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Tijith, K. George Antibacterial and Antioxidant Prospects of Endophytic Penicillium setosum sp. nov. from Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal Microbiology Jisha, M.S 2019
Tijo Thomas The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Purchase Intention: A Study on Select Jewellers of Kerala Management studies Johney Johnson 2018
Tiju Chacko Anticancer Properties and Therapeutic Potential of Clerodendron infortunatum; Mechanistic Studies at Cellular and Molecular Level Biotechnology Krishnan Nair, C.K 2019
Tilak, T N De-noising corrupted images applying discrete wavelet transform and shift-invariant wavelet transform using different wavelet families Electronics Krishnakumar, S 2020
Timy Thambi Effectiveness of an instructional strategy based on path- smoothing model on creative problem solving ability, perceptual speed and achievement in mathematics of students at secondary level Education Jacob,P.J 2019
Titus Correya Role of Petty traders in the urban informal sector: A study of three Corporations in Kerala Economics Ajith Kumar, N 2001
Tiya Mariam Jacob അദ്ധ്യാപക ജീവിത പരിണാമം : മലയാള ചെറുകഥകളെ ആധാരമാക്കിയുള പഠനം Malayalam literature V.A. Philip 2019
Toji Thomas Isolation purification and characterization of antibacterial principle from Drynaria quercifolia Bioscience Muraleedhra Kurup, G ,
Sadasivan, C
Tom K.Mathew Isolation and characterisation of biologically active secondary metabolites from flowers Bioscience Benny P.J 2019
Tom Thomas Coalescing margins in the cultural critique of Edward W.Said English language and literature P.J. George 2019
Tom Thomas Puthiaparampil Structural and synthetic investigations on (2S,3S)-Tetra-hydro-3-Hydroxy-5-Oxo- 2,3-Furandicarboxylic acid Chemistry Ibnusaud, I 2001
Tomlal Jose, E Studies on Cotton polypropylene based commingled composite systems Chemistry Kuruvilla Joseph 2010
Tomy Francis Seasonal variation in Avifauna with respect to habitat changes in Kole Wetlands of Thrissur District, Kerala Zoology John George, M 2016
Tomy James Structural evolution and surface characteristics of metal ion-doped and sol-gel derived alumina from boehmite Chemistry Padmanabhan, M,
Warrier, K G K
Tomy Jose, C Impact of liberalisation on the commercial banking in Kerala Commerce Tharsis Joseph 2009
Tomy Joseph (Fr) Empowerment of Dalits and the role of Dalit movements in Kerala: A study of Kottayam District Political science Mathew, M M 2011
Tomy Mathew Performance of modern small enterprises in Kerala – A diagnostic approach Economics Martin Patrick 2010
Tomy Philip A comparative study on the mental health of dual earner and traditional single earner families Social work Kochuthresia, V J (Sr) 2000
Toney Teddy Fernandez Passive sol-gel materials and active wave guides by ion-exchange/femtosecond inscription for various optical processes Physics Unnikrishnan, N V% Sudarsanakumar, C 2009
Tresa Mary Chacko Some problems in topology and lattice theory Mathematics Susha, D 2020
Tresa Peter Translation as Reclamation: Linguistic and Cultural Challenges in the Translation of Histories in Thakazhi's Kayar English language and literature Celine, E 2020
Trisina M Alapat Undefined boundaries of the Self: Gender, culture and resistance in selected works of Maxine Hong Kingston and Sandra Cisneros English literature Verghese Leena 2013
Tutu M John A study of certain economic problems using fuzzy mathematics Mathematics Sunny Kuriakose, A 2013
Twincy Varghese Panampilly Govinda Menon: A freedom fighter and an administrator of Cochin State History Johny, P D 2016
Udayakumar O.K Customer relationship management in banks: A comparative study of public sector & private sector banks in Kerala Commerce K.K. Muraleedharan 2019
Udayanan, B Bilateral relations as a factor hampering Regional Co-operation in South Asia Political science Varghese, V V 2006
Ujwaldev, S M Novel Cobalt and Iron catalyzed Carbon-heteroatom bond formations and their application towards the synthesis of ethers, imidazopyridines and 2-aminothiazoles Chemistry Anilkumar, G 2021
Ullas Thomas A study on topological set-indexers of graphs Mathematics Sunil C Mathew 2013
Uma Devi, L Pineapple leaf/ glass hybrid fibre reinforced Polyester composites Chemistry Sabu Thomas% Bhagawan, S S 2012
Uma, P Ramifications and applications of generalized alpha-Laplace distributions and processes Statistics Jose, K K 2010

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