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Bijamma Thomas Software reliability growth models Statistics Rajan Varughese 2015
Biji B Effectiveness of an adult instructional package for enhancing 3 rs and health awareness among tribal communities Education Celine Pereira 2022
Biji P Thomas Effectiveness of hybrid learning strategy on self regulated learning, online learning motivation and achievement in Physics of higher secondary school students Education Celine Pereira 2021
Biji, M P (ബിജി, എം പി) സ്ത്രീയും ആത്മീയതയും ബനീഞ്ഞാ കവിതകളില്‍ (Women and spirituality in Benignan poetic sketches) Malayalam literature Jose George (ജോസ് ജോര്‍ജ്) 2012
Bijimol Thomas A comparative study of the search for black identity in the selected plays of Lorraine Hansberry and James Baldwin English literature Annie Margaret, P 2011
Bijo Joseph Socio economic impact of demographic transition in Kerala on elderly women Economics Tessy Kurian 2014
Biju Cherian Abraham Alternate fuel for a direct injection diesel engine Mechanical engineering Shajan Kuriakose 2021
Biju Gopal Responsible tourism project a comparative study of kerala and Karnataka Commerce Biju T 2022
Biju Jacob Thomas Effect of magnetic fields on tail regeneration of hemidactylus brooke Zoology Thomas Varghese 2009
Biju John Morphology and properties of high density Poly ethylene/ ethylene Vinyl Acetate co-polymer blends Chemistry Sabu Thomas,
Varghese, K T,
Zachariah Oommen
Biju Lekshmanan Migrant child labour in Kerala: A study based on children employed in hotels, restaurants and tea-shops in the District of Thiruvananthapuram Gandhian studies John, M S 2003
Biju P Flora of shallow ponds in the low altitude lateritic plateaus of Kerala and Konkan coast Botany Jomy Augustine 2022
Biju P K Optimisation studies on PVC/ELNR blends in terms of epoxy content and composition Chemistry Gopinathan nair M R 2017
Biju Thomas Concomitants of order statistics from bivariate generalized Morgenstern and Cambanis Family Statistics Johny Scaria 2015
Biju Thomas Mathew A study on the marketing of passenger car Commerce Mathew, K A 2008
Biju, B Consumer Scepticism and promotional effectiveness: A Study with respect to green advertisement Management studies Johney Johnson 2020
Biju, C R Habitat and distribution of Hill stream Fishes of Northern Kerala (North of Palghat Gap) Zoology John George, M 2005
Biju, C S Performance as re-imagining representation: The Protean performatives of Anna Deavere Smith English literature Mathew Joseph 2005
Biju, G.S An improved evolutionary algorithm for optimization and its application Mathematics Anilkumar, A.K 2018
Biju, K C The impact of microfinance on poverty in Kerala Economics Mohanakumar, P S 2012
Biju, K.G Radio and optical studies of a selected sample of giant radio galaxies and a merging galaxy cluster Abell 407 Physics Joe Jacob 2018
Biju, M G Administrative leadership potential: A study on the Taxes Department of Government of Kerala Commerce Ramalingam, N 2004
Biju, M S (ബിജു എം എസ്) മിത്തുകൾ എം ടി വാസുദേവൻ നായരുടെ തിരക്കഥകളിൽ (Myths in the screenplays of M T Vasudevan Nair) Malayalam literature Narayana Kaimal, V K (നാരായണ കൈമൾ ) 2016
Biju, P R Fluorescence kinetics and energy transfer mechanism in rare earth doped glassy matrices Physics Unnikrishnan, N V 2000
Bijumon V M A Study on the Functioning of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Kerala Commerce Dr. Antony Joseph 2018
Bijumon, P S Impact of decentralised planning on poverty alleviation in Rural Kerala – A study of selected Districts Economics Thomas, E M 2016
Bilin Susan Varghese A study on the physical mechanisms behind the existence of the solarTransition region Physics Issac Paul 2021
Bince Mani Bioactivities, genetic analysis and conservation of Pittosporum Dasycaulon Miq.(Pittosporaceae) from the Western Ghats Botany Dennis Thomas, T 2016
Binchu V Shaji Insulin mediated regulation of peptidylarginine deiminase 4 Biosciences (biotechnology) Anie Y 2021
Bincy K Jose Investigations in grid integrated PV systems and efficient energy harvesting under partially shaded conditions Engineering & technology Vincent G 2022

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