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Effect of magnetic field on the metabolism of Biomolecules Satheesan, R Muraleedhara Kurup, G Biochemistry 2004
Effect of magnetic fields on tail regeneration of hemidactylus brooke Biju Jacob Thomas Thomas Varghese Zoology 2009
Effect of mastery learning strategy on certain cognitive and personality variables of Secondary school students in Kerala Ancey Varughese Celine Pereira Education 2004
Effect of multimodal wound care approach on biobehavioural distress among clients with diabetic foot Simmy M Varkey Mary Lucita Rehabilitation nursing 2018
Effect of nanofillers on incompatible polymer blends Hanna J Maria Cherian Mathew,
Sabu Thomas,
Kuruvilla Joseph
Chemistry 2015
Effect of phytoactive compounds on cholesterol growth Seethalekshmi Ammal, M Jayakumari Isac Physics 2009
Effect of plantation chemicals on some economically important fish species of Kerala Mary John Manu Oommen Zoology 2010
Effect of play way method on cognitive functioning of children with mild and moderate intellectual disability Rohini ,U.K Nair Sukumaran, P.S Behavioural science 2019
Effect of proactive classroom management strategy on time-on-task behaviour and achievement in chemistry of secondary school students Dhanya, G Rajan, K.M Education 2019
Effect of pupil-and-institution related factors on the development of English language skills of Secondary school children Rajeswary, P J Sudharma, A Education 2000
Effect of RBC model of lifeskills and achievements in mathematics among secondary school students Sunitha Krishnan Minikutty A Education 2017
Effect of reflective language acquisition model on the productive skills in english among secondary school students of Kerala Pratheesh Abraham K.P.Suresh Professor Education 2019
Effect of reflective teaching strategies on communicative competence of teacher educands at Primary level Anita Mathai Sudharma, A Education 2010
Effect of select correlates of Achievement motivation on Academic achievement in Biology among the students at Higher secondary level Sivaprasad, K Thulasidharan, T V Education 2013
Effect of soft segment length on Natural Rubber/Polyurethane Block copolymers Annamma Kurien Gopinathan Nair, M R Chemistry 2004
Effect of spherical and layered type fillers on the morphology and physicomechanical properties of Natural rubber nanocomposites Meera, A P Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2011
Effect of value analysis model and value clarification model on the effective domain processes of students at secondary level Lissa Joseph Celine Pereira Education 2015
Effect of various fitness training programmes on health related physical fitness of school children Joy, M T Jose James Physical education 2011
Effect of Yoga and raw diet on functional capacity and quality of life of patients with Cardiac Congestive Failure Mini Paul Rajeev Kumar, N , Mary Lucita Behavioural science 2019
Effectiveness of synectics model and gaming strategy on achievement and creativity in Mathematics among secondary school students Bincy Titus Sajna Jaleel Education 2017
Effectiveness of 4 Mat system of instructional design on learning styles , hemispheric preferences and achievement in physics of students at secondary level Anne Mary Thomas Sajna Jaleel Education 2015
Effectiveness of 5E learning cycle model on scientific creativity, scientific interest and achievement in physics of students at secondary level Jisha Joy, Jacob, P J Education 2015
Effectiveness of a life skills intervention package for improving the emotional maturity and self-esteem of adolescent club member of ICDS in Kerala Maya J Pillai Theresa Susan A Education 2017
Effectiveness of a scientific temper package on certain cognitive and variables of students at secondary level Elizabeth Joshua Jayasree, P Education 2016
Effectiveness of a self image enhancement package on select life skills of children in need of care and protection Swapna Gopinath Jayasree P Education 2016
Effectiveness of a strategy based on a componential approach on reading comprehension in english and critical thinking among secondary school students Ambily, S Jaya Jaise Education 2019
Effectiveness of a value development instructional strategy on moral intelligence and leadership quality of students at higher secondary level Rinju P. Koshy Jacob, P.J Education 2018
Effectiveness of activity oriented method in teaching Biology in small groups and large groups of Secondary school students Usha Parvathy Celine Pereira Education 2004
Effectiveness of an E -Learning model in Physics based on trialogical approach on knowledge creation, social skills and achievement of secondary school students Alie Molly Verghis Sajna Jaleel Education 2017
Effectiveness of an instructional strategy based on cognitive appraisal theory for enhancing emotional intelligence and teacher self-efficacy of student teachers at secondary level Indu, P Celine Pereira Education 2019

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