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Sudhakumari, B Dynamics of Zinc in rubber growing soils Chemistry Mercykutty Joseph 2010
Sudharmini, S A study of the mosquito profile in the areas of Japanese Encephalitis virus activity with reference to selected districts in Kerala State Zoology Thomas T Valamparampil 2010
Sudheer Mohammed, M M Studies on the relation of Nicotine to Lung cancer Biochemistry Latha, M S 2001
Sudheeran, T S Post retirement career life of retired government employees in Kerala: A sociological analysis Sociology Sandhya, R S 2016
Sudheesh Kumar, K A study of financial management practices of public and private sector companies in Kerala Commerce A.M.Viswambharan 2020
Sudheesh S Relationship marketing strategy and its impact on customer behaviour of public and private sector banks in Kerala Commerce Harikumar, P N 2020
Sudheesh, N Studies on the effect of a medicinal mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum on cellular energy status under oxidative stress Biochemistry Janardhanan, K K 2012
Sudhikumar, A V Studies on the taxonomy and bionomics of some predacious Spiders on insect pests of Rice agroecosystem in Kuttanad, Kerala Zoology Sebastian, P A 2008
Suhaib, V P Reasons of the Variations in the Quranic Interpretations with special reference on the impact of linguistic discussions in the Variations of interpretations Arabic Aboobacker, A 2020
Suhruth Kumar A Local self government authorities a critique Law Parameswaran K 2017
Suja Beegum, S Socio-economic condition of inland Fisherman - A case study of Kerala Economics Sunny, K A 2007
Suja Chacko ദില്ലി-നഗരവും അധികാരവും മലയാളനോവലുകളിൽ ( ഓ.വി വിജയൻ, വി.കെ എൻ ,എം.മുകുന്ദൻ ,ആനന്ദ് എന്നിവരുടെ കൃതികളെ ആധാരമാക്കിയുള്ള പഠനം ) Malayalam lanuage and literature Jose Parakadavil 2019
Suja Eapen Mathematical Modelling of Ionospheric Parameters Mathematics Anilkumar, C V 2016
Suja Mathews Studies on Bacteriocins Zoology Susan Panicker 2017
Suja Mathews Conduct disorder therapy protocol : An intervention study Behavioural science Jayan C 2017
Suja Philip Studies on Coagulase negative Staphylococci Microbiology Jyothis Mathew 2013
Suja, K.V Kerala samskrita kavyeshu krishna sankalpah Sanskrit literature Unnikrishnan, M.P 2018
Suja, S Relationship among Entrepreneurial Skills, Social Intelligence and Vocational Aspirations of Commerce Students at Undergraduate Level Education Thulasidharan, T V 2021
Suja,T V Refrains of the earth-woman interface: poems of Alice Walker and Sugathakumari- A glocal perspective English literature Varughese C. Abraham 2017
Sujarani Mathew Imaging African womanhood: A womanist reading of selected works of Buchi Emecheta English literature Mathew Joseph 2011
Sujatha Kumari, K Some problems on Grammar Systems Mathematics Dersanambika, K S 2016
Sujatha, K A study about DWCRA and the economic participation of women and children in Kerala Commerce Ramesh, B 2006
Sujatha, K The political and personal facets of motherhood in the works of Fay Weldon English literature Koshy, G 2008
Sujatha, M Health tourism with reference to Kalari Commerce Jose, K G 2015
Sujatha, N V Non-linear phenomena and pattern formation in one dimensional maps Physics Ambika, G 2005
Sujatha, S The quest for cultural identity: Post-colonialist impulses in Amitav Ghosh’s novels English literature Gopinathan Pillai, C 2005
Sujatha, S Studies on the potentials of earthworm species as bioremediating and biological control agents Environmental science Ramasamy, E V 2014
Sujeesh, C K Reconstructing the political unconscious - A reading of the plays of Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller English literature Raveendran, P P 2010
Sujesh Baby Studies on amine-templated and poly-carboxylate derived multi-dimensional coordination polymers and MOFs having anionic frameworks Chemistry Padmanabhan, M 2016
Sujesh M Phytochemical evaluation and antifertility studies on cyclea species Pharmacy Jyoti Harindran 2022

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