and differentiation of students with mild mental retardation, scholastic backwardness and learning disabilities based on academic behaviours Manju P Emmanuel Muhamad Mustafa, K Psychology 2022
Identification and prevention of certain factors causing nonutilisation of Teacher competency in Secondary schools of Kerala Mini John Sivadasan, K R Education 2004
Identification and remediation of misconceptions about chemical kinetics among secondary school students Nisha S. Dharan Rajan, K M Education 2017
Identification of certain factors influencing the optimum utilisation of teacher effectiveness in the Primary schools of Kerala George, K S Sivadasan, K R Education 2004
Identification of channel blocks and gatekeepers in prison reform: A study based on Kerala prisons Anto, S V John, M S Social work 2016
Identification of the Hard Spots in learning organic chemistry at Higher Secondary level and developing select strategies for its remediation Ajayakumar, G Celine Pereira Education 2016
Identity crisis and self-actualization in the fiction of William Golding and O V Vijayan: A psychoanalytic study Celine, K J Radhakrishnan Nair, D English literature 1998
Ideological and cultural dimensions of Indo-Israeli relations: an inquiry into the foreign policy of national democratic alliance governments Riju Saimon Stany Thomas Political science 2020
Ideological fermentation in the Communist Party of India since 1964 with special reference to Kerala unit Radhakrishnan, V D Varghese, V V Political science 2003
Ideological grooming and its impact on employee Engagement among temple employees of Kerala Menon Prithi Raghavan Mathew J Manimala Management studies 2021
Ikkisveen Sadi Ke Pehale Charan Ki Hindi Kahaniyon Mein Manavadhikar (इक्कीसवीं सदी के पहले चरण की हिन्दी कहानियों में मानवाधिकार) Seena Haridas Radhamani, C Hindi language and literature 2021
Imaging African womanhood: A womanist reading of selected works of Buchi Emecheta Sujarani Mathew Mathew Joseph English literature 2011
Imaging diasporic communities a study of select women's fiction Parvathy Nair Anitha, R English language and literature 2022
Imaging the homeland: The search for identity and the conflict of cultures in Derek Walcott’s poetry Saju Joseph Mathew Joseph English literature 2016
Imagining equality: Modernity and social transformation of lower castes in Colonial Kerala Sanal Mohan, P Nizar Ahmed History 2007
Iminium salt mediated syntheses of functionalized Pyridines Ajith Dain Thomas Asokan, C V Chemistry 2001
Immunomodulatory activity of Withania Somnifera - Its implication in the treatment of Cancer Leemol Davis Kattukaren Girija Kuttan Immunology 2004
Immunomodulatory and anti invasive properties of plant derived products Siveen, K S Girija Kuttan Immunology 2013
Immunomodulatory and anti invasive properties of some naturally occurring terpenoids Pratheeshkumar, P Girija Kuttan Immunology 2011
Immunomodulatory Effect of Traditional Thirst Quenchers in Kerala Sunitha, V.S Jyothis Mathew Zoology 2019
Impact of Anthropogenicstress on biodiversity in Periyar Tiger Reserve: A floristic, edaphic and geospatial analysis Abin Varghese Punnen Kurian Environmental sciences 2017
Impact of automobile pollution on pulmonary functions and antioxidants in man Pankajam, K Shankar Shashidhar Bioscience 2004
Impact of backwater Tourism in Vembanad region in Kerala with special reference to Kumarakom Gramapanchayat Rajesh Kurian Roy Sam Daniel Commerce 2017
Impact of bacterial stress on two fresh water fishes: A study to elucidate the effect of bacterial pollution in Pamba River Sherly Annie Oommen Thomas, A P Environmental science 2009

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