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A comparative study of natural and adulterated toddy Rajalakshmi, R Latha, M S Bioscience 2016
Aldose reductase inhibitory potential of vernonia anthelmintica(L.) willd Hazeena V.N Anie Y. Bioscience 2019
Alterations in Electrophysiological and molecular machanism related to myocardial conduction under chemotherapetuic Stress Binu, P Harikumaran Nair, R Bioscience 2019
Antidermatophytic compounds from Zingiber Zerumbet (L) Roscoe ex J.E; Smith and Mikania Micrantha Kunth Jyothilakshmi, M Latha, M S% Jyothi Mathew Bioscience 2016
Antimicrobial Effects of Nanoparticle conjugates Shiji Mathew Radhakrishnan, E.K Bioscience 2019
Biomedical applications of Microbially Fabricated Silver and Gold Nanoparticles Roshmi Thomas Radhakrishnan, E K Bioscience 2016
Cardioprotective efficacy of Gardenia gummifera Linn f on experimental rats Prabha, S P Latha, M S Bioscience 2015
Cardiovascular and hepatic implications of monosodium glutamate (food flavor enhancer) exposure: ameliorative efficacy of α-Tocopherol Sauganth Paul Harikumaran Nair Bioscience 2015
Chemopreventive effect of Amorphophallus campanulatus (Roxb) Bl tuber on colon and hepatic carcinogenesis Ansil, P N Latha, M S Bioscience 2015
Efficacy of docosahexaenoic acid against arsenic trioxide induced cardiotoxicity and hepatotoxicity Abhilash S. R.Harikumaran Nair Bioscience 2019
Endomycorrhizal studies in Musa spp of South India Nidheesh, K.S Ray,J.G Bioscience 2018
Evaluation of Cytoprotective Role of Selected Vitamins on Arsenic Toxicity Vineetha R.C R.Harikumaran Nair Bioscience 2018
Evaluation of papsmear screening and HPV pattern among women with ascus(atypical squamouS cells of undetermined significance) in Trivandrum, South Kerala Kalavathy M.C Aleyamma Mathew Bioscience 2018
Exposure to low doses of Ionizing Radiation and Radionuclides in Mammalian organism: Cellular and Molecular alterations Aditya Menon Krishnan Nair, C K Bioscience 2016
Functional characterization of indigenous plants used in wound healing Asha Gangadharan Benny, P.J Bioscience 2018
Heavy metal accumulation and the biochemical responses in selected medicinal plants Chandana, C Ray,J.G, Co Guide Latha, M.S Bioscience 2019
Impact of automobile pollution on pulmonary functions and antioxidants in man Pankajam, K Shankar Shashidhar Bioscience 2004
Isolation and characterisation of biologically active secondary metabolites from flowers Tom K.Mathew Benny P.J Bioscience 2019
Isolation and molecular characterization of tannase enzyme produced from Cashew Testa by using Aspergillus niger Vinod Viswanath Jisha, M S Bioscience 2016
Isolation purification and characterization of antibacterial principle from Drynaria quercifolia Toji Thomas Muraleedhra Kurup, G % Sadasivan, C Bioscience 2008
Isolation, purification and characterization of Pectinase from Penicillium citrinum Sandhya Ramachandran Muraleedhara Kurup, G Bioscience 2006
Microbial Consortia development for the Biodegradation of mixed Organic Compounds Dhanya, V Jayachandran, K Bioscience 2016
Mycorrhiza in agriculture and industry Anilkumar, K K Muraleedhara Kurup, G Bioscience 2007
Phylogeny of Indian Clariids and Population Genetic Structure of Clarias dussumieri Using Molecular Markers Aneesha Devassy Linu Mathew% Padmakumar, K G Bioscience 2017
Protective effect of Astaxanthin on Ethylene Glycol induced Nephrolithiasis Manju Alex Harikumaran Nair, R Bioscience 2016
Respiratory functions in industrial workers Geetha, B Shankar Shashidhar% Haridas, M Bioscience 1999
Studies on respiratory functions associated with occupations Reethamma, K V Shankar Shashidhar Bioscience 2001
Studies on the efficacy of deploying phytochemicals against pests and insects Jiji Thomas Muraleedhara Kurup, G Bioscience 2013
Utilization of heavy metals by microorganisms and its application at industrial level Ananda Kumar, A K Muraleedhara Kurup, G Bioscience 2005

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