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Anitha, P A study on picture languages Mathematics Dersanambika, K.S 2018
Anitha, V Medical pluralism in Kerala: A socio-economic study of rural-urban variations Economics Abraham George 2008
Anitta Antony Synthesis, characterisation and application studies of polymer bound metals Chemistry Jaya T Varkey 2022
Anitta Shaji Malayaala kadhayum bhavukathwa parinamavum 2000 muthal 2015 vareyulla cherukathakale adharamakkiyulla padanam, മലയാള കഥയും ഭാവുകത്വ പരിണമവും 2000 മുതൽ 2015 വരെയുള്ള ചെറുകഥകളെ ആധാരമാമാക്കിയുള്ള പഠനം, Malayalam language and literature Jose K Manuel 2022
Aniyankunju, P C Agricultural technology development and transfer in the socio-economic transformation of agrarian economies: The Kerala experience with special reference to Kuttanad Economics Joseph A Thomas 2005
Anjali Anne Jacob The probiotic and health promoting capabilities of Enterococcus faecium isolated from infant feces Biotechnology Keerthi, T R 2014
Anjali Jacob Grameen model of group lending as a tool for inclusive financing - a study of select for - profit microfinance institutions in Kerala Management studies Biju M K 2022
Anjali S Panikkar The role of playschools with regard to the behavioural profile, creativity, problem solving ability and social cognition of preschoolers Home science Indulekha, K V 2002
Anjali, O Relationship between athletic coping skill and cognitive coping strategies among national level athletes of various sports Physical education Jayashree Acharya 2013
Anjaly Jose A study on the invertibility of fuzzy topological spaces and related topics Mathematics Sunil C Mathew 2013
Anjaly Mathew Comparative Study of microwave Assisted and Conventional Organic Synthesis Using Polymer Supported Reagents Chemistry Ebey P Koshy and Beena Mathew 2021
Anjaly Sivadas Novel amphiphilic star and dendritic copolymers: applications and their use as toughening agents in epoxy resins Chemistry Raju Francis 2020
Anjana B Nair Relationship between student related variables and multiple intelligences among higher secondary school students Education Sajna Jaleel 2017
Anjana S Chandran Security enhancement of real time database system based on encryption using TDMRC code Computer science Varghese Paul 2015
Anjana, A S Influence of tourism on the standard of living of tribal Communities in Wayanad district, Kerala Commerce Stephen Mathews 2022
Anjana, J New aesthetics of political fiction: A study of the strategies of demystification in the novels of Salman Rushdie, O V Vijayan and Shashi Tharoor English literature Gopinathan Pillai, C 2008
Anju Augustine Hormone receptor binding mimic constructed using molecular imprinting Chemistry Beena Mathew 2014
Anju Babu Study of surface Plasmon polaritons in dielectric/metal multilayer structures Physics Vincent Mathew 2014
Anju Elizabeth Media and political marketing in Kerala Commerce Benson Kunjukunju, 2021
Anju Elsa Tom Probing Strategies for Improving Performance of PbS based Quantum Dot Solar Cells Physics Ison V Vanchipurackal 2021
Anju K. Nair. Noble metal nanostructures and hetero atom doped graphene hybrids for multifunctional applications Physics Kala M.S. Co- Guide Nandakumar Kalarikkal 2018
Anju Linda Varghese Theoretical and experimental investigations on third order optical nonlinearities and optical limiting properties of p-Nitroaniline derivatives Chemistry George, M 2020
Anju Lis Kurian Regional cooperation and energy security: The European Union experience Politics and international rel Vinodan, C 2014
Anju M Neeliyara Reproductive health & nutritional profile of women in the coastal areas of Alleppey District, Kerala Home science Kumari, K S 2016
Anju, C Studies on conducting polymer composites for energy storage applications Chemistry Shiny Palatty 2021
Anju, J (അഞ്ജു, ജെ) പി കെ കൊച്ചീപ്പന്‍ തരകന്റെ സാഹിത്യ സംഭാവനകള്‍ - ഒരു പഠനം (Literary contributions of P K Kocheeppan Tharakan - A study) Malayalam literature Mathew, T V (മാത്യു, റ്റി വി) 2006
Anju, K N The Real as Mythical: Social Portraiture in the novels of Margaret Laurence and R. K. Narayan English literature Mathew Joseph 2016
Ann Abraham A Study on Sales Tax Reforms in Kerala Commerce Tomy Mathew 2021
Ann Kavitha Mathew Social determinants of geriatric health in Kerala context Gandhian studies (social medic Sandhya, R S 2014
Ann Mary Jacob Studies on the action of Triclosan an Endocrine disruptor Chemical on Channa striatus Zoology Jose, D. Kaippallil 2019

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