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Sreepriya, R Cyber identities and the technologies of Self: A study of authorship and subjectivity in weblogs English literature Biju, C S 2015
Sreeraj, K G Relationship between Multiple Intelligences and Achievement in Mathematics of Students at Secondary Level Education Thulasidharan, T V 2016
Sreerekha, N The problem of communication in modern American drama: A study of Sam Shepard and David Mamet English literature Raveendran, P P 2000
Sreevidya N.L A Critique of Angala Samrajyam of A.R Rajarajavarma Sanskrit literature P.V. Viswanathan Nampoothiri 2019
Sreevidya S Marar Developing a package based on self-science curriculum for enhancing emotional intelligence of adolescents in juvenile homes of Kerala Education Minikutty, A 2016
Sreevidya, G Naisadhiyacarita – A grammatical evaluation Sanskrit language Gangadharan Nair, G 2007
Sreevrinda Nair, N Effectiveness of learning styles and meta cognition upon the learning of Malayalam language at Secondary level Education Sudharma, A 2013
Srinivasan, K K Optimization of the educational achievement of children utilising Parent Participating Associations in the schools of Kerala Education Jayasree, P 2011
Srinivasarao Yaragalla Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Elastomer Nanocomposites Nanoscience and nanotechnolog Nandakumar Kalrikkal% Sabu Thomas 2016
Sruthi S. Nair A study on the impacts of organochlorine pesticides on earthworms with special reference to Kuttanad agroecosystem and the general role of earthworms in soil carbon dynamics Environmental science Ramasamy, E.V 2019
Sruthi, P R Synthetic Explorations of Acrylic Compounds and Acrylonitrile Derived Polymers towards the Formation of arbo/Heterocycles and its Applications Chemistry Anas, S 2021
Stalin Raphel Goal orientation perceived motivational climate, causal dimensions and sources of sports confidence among Football players of Kerala Physical education Anil Ramachandran 2016
Stancy S From core to periphery-a study on the socio-economic process of cochin and its islands 1900-2013 History M.D. Alice 2019
Stancy S. From core to periphery-a study on the socio-economic process of cochin and its islands 1900-2013 History M.D. Alice 2019
Stanly Chazhoor Working of consumer protection and guidance societies in Kerala - An evaluation Commerce Venugopal, S 2006
Stany Thomas The politics of Higher education in Kerala: A study of the policies of reform (1957-1987) Political science Cyriac Thomas 1996
Starlet Mathew Mayyazhi: Desam Deseeyatha Akhyanam (മയ്യഴി: ദേശം ദേശീയത ആഖ്യാനം) Malayalam language and literature Harikumar, S 2021
Stephen Joseph Molecular characterization of phosphate solubilizing Gluconacetobacter sp. and Burkholderia sp. isolated from rhizosphere soil of Kerala Microbiology Jisha, M S 2010
Stuckey Devapatham, A A study on muscular dystrophy patients, their emotional and social problems, personal and social functioning, coping strategies and social support networks Social work Udaya Mahadevan 1997
Subair, K.A Social security and labour welfare with special reference to head load workers in Kerala Commerce Dileepkumar,M.C 2018
Subash Gopi Luminescence kinetics and spectroscopic characterization of Dy3+/Tb3+/Eu3+ doped alkali fluoroborate glasses Physics Cyriac Joseph and Biju, P R 2020
Subash, T The role of District Tourism Promotion Councils in the promotion of tourism in Kerala Commerce Vasanthagopal, R 2013
Subashchandran, K P Synthesis of Neurotensin Peptide analogues on Hydrophilic Polymer supports Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 2003
Subha Sasi Water quality evaluation of a backwater canal: Screening of micro-pollutants and their possible treatment protocols. Environmental sciences Usha K 2017
Subha V Nair Solid phase synthesis of partial sequences of Rubber elongation factor Protein on Hexanediol Diacrylate-crosslinked Polystyrene support Chemistry Beena Mathew 2000
Subha, P P The Cost of Type 2 Diabetes Among Casual Workers in Malappuram District, Kerala Economics Roy Scaria 2021
Subhadra Devi, P K Behaviour of ionosphere and its interaction with solar-magnetosphere system Physics Unnikrishnan, K 2014
Subhadra, K T Medicinal & Placebo effects of homeopathic remedies- A study on patients with somatoform low back pain and patients with pathological low back pain Behavioural medicine Razeena Padmam, M S 2016
Subhadra, M R The economics of mixed farming in Kerala Economics Suresh, K A 2007
Subhash Chandra Physical Activity and Dietary Behaviours of Primary and High School Children of Uttar Pradesh Physical education Binu George Varghese 2020

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