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Empowerment of women in the informal sector in Kerala: A study with special reference to Kudumbashree project Beena, S Ramesh, B Commerce 2013
En-gendering individuals: A study of gender and individualisation in reform - Language in modern Keralam 1880's-1950's Devika, J Gangadhara Menon, M History 2003
Endomycorrhizal studies in Musa spp of South India Nidheesh, K.S Ray,J.G Bioscience 2018
Endomycorrhizal studies in Phaseolus aureus (Green gram) Valsalakumar, N Ray, J G Botany 2008
Energetics, thermodynamics and molecular recognition of natural drugs from spices and DNA systems Haris P Sudarsanakumar C Physics 2017
Energy consumption and conservation practices of urban house holds- an intervention study Susan Cherian N.Kamalamma Home science 2019
Energy economics% Energy security% Coal% Oil% Natural gas% Nonconventional energy% Electricity% Energy mix Mohan, B Chandrasekhar, K S Management studies 2015
Engendering the nation: Female India in selected short fiction by women Ashley Susan Philip Raveendran, P P English literature 2007
Enhancement of bioavailability of BCS class ii drug using different solubility enhancement techniques Arun Raj R Jyothi Hareendran Pharmacy 2018
Enhancing Video Summarization Techniques Jina Varghese Ramachandran Nair, K.N Computer science 2019
Entrepreneurship development programmes in Kerala A comparative study between MSME development institute and Kerala industrial and technical consultancy organisation limited Prasanth, A.P Reji, M.A Commerce 2018
Enviromental status of Manimala River basin with special reference to pollution due to pilgrimage tourism and other human activities Antony, K J George, A V Environmental science 2011
Environmental communication - A case study of Kerala Joy, K P Rajan Gurukkal Social science 2005
Environmental education potential of Botanic gardens Valsala, G Sivadasan, K R Education 2003
Environmental factors influencing the growth of micro algae Aneesh, C Manila, V B Environmental science 2016
Environmental health perspectives of a panchayat in Idukki district of Western Ghats Rejith, P G Mohamed Hatha, A A Environmental science 2015
Environmental impact assessment of industrial activity in Greater Kochi Latha Kumari, P Antony, C A Economics 2009
Environmental Justice and its administration in India Krishnakumar, G Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law 2016
Environmental stress studies with reference to the pollution in the Vattakayal backwaters near the industrial area of Chavara, Kollam district, Kerala Koshy, P M Thomas, A P Environmental science 2013
Enzyme model catalytic studies based on Polymer-supported Metalloporphyrins Mikki V Vinodu Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2001
EPC syntheses employing (2S,3S) and (2S,3R)- Tetrahydro-3-Hydroxy-5-Oxo-2,3-Furandicarboxylic acids: Syntheses of analogues of Quararibea metabolite Chiral Enolic-γ-Lactone Chithra Gopinath Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2007
Epic vision in Milton and Aurobindo: A study based on Paradise Lost and Savitri Subhassh C Kurup Philips Wadakekalam, W T (Rev) English literature 2004
Epidemiological, hematological, biochemical and lung function studies in workers exposed to cement Saji K G Varghese P R Zoology 2017
Epistemology of separate Dravidian identity a reading through Tamil new wave cinema Nithin K Girish Kumar T S Social science 2017
Epoxidised Natural rubber as a reinforcement modifier for Silica filled Natural rubber and Acrylonitrile Butadiene rubber Jacob K Varkey Mathew, N M Polymer chemistry 2006
Erica Jong and Arundhati Roy: The emerging female consciousness John Vineetha Mareeta Ravindran Nambiar, C English literature 2006
Estimation of intraclonal variations and associations of characters in RRll 105, a popular clone of Hevea Brasiliensis (Willd ex Adr de Juss) Muell Arg Mary, K M Premakumari, D Botany 2004
Estimation of reliability measures of some commonly used heavy tailed lifetime distributions Dhanya, M Jeevanand, E S Statistics 2016
Ethics and aesthetics: The dual commitment of Nadine Gordimer in her writings Devaki Antharjanam, S Nithyanantha Bhat, V English literature 2008
Ethnicity and literary aesthetics in the novels of Amy Tan and Bharati Mukherjee Ancy Eapen Geetha, P English literature 2003

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