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Alphi Korath Statistical methods to establish the taxonomic status of selected Cyprinid fishes (Pisces; Teleostei) of Kerala waters Fishery science 1. Jayachandran, K V 2. E.S.Jeevanand, E S 2021
Alphons Ligori, T O Historical analysis of industrialization and its impact in the society with special reference to Ernakulam District History Chackochan, P L 2015
Alphonsa, C A Representational Politics in Aitihyamala English language and literature Nithyanantha Bhat, V 2020
Alphonsa, M K Impact of environmental stress on certain Fishes of River Periyar Environmental science Thomas, A P 2008
Alphonsa, P O Discourse in Flux: A Bakhtinian reading of selected novels of Bruce Marshall English literature Raveendran, P P 2011
Alvin Joseph Fictionalising colonialism: A study in the novels of Joseph Conrad and Chinua Achebe English literature Raveendran, P P 2017
Ambady, K G Developing A Package For Curriculum Adaptation In The Academic Achievement Of Students With Intellectual Disability In Inclusive Education System Special education Sukumaran, P S 2021
Ambika A Nair (അംബിക ഏ നായര്‍) വത്സലയുടെ നോവലുകളിലെ സമൂഹം ഒരു പഠനം (A study of society in the novels of Valsala) Malayalam literature Sarojini Amma, S (സരോജിനിയമ്മ, എസ്) 2006
Ambika, C P Adbhutapanjaram of Narayana Diksita: A critical study Sanskrit literature Leelamani, K 1999
Ambika, D Dielectric, piezoelectric and nonlinear optical properties of lead Titanate based ferroelectric thin films Physics Kumar, V,
Sudarsanakumar, C
Ambika, K Studies on stability synchronisation and scaling behaviour in coupled non-linear system Physics Ambika, G 2009
Ambika, N S Krsnarjuniya - Edition and study Sanskrit literature Lalithambal, K S 2008
Ambili, K.S Synthesis and characterization of stable, highly luminescent inorganic-organic hybrid materials by grafting lanthanide organic complexes on inorganic matrices Chemistry Jesty Thomas 2019
Ambili, P Systematic, Ethnobotanic and Pollination Biology (Commercially Important Plants) of Family Solanacenae of Kerala State Botany Antony, V.T 2019
Ambily Chandran Designing and studies on some novel photochemical probes based on naturally occurring systems like lignin Chemistry Sunny Kuriakose 2012
Ambily Jose Some Generalizations of Poisson Hidden Markov Model and their Applications in Epidemiological Studies Statistics . Sebastian George 2021
Ambily M.H हिंदी और मलयालम लेखिकाओं के उपन्यासों में पारिस्थितिकी का स्वरुप; तुलनात्मक अध्ययन Hindi language and literature P. Praneetha 2019
Ambily Mereena Kurian, (അമ്പിളി മെറീന കുര്യൻ) നെഗ്രിറ്യൂഡ് കവിതയും മലയാള ദലിത് കവിതയും ഒരു താരതമ്യ പഠനം (Negritude poetry and Malayalam Dalit poetry: A comparative study) Malayalam literature Babuji, M G (ബാബുജി എം ജി ) 2017
Ambily P Mathew Modelling of Queueing Networks using search mechanism Mathematics Varghese C Joshua 2020
Ambily V Phenology and life history traits of Arius subrostratus (Valenciennes, 1840) from Cochin estuary, India Zoology Bijoy Nandan, S 2017
Ambily, A S Quality of work life – A comparative study on Public and Private sector enterprises in Kerala Commerce Dileepkumar, M C 2012
Ambily, K K Rhizosphere Chemistry and Adaptations of Natural Rubber (Hevea Brasiliensis) to Acidic Soil Conditions Chemistry Mercykutty Joseph. 2021
Ambily, P S Biodegradation of Anionic surfactant Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS) and analysis of its metabolic products Microbiology Jisha, M S 2011
Ambily, S Studies on the electrical conductivity, photoconductivity, optical and structural properties of the metal substituted Phthalocyanine thin films - CuPc, CoPc and PbPc Physics Menon, C S 1999
Ambily, S Effectiveness of a strategy based on a componential approach on reading comprehension in english and critical thinking among secondary school students Education Jaya Jaise 2019
Ambilymol, P T കവിതാനിരൂപണത്തിലെ അന്തർവിജ്ഞാനീയത- എം. ലീലാവതിയുടെയും എം എൻ വിജയന്റെയും കൃതികളെ ആസ്‌പദമാക്കി ഒരു താരതമ്യപഠനം (Kavitha niroopanathile anthar vijnaneeyatha- M Leelavthiyudeyum M N Vijayanteyum kruthikale aspadamakki oru tharathamya patanam) Malayalam language and literature Davis Xavier 2020
Ambly, P K Biochemical and molecular studies on enzymes related to rubber biosynthesis in Hevea Brasiliensis Biochemistry Molly Thomas 2017
Amina Poovancheri Analysis of socio economic status of internal migrant workers in Kerala, a case study of Malappuram district Economics Rejimon P M 2022
Amith Abraham Evaluation of antagonistic potential of a bacterial endo-symbiont against Phytophthora meadii causing abnormal leaf fall disease of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Biotechnology Jayachandran, K% Shaji Philip% Kuruvilla Jacob, C 2014
Amitha P Mani Comparative narrativity in Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe and J M Coetzee's Foe English language and literature Radhakrishnan Nair, D 2020

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