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Developing an interactive compensatory learning model based on constructivism for enhancing scientific reasoning, scientific interest and achievement in chemistry of students at secondary level Premachandran P Sajna Jaleel Education 2018
Developing an interdisciplinary synthetic model for the teaching of population education at the Secondary level Regi P Mathew Sudharma, A Education 2013
Developing an IT integrated learning package for enhancing teacher competency in mathematical problem solving skills among student teachers at secondary level Sindhu, S Minikutty, A Education 2018
Developing and testing enactive and iconic models of animating the teaching of Malayalam metre in schools Ammini, M J Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2007
Developing and testing integrated educational models using environment and community resources Lali, S Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2004
Developing and testing musical models in animating school education Ashok Alex Philip Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2001
Developing and Validating Intervention Strategies for conscientizing female adolescents in Kerala High Schools for preventing sexual abuse Dinu M Joy Roy C Mathew Development studies nursing 2021
Developing certain designs for promoting reflective learning practices at Secondary level Asha, O S Sudharma, A Education 2012
Developing Certain Multimedia Strategies for Enhancing Disaster Management Skills And Social Commitments among Secondary School Students Jismy Raj Suresh, K P Education 2021
Developing certain strategies based on predictors of schema Modification for the Enhancement of schemata and Higher order thinking in Economics at Secondary Level Nithya, S Theresa Susan, A Education 2020
Developing certain strategies for better teacher accountability and reflective teaching among secondary school teachers in Kerala Sumamol, N S Sudharma, A Education 2014
Developing certain strategies for promoting Reflective Practices among Teacher Educands at Secondary Level Johnson, J Sudharma, A Education 2016
Developing certain strategies for the effective classroom management at Higher secondary level Rany, S Sudharma, A Education 2008
Developing certain strategies for the transaction of curriculum in commerce at the level of Higher secondary education Issac Paul Sudharma, A Education 2013
Developing certain value based strategies for enhancing spiritual intelligence, social adjustment and self efficacy among students at higher secondary level Gigi Paul Anandan Nair K Education 2018
Developing instructional models for the teaching of biology using the theory of multiple intelligences Arun Kumar, P Suresh, K P Education 2015
Developing strategies based on fierce teaching for enhancing problem solving ability and self-efficacy among students at secondary level Sethu S. Nath Sudharma, A Education 2018
Developing suitable techniques for the treatment of leachate originating from municipal solid waste management facilities Arun Babu V Ramasamy E V Environmental sciences 2018
Developing web based meaningful engaged learning strategy for learning astrology at secondary school level Rakhy Radhakrishanan Jacob, P J Education 2016
Development and analysis of new Multicorner Reflector Antennas Sebastian Mathew Mathew, K T Physics 2001
Development and characterisation of engineered metal and metal oxide nanoparticle / cluster polymer composites for prosthodontic application Sandhya Gopalakrishnan Nandakumar Kalarikkal, Sabu Thomas and Aby Mathew T Dentistry 2020
Development and characterisation of YBa2CU3O7-8 thick films [Tc (0) =92K] on rare earth Barium Hafnates: A new class of Perovskite ceramic substrates Jijimon K Thomas Jacob Koshy,
Ittyachen, M A
Physics 1997
Development and characterization of Barium rare earth Zirconates, a new group of complex Perovskites for their potential use as substrates for High Tc Superconductors Jose, R Jacob Koshy Physics 2002
Development and characterization of cell lines from grouper and their susceptibility to important grouper viral pathogens Raja Swaminathan, T Gopalakrishnan, A Zoology 2012
Development and characterization of Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber/Styrene butadiene rubber blends Muraleedharan Nair, T Kumaran, M G,
Unnikrishnan, G
Chemistry 2007
Development and characterization of high dielectric flexible PTFE/ ceramic substrates for microwave circuit applications Rajesh, S Ratheesh, R Physics 2009
Development and pressure driven transport studies of polyelectrolyte membranes Jissy Mathew Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2010
Development and validation of an NLP – based training package for enhancing the soft skills of student teachers. Pramod D Celin Pereira Education 2017
Development Deficit of Converted and Non Converted Dalits in Kerala : A Study on Pulaya, Paraya and Kurava Communities of Pathanamthitta District Lijimol Joseph Stany Thomas Political science 2021
Development finance and Life Insurance Corporation George, T U Joseph, K X Commerce 2011

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