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Soumya, K R Molecular investigation on species diversity, antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation among coagulase negative staphylococci Microbiology Radhakrishnan, E K 2017
Soumya, P.R പൊറ്റെക്കാട്ടിന്റെ നോവലുകളിലെ ഇടം (വിഷകന്യക,ഒരു ദേശത്തിന്റെ കഥ,ഒരു തെരുവിന്റെ കഥ എന്നീനോവലുകളെ അടിസ്ഥാനമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം). Malayalam lanuage and literature Babuji, M.G 2019
Sowmya M Halophilic bacteria from Vemabanad lake: a promising tool for bioremediation of cadmium and lead Environmental sciences Mohammed Hatha A A 2017
Soya Mathew Educational Contributions of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara and its Relevance in the Emerging Society Education Jacob, P J 2021
Soya Sadanandan Community-based rehabilitation of persons with mental retardation through women Self Help Groups Behavioural science Sukumaran, P S 2016
Sree Kumar, R Biochemical profile during Diabetic retinopathy Biochemistry Shankar Shashidhar,
Haridas, M
Sree Vidya, J Studies on the toxic effect of pesticides in a fresh water fish (Channa striatus) Zoology Sarala Nair, S 2021
Sree, S V The ever-becoming 'time' in the 'frame-breaking' texts (contexts) of postmodern American fiction English literature Radhakrishnan Nair, D 2007
Sreedevi Gopal, S (श्रीदेवी गोपाल, एस) आधुनिक हिन्दी कविता की लंबी कविताओं का वस्तुपरक एवं संरचनात्मक अध्ययन (Thematic and structural study of the long poems of modern Hindi poetry) Hindi literature Mohanan, N (मोहनन, एन) 1996
Sreedevi U. Panicker Work life balance of employees A Study with special Reference to IT Companies in Kerala Commerce Jacob Thomas 2019
Sreedevi, N K Novel synthetic transformations on α- Formyl ketene dithioacetals leading to the synthesis of functionalised Heterocycles Chemistry Devaky, K S 2011
Sreedevi, R Village industries in Kerala - Problems and prospects Gandhian studies Mahajan P Mani 1992
Sreedevi, T R Stress and coping in mothers of children with mental retardation Behavioural science Sukumaran, P S 2007
Sreedhanya H Thekkedath A study on the abuse and neglect of elderly women living in families and old age homes in Kerala Social work Mary Venus , C J 2016
Sreedhanya, S Spectroscopic studies of the interaction of serum albumins with selected drugs Chemistry Philip, K C and Aravindakumar, C T 2020
Sreedhar P Nair Human resource management in selected Public Sector Undertakings in Kerala Commerce Tharsis Joseph 2005
Sreedhar, K M Polymeric reagents based on cross-linked copolymers of N-Vinylpyrrolidone and 4-Vinylpyridine Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 2003
Sreedharan, K A study on the impact of pesticides in the Cardamom Hill Reserve of Southern Western Ghats, Kerala Environmental science Thomas, A P 2016
Sreedharan, N V Impact of literature for advertising effectiveness in the visual media – A study Management studies Mukunda Das, V 2009
Sreeja Evolution of Karamana River Basin and its Implications on Hydrogeology ; A Geomatics approach using Morphometric Analysis Environmental science Pradeep kumar A P 2017
Sreeja S Tumor control with iron oxide nanoparcticle complexes of drugs and compounds: Molecular mechanism and therapeutic potential Bio-chemistry Krishnan Nair C K 2017
Sreeja S Efficacy of a teacher training module in enhancing teaching skills of primary school teachers in an inclusive setting Special education Razeena Padmam 2018
Sreeja Sukumar, K Total quality management in higher secondary school education in Kerala Commerce Joy Joseph Puthussery 2014
Sreeja, E Sythesis and charecterization of Pr3+, Er3+ Doped Barium Calcium Tungstate Phosphors. Physics Biju, P R 2020
Sreeja, K Financial Performance Evaluation of Cochin Port Trust Commerce Santhosh Kumar, S 2020
Sreeja, S Supply response of some agricultural commodities in Kerala Economics Sankaranarayanan, K C 1999
Sreeja, S Psychosocial adjustments and vocational aspirations of hearing impaired students at Higher secondary level Education Celine Pereira 2011
Sreeja, V.G Studies on Spectral, Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide and its Composites Physics Anila, E.I 2019
Sreejesh, K.R Studies of traditional medicinal plants in the high ranges, Kerala Botany Jomy Augustine 2019
Sreejit, C M Quantitative ethnobotany and phytochemistry of selected plants used in traditional therapeutics by ethnic trines of Wayanad district, Kerala Botany Thomas Mathew, P 2015

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