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Impact of pharmacotherapy on sexual dysfunction of schizophrenia patients in relation to the quality of life and personal social performance Roshan Bijlee, K N Razeena Padmam, M Behavioural medicine 2021
Impact of reading speed on the comprehension in English of secondary school students Remya, P Celine Pereira Education 2009
Impact of replacement migration on wages and employment on construction sector in Kerala Liji, K T Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2014
Impact of secular meditation on mood states and emotional intelligence of secondary school students Asha Rani, K Sivadasan, K R Education 2016
Impact of selected complementary therapies (Relaxation and foot massage) on the quality of life of breast cancer patients Vijaya, Sr (Aleyamma Philip) Kumar, K A Behavioural science 2003
Impact of SHG – Bank linkage programme on empowerment of rural poor in Kerala Susy Paul Gireesh Kumar, G S Commerce 2009
Impact of some common pesticides on selected Phytoplankters Beena B Nair Merlee Teresa, M V (Sr) Botany 2004
Impact of special events on economy and culture - a study with special reference to Ernakulam and Thrissur districts Sreelakshmi K . Joy Joseph Puthussery Commerce 2022
Impact of State intervention in traditional industries: The case of Bamboo industry in Kerala Thresiakutty, K M Antony, M T Economics 2006
Impact of the use of electronic media on health related physical fitness and select psychological variables among school children Sunil Thomas Kishor Kumar B S Physical education ans sports sciences 2022
Impact of Training on the Attitude of Police Recruits towards Crime Swetha Thomas Roy C Mathew Development studies 2021
Impact of trawlers on the microalgae of the aquatic ecosystem Romilly Margaret Mendez Merlee Teresa, M V (Sr) Botany 2007
Impact of Tsunami on the psycho social status of Tsunami survivors in Alappad Panchayath of Kerala Sreekumar, V N Razeena Padmam, M S Behavioural science 2016
Impact of Value Added Tax on the financial and tax management practices of the VAT assessees of Kerala Rejesh, M N Sunnykutty Thomas Commerce 2011
Impact of wetland degradation on livelihood of traditional wetland resource users of Ernakulam district Vandana Aravindan V.T.Jose Economics 2019
Impact Of Work Life Balance On Women Employees A Study On It Sector In Kerala Thasni Ali Mathew J. Manimala Management 2021
Impact of WTO on spices sector in India: An econometric analysis Krishnan, S Mani, K P Economics 2013
Imperceptible watermarking techniques for digital image protection Jobin Abraham Varghese Paul Computer science 2018
Important Commentaries on Bhasarvajna's Nyayasara भसर्वज्ञाविरचिते न्यायसारे प्रमुखव्याख्या: Sobha, K D Rajeev, P P Sanskrit language (vyakarana) 2020
Impoverishment risks and the status of rehabilitation of Development induced displaced in Kerala Arunkumar, T A Manjula, K Economics 2021
Improved methods for computer generation of realistic images of three dimensional scenes Bindu, K Ramachandran Nair, K N Computer science 2010
Improved Virtual Test Bed and Testing Strategies for Antivirus and other Security Products Manusankar, C Varghese Paul Computer science 2019
Improvement of abiotic stress tolerance of rice (Oryza sativa L.) by the introgression of Sub 1 gene through Marker Assisted Backcrossing Deepa John Shylaraj, K.S Biotechnology 2019
Impulse noise removal with adaptive median filter based on homogeneity level information Praveen Kumar, B T Vijayakumar, R Computer science 2014
In vitro culture and bioactivity studies on hybanthus enneaspermus (L.) F. Muell Anish, N P Rajesh, M G Biotechnology 2015
In vitro propagation and Molecular Characterization of Solanum capsicoides All Anusree K Dharman Anilkumar, M Botany 2021
In vitro propagation and secondary metabolite production in Scoparia dulcis Linn Annie J Mathew Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2009
In vitro propagation studies of Justicia adhatoda L. – A medicinal plant with bronchodilatory effect Rashmi, P A Linu Mathew Biotechnology 2013
In vitro propagation, antimicrobial studies and phytochemical analysis of Rhinacanthus Nasutus (L) KURZ Meena K Cheruvathur Dennis Thomas, T Botany 2012
In vitro regeneration of Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. Cv. RRII 105) from immature anther explants via somatic embryogenesis Kumari Jayasree, P Thulaseedharan, A Botany 2009

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