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A design methodology for improving circuit performance and eliminating design issues of Linear and non-linear circuits Rohith Krishnan, R Krishnakumar, S Electronics 2020
A High Speed Self Learning Device for Image Segmentation and Object Recognition Using Color and Straight Line Patterns Rasiq, S M Krishnakumar, S Electronics 2022
A study of biological effects of Radio frequency exposure and its practical solutions Premlal, P D Eldhose, N V Electronics 2020
De-noising corrupted images applying discrete wavelet transform and shift-invariant wavelet transform using different wavelet families Tilak, T N Krishnakumar, S Electronics 2020
Design and Development of Fractal Based Microstrip Filters for Wireless Communication Applications Manju Bhaskar Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2021
Development of innovative methods for data aggregation and compression with improved techniques for congestion control and placement of sink nodes in wireless sensor networks Sanu Thomas Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2021
Fabrication and Characterisation of Pentacene Based Organic Diodes Sindhu S Shreekrishna Kumar, K Electronics 2022
Fabrication And Characterization of Photosensing Organic Field Effect Transistors Lekshmi Vijayan Shreekrishna Kumar, K Electronics 2020
Fabrication and Characterization of Thermally Conductive Flexible Printed Circuit Boards for High Power Applications Remesh Kumar K R Shreekrishna Kumar, K Electronics 2022
Fabrication and characterization of thin film transistors for improved electrical and optical performance Divya G Shreekrishna Kumar, K Electronics 2022
Investigation on Split Ring Resonator based Radio Frequency Identification Tages For Enhanced Performance Aju John, K.K Thomas Kutty Mathew Electronics 2019
Investigations on microstrip fed slot antennas and enhancement of radiation characteristics with metasurface loading for wireless communication applications Parvathy, A R Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2020
Investigations on multiband microstrip antennas and arrays for wireless communication applications Jacob Abraham Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2018
Investigations on Radio Frequency Identification Tags and Reader Antennas Based on Multifractal Structures Manju Abraham Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2017
Investigations on the cpw fed planar monopole antennas with different types of loading techniques for bandwidth enhancement and multiband characteristics Smitha, K M Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2022
Investigations on the Preparation and Properties of organic field effect transistors using P3HT Silpa S Prasad Shreekrishna Kumar, K Electronics 2022
Leakage reduction and aging benefits technique for low- power VLSI design Sreekala, K S Krishnakumar, S Electronics 2020
Miniaturized Microstrip Antennas with Defected Ground Structures Based on Complementary Split Ring Resonators for Superior Radiation Characteristics Ajay, V G Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2020
Optimisation of machine to machine communication protocol Aiju Thomas Eldhose, N V Electronics 2021
Optimized Designs For Adaptive Load Scheduling Using Artificial Neural Network in an Isolated Power System Vijo M Joy Krishnakumar Electronics 2022
Performance analysis of image processing in hexagonal grid based on image compression, denoising and steganography Jeevan, K.M Krishnakumar, S Electronics 2019

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