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Aneesha Devassy Phylogeny of Indian Clariids and Population Genetic Structure of Clarias dussumieri Using Molecular Markers Bioscience Linu Mathew% Padmakumar, K G 2017
Aneesha, P R Paradigm Shift from Responsibility to Accountability: India Needs More Commensurable Corporate Obligations for Respecting and Protecting Human Rights Law Sheeba Pillai 2021
Aneesudheen, P K The process of communalisation of a society – A case of Marad History Sanal Mohan 2017
Aneyamma Varughese Biogeochemical characteristics of Meenachil river System Chemistry Sunny Kuriakose 2010
Angel Blossom Gonsalvaz Evaluation of corporate social responsibility of Kerala based commercial banks Commerce Mathew Jose K 2019
Aniamma Kuriakose Interaction between character and environment in Willa Cather's novel English literature Mathew Joseph 1999
Aniamma, V M The artist who wrought in grotesquerie: A study of the fictional world of Walker Percy English literature Joseph Mathew 2004
Anice Kurian, M Utilization of latex centrifugation and its effect on the growth of selected crop plants Botany Augusthy, P O 2014
Anija Kumari V Sanskrit translations of kumaranasan’s works: a study Sanskrit language Unnikrishnan M P 2017
Anil John Family intervention for the well-being of children with cancer Social work Joseph I.Injodey 2019
Anil kumar R Ashok Vajpayee ke Kavya Ka vastugat evam shilpa ghat Vishleshan Hindi literature Babu Joseph 2017
Anil Kumar, C P Investigations of ionospheric scintillations and wave instabilities in Multi-ion plasmas Physics Chandu Venugopal 1999
Anil Kumar, P V Diffusion and transport character of EPDM and its blends with HDPE Chemistry Sabu Thomas% Varughese, K T 2012
Anil Kumar, S Pervaporation diffusion and transport through polymer Chemistry Sabu Thomas,
Kumaran, M G
Anil Kumar, V V A study on the role of District Cooperative Banks in the financial inclusion in Kerala Commerce Harikumar, P N 2014
Anil Thomas Koshy Perception of Body Images, Social Physique, Anxiety, Self-esteem and Body Fat: A comparison between Exercise and Non-Exercise Adolescent Girls Sports science Jose James 2016
Anil, K M (അനില്‍, കെ എം) വാമൊഴിയും പ്രത്യയശാസ്ത്രവും: മലയാളത്തിലെ കടംകഥകളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കിയുള്ള പഠനം (Orality and ideology: A study based on Malayalam riddles) Malayalam literature Nambiar, A K (നമ്പ്യാര്‍, ഏ കെ) 2007
Anil, K.R An efficient approach for frequent pattern data mining Computer science Gladston Raj, S 2019
Anil, T V Non-linear elastic constants and Lattice thermal expansion of ZnS, ZnSe, ZnTe and GaAs Physics Menon, C S% Shreekrishna Kumar, K 2004
Anila Anna Mani Application of information processing models in teaching Mathematics at secondary level Education Jaleel, P M 2009
Anila B.N Studies on metal complexes of biological importance Chemistry Muraleedharan Nair M.K. 2018
Anila G Nair (അനില ജി നായർ) മിത്തുകളുടെ ആവിഷ്കാരം ഇടശ്ശേരി ഗോവിന്ദൻ നായരുടെ കവിതകളിൽ (Treatment of myth in the poetry of Edassery Govindan Nair) Malayalam language Appukuttan Nair (ഡോ അപ്പുക്കുട്ടൻ നായർ, ജി വി ) 2016
Anila Joseph Themes and techniques in the novels of Kamala Markandaya and Pearl S Buck - A comparative study English literature Geetha, P 2003
Anila Skariah Magnitude and determinants of unpaid care work in a local setting: Implications on human wellbeing Economics Tessy Kurian 2014
Anila Thomas ജീവച്ചരിത്രരചനയുടെ രാഷ്ട്രിയം –കുമാരനാശാന്റെന ജീവച്ചരിത്രങ്ങളെ ആധാരമാക്കിയുള്ള പഠനം(Jeevacharithra rachanayude rashtrium-Kumaranashante jeevacharithrangale adharamakkiyulla padanam) Malayalam literature Sabu De Mathew 2018
Anila, A S Consumer finance and NBFCs - A study on lending Pattern Commerce Biju T George 2021
Anilakumari, M C Developing a Multimedia remedial tracking package for Dysgraphia among Primary school students with specific learning disabilities Education Celine Pereira 2013
Anilkumar M. P Stochastic analysis of discrete time queueing models with without inventory Mathematics Jose, K P 2022
Anilkumar, G M Investigations on Sol-gel Mullite and Mullite-Silicon Carbide nanocomposite precursor Chemistry Warrier, K G K% Padmanabhan, M 2000
Anilkumar, K K Mycorrhiza in agriculture and industry Bioscience Muraleedhara Kurup, G 2007

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