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Design and Development of a Framework for the Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Fousia M Shamsudeen Raju, G Computer science 2020
Design and development of an efficient problem solving technique using neural networks Anuj Mohamed Ramachandran Nair, K N Computer science 2016
Design and development of an efficient solid modeller Bindu, V R Ramachandran Nair, K N Computer science 2016
Design and Development of Fractal Based Microstrip Filters for Wireless Communication Applications Manju Bhaskar Thomaskutty Mathew Electronics 2021
Design and development of highly efficient nano semiconductor solar photocatalysts for the degradation of persistent organic pollutants Radhika, S Jesty Thomas Chemistry 2018
Design and Development of Information Network for Affiliating Universities in Kerala Vimal Kumar, V Abdul Majeed, K C Library and information science 2020
Design and development of information system: A case of bamboo Sarojam, N Raman Nair, R Library and information science 2019
Design and development of nanocomposite based on poly vinyl chloride system Elizabeth Francis Sabu Thomas, Varughese, K.T Chemistry 2018
Design and development of polymer nanocomposites for biomedical applications Robin Augustine Nandakumar Kalarikka,
Sabu Thomas
Nanoscience and nanotechnolog 2016
Design and evaluation of Tumour-targeted drug delivery system Sajan Jose Aleykutty, N A Pharmacy 2016
Design and fabrication of enantioselective Nanomaterials as sorbents and sensors for chiral recognition Sajini, T Beena Mathew Chemistry 2021
Design and simulation of a hierarchical model for effective power utilization in wireless sensor communication Preetha P Eldhose, N V School of technology and applied sciences, edappally, mahatma gandhi university 2022
Design and Synthesis of Industrially Potential Thermoresponsive Polymer-Inorganic Hybrid Materials Geethy P Gopalan Raju Francis Chemistry 2020
Design of crosslinked polymer based biosorbents for the removal of toxic metal ions from simulated waste water Shiby Susan Kuriakose Beena Mathew Chemistry 2014
Design of Herbicide imprinted polymers with high specificity and selectivity Annamma, K M Beena Mathew Chemistry 2008
Design of imprinted polymers with enhanced metal ion selectivity Bindu, M S Beena Mathew Chemistry 2014
Design of molecular imprinted polymers with selectivity towards Amino acids Ansamma Thomas Beena Mathew Chemistry 2011
Design of toxicant imprinted polymers with high specificity and selectivity Mercy Philip, C Beena Mathew Chemistry 2008
Design of transition state analogue (TSA) imprinted polymers for the catalytic hydrolysis of Amino acid esters Deepthi, K P Beena Mathew Chemistry 2011
Design, development and application of computer assisted pedicle screw fixation John, P S Menon, C S Physics 2008
Design, implementation and evaluation of high resolution DoA estimation algorithms in phased arrays using chirp signals Sreekumar, G Leena Mary Electronics and communication engineering 2020
Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of Heterocycles with Azetidinone, Thiazolidinone, and related rings Beena Thomas Jyoti Harindran,
Devaky, K S
Pharmacy 2016
Designing and studies on some novel photochemical probes based on naturally occurring systems like lignin Ambily Chandran Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2012
Designing and Testing Instructional Material for the Attainment of Life Skills by Intellectually Disabled Children in the Special Educational Institutes of Kerala Vaheeda Kayikkara Exemmal, J Education 2020
Detailed studies on the genera and species of the family Podostemaceae with particular reference to the phenomenon of polymorphism Nileena, C B Joyce Mathew, C Botany 2002
Determinants of burnout among HIV/AIDS counsellors in Kerala Shiju, K K Sabukuttan, K Development studies 2020
Determinants of Cognitive Development of Preschool Children in Kerala Divya Rose Peter Rajeev Kumar N Behavioural science 2018
Determinants of fertility differentials among the religious groups in Kerala Cyriac Joseph George, T M Economics 2008
Determinants of Investment Decision Among Women in Kerala : A Gender Analysis Vinita Nair Cyriac Joseph Economics 2021
Determinants of mental health among elderly women Teenu Tellence Varghese K. Varghese Social work 2019

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