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Antony, K J Enviromental status of Manimala River basin with special reference to pollution due to pilgrimage tourism and other human activities Environmental science George, A V 2011
Antony, M P Institutional financing of agriculture in Kerala Economics Mani, K P 2004
Antony, P (ആന്‍റണി, പി) വടക്കന്‍പാട്ടുകളുടെ ആഖ്യാനഘടന ആഖ്യാനശാസ്ത്രം അവലംബമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം (The narrative structure of Vadakkanpattukal: A narratological study) Malayalam literature Kurien, K C (കുര്യന്‍, കെ സി) 1999
Antony, S Wave instabilities in Anti Loss-Cone (ALC) plasmas Physics Chandu Venugopal 1998
Antony, V S The implications of the concepts of individuality and synthesis in the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins: An appraisal English literature Nithyanantha Bhat, V 1995
Anu Antony Risk Model and Portfolio selection: A behavioural approach for optimization of Returns Management studies Raman Nair, V 2016
Anu George Varghese A study on the quality of life of children with Cerebral Palsy living in Kerala Behavioural science Agasa, K S 2017
Anu Joy Geochemical signature and source characterization of trace elements in the coral reef sediments of Lakshadweep Archipelago Indian ocean Chemistry Anu Gopinath 2019
Anu P A Evaluation of efficacy of anti-inflammatory bioactive molecule from medicinal plant in inducing apoptosis in cancer cell line culture models Bioscience (biotechnology) Prakash Kumar B 2018
Anu P S ദൃശ്യമാധ്യമ സംവാദങ്ങളിലെ സാമൂഹികത – മലയാളവാര്ത്ത ചാനലുകളെ മുന്നിാര്ത്തി ഒരു പഠനം Malayalam literature Radhakrishnan P S 2018
Anu P Sebastain An experimental study on probiotic effect of spore formers Biotechnology Keerthi, T R 2013
Anu Paul The interoperability framework for integration of e- governance services based on semantics in Indian perspective Computer science Varghese Paul 2017
Anu Surendran Morphology Processing and Properties of Epoxy Resins Modified with Poly _(Styren- co- Acrylonitrile ) ( S AN) and Cloisite 20 A Nano science Geethamma, V.G , Co Guide Sabu Thomas 2020
Anu T Augustin, (അനു ടി അഗസ്റ്റിൻ) ചേർത്തല താലൂക്കിലെ സ്ഥലനാമങ്ങൾ (Cherthala Talukkile sthalanaamangal) Malayalam language Vijaya Krishnan, N (വിജയകൃഷ്ണൻ എൻ) 2016
Anu Tresa Sunny Synthesis, Characterization and Physicochemical Studies of Copper Oxide and Calcium Phosphate Based Epoxy Nanocomposites Chemistry Sabu Thomas% Suresh Mathew 2017
Anu Varghese A study on marketing practices in handloom and khadi industries in Kerala Management studies Salim M H 2017
Anu, G S Developing an emotional intelligence enhancement package for Primary school students with special reference to emotional competencies Education Celine Pereira 2011
Anu, L A study on the problems and prospects of small-scale women entrepreneurs in ready made garments industry in Kerala Management studies Sreeranganadhan, K 2009
Anu, P T (അനു, പി റ്റി) പോഞ്ഞിക്കര റാഫിയുടെ സാഹിത്യസംഭാവനകള്‍ (Literary contributions of Ponjikkara Raphy) Malayalam literature Rajeev, V (രാജീവ്, വി) 2013
Anu, V.R Performance Optimization Techniques for Virtual Machines in Cloud Environment Computer science Elizabeth Sherly 2019
Anuj Mohamed Design and development of an efficient problem solving technique using neural networks Computer science Ramachandran Nair, K N 2016
Anumol K.A The effect of tourism on quality of life in Kerala Economics P.S. Mohanakumar 2019
Anupa Jacob Competitiveness and labour standards in special economic zones: A study of Cochin special economic zone Economics Martin Patrick 2014
Anupa Leela George Solid waste management mechanisms in Kerala : A comparative study of two urban settings Economics James, M.S 2018
Anupama Nair C V Joycean style in Ulysses as minority discourse : A critical analysis of ‘Oxen of the Sun’ English literature Upot Sherine 2017
Anuroofa O M Effectiveness of select e-learning modalities on information processing, self directed learning and achievement in information technology of students at secondary level Education Sajna Jaleel 2018
Anvar, A (അൻവർ എ) മലയാള സിനിമയിലെ ഇടതുരാഷ്ട്രീയം: അന്വേഷണവും വിശകലനവും (Left Politics in Malayalam Cinema: A Critical Inquiry) Malayalam literature Jose K. Manuel (ജോസ് കെ മാനുവൽ) 2016
Aparna Balakrishna In vitro studies on the probiotic potential of bacterial strains isolated from Poecilia reticulate (Guppy) and characterization of their antagonistic principles Biotechnology Keerthi, T R 2012
Aparna P Structural studies on base modified DNA and RNA Oligonucleotides Physics Sudarsanakumar C 2018
Aparna V. A study on the impact of trade agreements on the performance of plantation industry in India Commerce Tomy Mathew 2019

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