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Usha Nair (उषा नायर) नामवर सिंह की आलोचना का विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन (Namvar Singh ki alochana ka vishleshanatmak adhyayan) Hindi literature Joseph, N K (जाँसफ, एन के) 2007
Usha Parvathy Effectiveness of activity oriented method in teaching Biology in small groups and large groups of Secondary school students Education Celine Pereira 2004
Usha, A A Financial inclusiveness and literacy of Marine Fisher Households in Alappuzha- An empirical study Commerce Johnson, B 2016
Ushadevi, K N Dynamics of rural consumer behaviour in Kerala Economics Mani, K P 2008
Ushadevi, T V Technology adoption in Rubber production in Kerala Economics Mathew Kurian, V 2001
Usharani, K P Development of Intervention Strategies on Co-morbidity for Enhancing Scholastic Outcomes of School Aged Children with Specific Learning Disability Education Suresh, K P 2021
Ushus Mathew A study on performance appraisal methods of nurses in select hospitals in Kerala Management studies Johney Johnson 2018
Usman, A K Corporate social responsibility practices among large and medium scale companies in Kerala Commerce Santhosh Kumar, S 2020
Uvais, M The impact of service quality on customer satisfaction and patronage intentions: a study on selected public and private sector commercial banks in Kerala Management science Sulaiman, E 2019
Vaheeda Kayikkara Designing and Testing Instructional Material for the Attainment of Life Skills by Intellectually Disabled Children in the Special Educational Institutes of Kerala Education Exemmal, J 2020
Vaheeda, K K Ecological studies on the brackish waters of Kodungallur Area, Kerala, India Botany Thara K Simon 2009
Valsala Devi, G (വത്സലാ ദേവി, ജി) ഗ്രാമീണ ജീവിതാവിഷ്കാരം ബഷീര്‍ കൃതികളില്‍ (The depiction of village life in Basheer’s literary works – A critical study) Malayalam literature Appukuttan Nair, G V (അപ്പുക്കുട്ടന്‍ നായര്‍, ജി വി) 2013
Valsala Menon The conscious and the unconscious in black self-concept in the novels of Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison and Alice Walker English literature Chacko, P M 2001
Valsala, G Environmental education potential of Botanic gardens Education Sivadasan, K R 2003
Valsalakumar, N Endomycorrhizal studies in Phaseolus aureus (Green gram) Botany Ray, J G 2008
Valsamma Joseph Health education needs of mentally retarded children, parents and teachers Rehabilitation medicine Sukumaran, P S 2007
Valsamma M Samuel Growth and characterization of certain pure and doped Phosphate crystals Physics Ittyachen, M A% Unnikrishnan, N V 2008
Valsamma Sebastian United States policy towards Afghanistan (1979-91) International relations Seethi, K M 2004
Valsamma, V T Study of the Effect of Fertilizers and Growth regulators on the growth and Reproduction in Moringa Oleifera Lam and its relationship with the purification of the polluted water by the plant extract Botany Mathew, M M 2016
Vamanan Nampoothiri, K Sacrifice as motif in W B Yeats and Edasseri Govindan Nair English literature Harris, V C 1999
Vanaja, V Political ideology in the novels of Nayantara Sahgal and Meena Alexander: A feminist perspective English literature Geetha, P 2004
Vandana Aravindan Impact of wetland degradation on livelihood of traditional wetland resource users of Ernakulam district Economics V.T.Jose 2019
Vandana P V Iron, copper, and zinc based metal-organic framework composites as photocatalyst for environmental remediation Chemistry Suresh Mathew 2022
Vandana, K Studies of DNA base radical cations using anthraquinone photosensitization and radiation-induced precursors of adenine nitrogen-centred radicals Chemistry Aravindakumar, C T 2010
Vani K Influence of defect-depoles on electrical characteristics of acceptor-doped ferroelectric oxides Chemistry Kumar V 2017
Vani P Cynical anthropologies portrait of real india in the mindscape of Arundhati roy and aravind adiga English literature George, P J 2022
Varghese J Pudussery (Fr) A study of the families of drug addicts - Family functioning and social support system Social science Alex, O J (Fr) 1995
Varghese K Cheriyan Effectiveness of Kolb’s experiential learning model on achievement in Mathematics of students at secondary level Education Jacob, P J 2010
Varghese Mathew Studies on certain gel-grown metal malonate crystals Physics Abraham, K E 2012
Varghese Nellissery, P The impact of television on children: Socialization in family as a mediating factor Gandhian studies Bernd Pflug 2003

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