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Disaster risk reduction DRR in South Asia a study on school based DRR programme in Afghanistan Vivek C K Vinodan , C International relations and politics 2022
Discourse in Flux: A Bakhtinian reading of selected novels of Bruce Marshall Alphonsa, P O Raveendran, P P English literature 2011
Discrete versions of continuous Distributions and their Applications Simi Sebastian Seetha Lekshmi, V Statistics 2018
Discursive irregularities:femininity and the representation of the divine in Kerala Devisree. S Elizabeth Samson Philosophy 2017
Disengaging the form in postmodern fiction: a study of John Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s woman, Daniel Martin and a Maggot Mary Limna Viswas Latha Nair, R English literature 2017
Dispensation Effectiveness of micro credit in Kerala Shiney G R. Vasanthagopal Commerce 2019
Dissolution of marriage in urban context- a sociological analysis Arun R. Shally Joseph Sociology 2019
Distribution and community structure of benthic fauna in Cochin estuary, India Geetha, P.N Bijoy Nandan, S Zoology 2019
Distribution of heavy metals in Vembanad Lake with special reference to hydrology and geochemistry Shylesh Chandran, M S Ramasamy, E V Environmental science 2016
Distribution of Uranium, Perchlorate and Bromate in Drinking Water at Selected Regions of Kerala and their Remediation using Polyelectrolyte Membranes Shalumon, C S Usha, K and Aravindakumar, C T Environmental sciences 2020
Distribution, reproductive morphology and agar content of the agarophytes of Kerala Jaya Lekshmi, R Nadaraja Panikkar, M V Botany 2014
Distributional and Reliability Aspects of Generalized Discrete Compound Geometric Distributions Latha, C M Sandhya, E Statistics 2021
Diverse applications of zno flower/rgo composite Susan Mathew Kala M.S, Physics 2022
Diversity and Distribution of Macrolichens in Pathanamthitta District Kerala Sonia Anna Zachariah Scaria K Varghese Botany 2021
Diversity and survival of Diarrhegenic e-coli and enteric pathogens in Vembanad Lake with special reference to Kumarakom area Abhirosh Chandran Thomas, A P,
Mohamed Hatha, A A
Environmental science 2009
Diversity, Distribution and Physiological Capabilities of Culturable Heterotrophic Bacteria from Grassland, Shola, Myristica Swamp and Evergreen Forest Soils of Southern Western Ghats. Rinoy Varghese Mohamed Hatha, A A Environmental science 2017
Diversity,distribution and nitrogen fixing potential of heterotrophic diazotrophs in the cochin estuary and adjacent coastal waters Jesmi Yousuf A.A.Mohamed Hatha Environmental science 2019
Doctrine of Bhakti - An Analytical exegesis of Sandilyasutras Manju V Kumar Usha Devi, N Sanskrit language and literature 2021
Domestic consumption expenditure on energy in Kerala : a rural-urban comparison Rani S Mohan Manjula, K Economics 2020
Domestic violence and its effects on women Elizabeth Gabriel Mahajan P Mani Social work 2016
Domestic workers in urban agglomeration of Kerala: gender Vulnerabilities, poverty and migration Aryamol Chandran Martin Patrick Economics 2021
Domination in Graphs – Theory and Applications Manju Raju Arumugam, S Mathematics 2019
Domination in hypergraphs Bibin K Jose Arumugam, S Mathematics 2012
Dr G Ramachandran: A historical biography Mathew, T M Joseph Sebastian Thekkedom (Fr) History 2005
Dramatic techniques of Kalidasa and Shakespeare – A comparative study Ajayakumar, M S Gangadharan Nair, G Sanskrit language 2016
Drivers of and barriers to green business practices among micro and small manufacturing enterprises in Kerala Jithina, K K Thomas, K V Commerce 2020
Drugs bound to silver nanoparticles: Biological activities and potential applications in radioprotection and cancer therapy Gopakumar, G Krishnan Nair, C K Biochemistry 2015
Dual band BPF in UWB with variable rejection band Thomas George Lethakumary, B Electronics and communication engineering 2021
Dual inhibition of LOX and COX: Screening, isolation and purification of lead compounds form plants Jenny Jacob Prakash Kumar, B Biochemistry 2015
Dynamic mechanical analysis of multiphase Polymer systems: Application of models Gobinda Gopal Bandyopadhyay Bhagawan, S S ,
Sabu Thomas ,
Ninan, K N
Polymer chemistry 2001

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