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Investigation Of Multi Objective Optimization Methods For Machine Design Applications Sunny K George Shajan Kuriakose Mechanical engineering 2021
Investigation of the properties of certain important materials in the nano-phase regime Binny Thomas Abdul Khadar, M Physics 1994
Investigation of the relationship between atmospheric electrical conductivity and meteorological parameters Balachandran, K P Murali Das, S Physics 2012
Investigation on Coral reef of Lakshadweep Archipelago with special reference to butterfly fishes Idrees Babu, K K Suresh Kumar, S Environmental science 2014
Investigation on hydrobiology and water quality parameters of Periyar Lake, Thekkady, Kerala Jithesh Krishnan, R Ray, J G Botany 2008
Investigation on Nano-sized Multiferroic BiFeO3-NaNbO3 ceramics and its polymer composites Rehana P. Ummer Nandakumar Kalarikkal Physics 2016
Investigation on Split Ring Resonator based Radio Frequency Identification Tages For Enhanced Performance Aju John, K.K Thomas Kutty Mathew Electronics 2019
Investigation on the electrical, optical and structural properties of Metal Phthalocyanine thin films-MgPc, FePc and ZnPc Krishnakumar, K P Menon, C S Physics 1999
Investigation on the taxonomy of Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera) associated with Rice ecosystem in Thrissur and Palakkad Districts of Kerala State Lakshmi Devi Menon, P Sebastian, P A,
Narendran, T C
Zoology 2013
Investigations in grid integrated PV systems and efficient energy harvesting under partially shaded conditions Bincy K Jose Vincent G Engineering & technology 2022
Investigations in Plasma polymerized thin films Rajan K John Krishna Pillai, M G Physics 2001
Investigations of certain RE3+/metal nanoparticles doped multicomponent tellurite glasses Sajna M S Unnikrishnan N V,Co Guide Biju P.R Physics 2018
Investigations of ionospheric scintillations and wave instabilities in Multi-ion plasmas Anil Kumar, C P Chandu Venugopal Physics 1999
Investigations on Ag/Tio2/GQD nanoparticles based PMMA-polymer nano composites for multifunctional applications Bhavitha, K B 1. Kala, M S and 2. Nandakumar, K Physics 2021
Investigations on certain biochemical changes and Phyllosphere microflora of Hevea Brasiliensis as influenced by nitrogenous fertilizer application and Corynespora cassilicola inoculation Annakutty Joseph Kothandaraman, R Botany 1998
Investigations on certain highly conducting polymer nanocomposites for technologically important applications Francis Xavier, P A Thomas Varghese Physics 2022
Investigations on Epoxy-Phenolic-Bismaleimide matrix systems and their composites Kamalamma Ambikadevi Devapalan Nair Reghunadhan Nair, C P ,
Ninan, K N
Chemistry 2008
Investigations on microstrip fed slot antennas and enhancement of radiation characteristics with metasurface loading for wireless communication applications Parvathy, A R Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2020
Investigations on multiband microstrip antennas and arrays for wireless communication applications Jacob Abraham Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2018
Investigations on Polymer Modified TiO2-ZrO2 Composite Coatings for Multifunctional Applications Sanu Mathew Simon 1. Cyriac Joseph and 2. Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2021
Investigations on Radio Frequency Identification Tags and Reader Antennas Based on Multifractal Structures Manju Abraham Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2017
Investigations on selected nanomagnetic systems Jeevan Job Thomas Nandakumar, K Physics 2012
Investigations on Sol-gel Mullite and Mullite-Silicon Carbide nanocomposite precursor Anilkumar, G M Warrier, K G K,
Padmanabhan, M
Chemistry 2000
Investigations on Some Nonlinear Phenomena in Multi -Ion Plasmas Anu Varghese Saritha, A C Physics 2020
Investigations on structural and electrical properties of selected Ferroelectric Ceramics Jaimon Yohannan Nandakumar, K,
Ittyachen, M A
Physics 2001
Investigations on the cpw fed planar monopole antennas with different types of loading techniques for bandwidth enhancement and multiband characteristics Smitha, K M Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2022
Investigations on the Preparation and Properties of organic field effect transistors using P3HT Silpa S Prasad Shreekrishna Kumar, K Electronics 2022
Investigations on the radiation characteristics of certain new corner reflector systems Joe Jacob Mathew, K T Physics 1998
Investigations on the stress physiology of the Megachiropteran, Cynopterus Sphinx (VAHL) Thomas, A P Mathew M Oommen Zoology 1998
Investigations on the Synthesis and Characterization of Chalcogen-based quaternary quantum dots Libin Kuriakose Ison V Vanchipurackal Physics 2021

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