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In vivo screening, evaluation and exploitation of Glycoalkaloids through different In vitro systems in selected Solanum species Rose George Joy P Joseph Botany 2005
Index derivatives and ETFs : Hedge effectiveness and the behaviour of individual investors in Kerala Abbas Vattoli J. Nalini Commerce 2019
India post: A study on financial services and customer satisfaction Smitha Mathew M Thomas John M Co-Guide K.X.Joseph Commerce 2019
India's Energy Security: The Gulf Factor Blessy Paul, C Venugopal B Menon Development studies 2021
India’s Defence Policy: Strategy and option Varughese Philipose Seethi, K M International relations 2016
India’s National Innovation System in the Post Liberalisation Period: A Study with Reference to ICT Diffusion in the Agriculture Sector Rajesh M Girish Kumar R International relations 2018
Indo-Soviet relations 1971 -1980: A study of the impact of the treaty of peace, friendship and co-operation on bi-lateral relations Mary Senterla, P S Cheriyan, C V Political science 1991
Industrial relations in the public and private enterprises in Kerala Venugopalan, K V Vasanthagopal, R Commerce 2007
Industry development in Malabar early attempts (1930-1950) Haripriya, M Gnagadhara Menon, M History 2016
Industry requirements for and competence of engineering graduates – A study Jose, K J (Fr) Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies 2011
Inequalities in maternal health care in Kerala Parvathy Sunaina Muraleedharan, S Economics 2018
Infertility related stress and the coping strategies adopted by women Sharona K.P K.Sabukuttan Co-Guide Sreepriya C.K Social science 2019
Influence of academic procrastination, achievement motivation and social adjustment on scholastic achievement of institutionalised children at secondary level Sindhu, G Thulasidharan, T.V Education 2019
Influence of certain psycho-social factors on prosocial behaviour and classroom adjustment of students at degree level Annie Marie Merlene, A Jacob, P J Education 2017
Influence of certain socio-psychological factors on the vocational skill attainment of orthopaedically handicapped adolescents Beena, K Celine Pereira Education 2008
Influence of Constructivist approach in the Teaching of Science on process skills of students at primary level Geethu G Nair Minikutty, A Education 2016
Influence of defect-depoles on electrical characteristics of acceptor-doped ferroelectric oxides Vani K Kumar V Chemistry 2017
Influence of domestic violence on mood states, social intelligence and study involvement among adolescents at higher secondary level Renginy, K R Jayasree, P Education 2016
Influence of dust particles on some electromagnetic waves in Bi-Lorentzian and Maxwellian plasmas John Varughese, K Chandu Venugopal Physics 1998
Influence of emotional intelligence, locus of control and rigidity on mathematics achievement of students at degree level Jayasree, P G Jayasree, P Education 2009
Influence of Environmental philosophy on Modern and Post modern novels A comparison ( പരിസ്ഥിതി ദർശനത്തിന്റെ സ്വാധീനം ആധുനിക - ആധുനികാനന്തര നോവലുകളെ മുൻനിർത്തിയുള്ള താരതമ്യം) Jincy T George Paul, M S Malayalam language and literature 2021
Influence of ergonomic factors on productivity Soni Kuriakose Shajan Kuriakose Mechanical engineering 2021
Influence of institutional climate perception on teacher morale of teacher educators Amruth G Kumar Saratchandra Raj, G Education 2008
Influence of juvenility on somatic embryogenesis and phase change related gene expression in Hevea brasiliensis Kala, R G Thulaseedharan, A Botany 2012
Influence of learning style, cognitive self management and attitude towards academic work on achievement in Malayalam of higher secondary school students of Kerala Lathadeviamma J Jacob P J Education 2017
Influence of media advertisements on consumer behaviour in the Cochin Metropolitan area Annam Alice, K A Rajagopala Nair Commerce 2009
Influence of moral intelligence on certain cognitive and affective variables of student teachers at primary level Bhagyalakshmy, R Jacob, P J Education 2016
Influence of Public Spaces in Bringing out Social Change with Special Reference to Kochi's Malls Mohammed Saif, C Z Shally Joseph Sociology 2021
Influence of quality preference on urban food consumption in Kerala Santhosh, R Rajan, K Economics 2014
Influence of saline intrusion along with fresh water coastal aquifers of central Kerala, South India Pious Joseph George, A V Environmental science 2016

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