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Generalized Families of Distributions and their Applications Jisha Varghese Jose, K.K Statistics 2019
Some new classes of asymmetric distributions and their applications Albin Paul Jose, K.K Statistics 2020
Statistical inference for Overlapping Coefficient and its Applications Sibil Jose Seemon Thomas Statistics 2019
A class of Heavy-Tailed distributions and their applications Dais George Sebastian George Statistics 2012
A statistical approach to Godel’s Theorems with reference to central limit property Binoy Jacob Jose, K K Statistics 2015
A stochastic risk model with two sided jumps with applications in insurance Joseph Justin Rebello Thambi, K.K Statistics 2018
A study on a class of Univariate and Bivariate distributions with special emphasis on Time series modeling Alice Thomas Jose, K K Statistics 2004
A study on discrete distributions and integer valued autoregressive (INAR) processes Mariyamma, K D Jose, K K Statistics 2014
A study on non-Gaussian distributions and time series models Joy Jacob Jose, K K Statistics 2006
A study on Non-Gaussian time series modeling and applications Seetha Lekshmi, V Jose, K K Statistics 2004
A Study on weighted distributions and their application in biomedical Research Jismi Mathew Sebastian George Statistics 2021
Autoregressive minification processes and their applications Rani Sebastian Jose, K K Statistics 2013
Autoregressive processes with convolutions of Gaussian and Non- Gaussian marginal distributions and their applications Lishamol Tomy Jose, K K Statistics 2010
Business process improvement in Indian industries through statistical techniques Gijo, E V Johny Scaria Statistics 2014
Concomitants of order statistics from bivariate generalized Morgenstern and Cambanis Family Biju Thomas Johny Scaria Statistics 2015
Confidence intervals for Process capability indices with respect to Random effects models and Autocorrelated data Jane A Luke Jose, K K Statistics 2013
Discrete versions of continuous Distributions and their Applications Simi Sebastian Seetha Lekshmi, V Statistics 2018
Distributional and Reliability Aspects of Generalized Discrete Compound Geometric Distributions Latha, C M Sandhya, E Statistics 2021
Estimation of reliability measures of some commonly used heavy tailed lifetime distributions Dhanya, M Jeevanand, E S Statistics 2016
Financial market analysis and investment decisions – A statistical approach Cyriac Antony Jeevanand, E S Statistics 2012
Generalization of Harris distribution Lovely Abraham, T Sandhya, E Statistics 2016
Generalization of Marshall-Olkin family of distributions and their applications Remya Sivadas Jose, K K Statistics 2016
Generalizations of Marshall Olkin distributions and application in industry Jiju Gillariose Lishamol Tomy Statistics 2021
Generalized confidence intervals for process capability indices Kurian, K M Sebastian George Statistics 2008
Generalized laplacian distributions and autoregressive processes Manu Mariam Thomas Jose, K K Statistics 2014
Generalized Poisson Processes and Applications Catherine Thomas Seetha Lekshmi V Statistics 2017
Gumbel-X Family of distributions and their applications Jeena Joseph K.K.Jose Statistics 2019
Harris Extended Family of Distributions and their Applications Sophia P Thomas Lishamol Tomy Statistics 2021
Hidden Markov Models and Stochastic Modeling of Time Series Data Joshni George Seemon Thomas Statistics 2021
Log-symmetric distributions and their applications Preethi Sara George Sebastian George Statistics 2005

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