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Economics of environmental potential and sustainable agricultural productivity – A case study of Idukki District Roy Scaria Muralivallabhan, T V Environmental science 2010
Economics of food processing industries in Kerala Jose, A Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2004
Economics of Geographical indications and its implications for producers: a study with reference to Kerala Winson Thomas V.Mathew Kurian Economics 2019
Economics of industrial clustering - a study on brick industry in Kerala Sumitha Franklin Sreeja, S Economics 2019
Economics of medicinal plant cultivation for ayurvedic drug manufacturing in Kerala Preethi K.N P. Rajendran Nair Economics 2019
Economics of mini power projects in Kerala Annie Ninan Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2005
Economics of Rubber based industries in Kerala Rajesh, K Sunny, K A Economics 2006
Economics of Urban water supply system: a case study of public water supply in Kollam district Suprabha, L Radhakrishnan, N Economics 2017
Ecotourism and its interventions in the rural labour market of Kerala Jenni, K.Alex George, T.M Economics 2018
Ecotourism and sustainable development A study with special reference to south Kerala Sajani ,S Nirmala Devi, D Social science 2018
Edge product graphs Thavamani, J P Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2014
Education and economic growth in Idukki District Shajimon, P P Jaleel, P M Education 2010
Education and health status of household in a socially backward district of Kerala a study of Malappuram Ibrahim Cholakkal Radhakrishnan, N Economics 2017
Educational activities of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar in Kerala Elizabeth Kuruvilla Jaleel, P M Education 2010
Educational and Depressed Class in Colonial Kerala Ancy James Michael Tharakan, P K History 2016
Educational entitlement of tribals in Kerala: a comparative study of Kurichiyas and Paniyas of Wayanad Jipson V Paul Benny Joseph International ralations 2019
Effecrtiveness of Bio-psycho Social Intervention Package for Children with oral facial clefts Nandini, M Jayan, C Behavioural science 2019
Effect of a strategy based on geogebra on certain cognitive and affective variables of students at higher secondary level Sandhya Raj M Minikutty A Education 2018
Effect of action competence model on environmental literacy and ecological intelligence of secondary school students Mary, K.J Rajan, K.M Education 2019
Effect of biocontrol agents in the management of root- knot and burrowing nematodes on Ginger Mary Varghese, K Thomas John Environmental science 2009
Effect of cognitive and somatic strategies on psycho-physiological parameters of female athletes Mary Antony Anil, R Physical education 2012
Effect of concept attainment model of instruction on achievement in Mathematics of academically disadvantaged students of Secondary schools in the Kerala State Minikutty, A Sivadasan, K R Education 2006
Effect of corporate information release and its context on price and volume of shares Remya Ramachandran Tomy Mathew Commerce 2013
Effect of Coscinium Fenestratum and Curculigo Orchioides in Rat model of hepatotoxicity Venukumar, M R Latha, M S Biochemistry 2004
Effect of diet and lifestyle on coronary artery disease Sheeba Varghese Mukkadan, J K Physiology 2001
Effect of dress and colour on personality pattern of preschool children Ancy Thomas Indulekha, K V Home science 1998
Effect of electron beam irradiation and doping on electrical, thermal and optical properties of amino acid complex single crystals Prince Thomas Ginson P. Joseph Physics 2019
Effect of Industrial Effluent on Some Economically Important Plants Victoria P K Avita (Sr) Botany 1997
Effect of isobaric hypoxia on the brain of Wistar rats and investigating the therapeutic use of superoxide dismutase under Hypoxic conditions Manju Varghese James, T J Zoology 2003
Effect of liberalisation on fish processing industry: a study of micro and small units in Kerala Sulfiya Samad Jacob Thomas Commerce 2019

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