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Thanseem Ismail Isolation and molecular Characterisation of β-1, 3-Glucanase gene and its role in combating abnormal leaf fall disease in Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg) Botany Thulaseedharan, A 2005
Thara Gangadharan Postcolonial mass media in Kerala English literature Varghese John 2019
Thara K Simon Morphological and histochemical studies in some tropical Acanthaceae Botany Avita (Sr) 1994
Thara Sebastian Parental pressure for achievement in school and its influence on children’s academic interest, actual academic achievement, self-esteem and creativity Home science Indulekha, K V 1998
Thara Thomas The Economics of Pepper Cultivation in Kerala A Study with Special Reference to Price Trend and Production Economics Leena Mathew 2020
Tharakan, K M Theory of synaesthesis in the perspective of Rasa siddhanta (Synaesthesis and Santa rasa) English literature John, Athialy P 1996
Thavamani, J P Edge product graphs Mathematics Sunny Kuriakose, A 2014
Thejo Jose Accounting policies and practices of local self-governments in Kerala Commerce Thomas John, M,
Joseph, K X
Thejus Paul Eada da sliva qandisha Syriac literature Jacob Thekkeparampil 2017
Theresa Thomas Weaving Lore and Land : Strategies for Cultural Revival in Leslie Marmon Silko English language and literature Krishnan, K M 2020
Therese Koottiyaniyil (Sr) The effect of student-centered counselling on the low-achievers in secondary schools Behavioural science Kumar, K A 1996
Thilakanandan, C Alternative Dispute Resolution- A study with special reference to Kerala Law Parameswaran, K 2016
Thomas Abraham Characterization of Tapping Panel Dryness (TPD) of Hevea Brasiliensis in clone RRII 105 Environmental science (botany) Kuruvilla Joseph, C 2015
Thomas Abraham, C Communitizing education through National Service Scheme Gandhian studies Mahajan P Mani 2001
Thomas John, C Nonconformity in Indian English fiction: A study in Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth and Arundhati Roy English literature Jose George 2008
Thomas John, P Fishes of the Perumthenaruvi region of the Pamba river with special reference to Benthic forms Zoology John, K C 2005
Thomas Joseph The aging issues of senior citizens- The welfare measures taken by Changanacherry Archdiocese through old age homes Gandhian studies (peace studie Nirmala Devi, D 2015
Thomas K Developing a strategy for evaluating the scholastic and non-scholastic achievement at higher secondary level Education Reghu V 2018
Thomas Kallukalam Transreligious spirituality: A Gandhian critique Gandhian studies Chirappanath, A K 2004
Thomas Kurian Isolation, characterisation and Psychopharmacological studies of active constituents of Sarcostemma acidum (roxb.) Voigt Family Asclepiadaceae Pharmacy Sibi, P I 2020
Thomas Kuruvilla ബൈബിൾ അന്തരീക്ഷം സക്കറിയയുടെ കഥകളിൽ (Biblical Atmosphere in the stories of Zacharia) Malayalam language and literature Jose Parakadavil 2020
Thomas Mathew Coconut cake- A novel absorbent for the removal of water pollutants Environmental science Madhu, G 2009
Thomas Panakal The triumph of Satyagraha: An analysis of Mahatma Gandhi's influence on the civil rights movements in the United States of America Gandhian studies Chirappanath, A K 2002
Thomas Paul Kattookaran An economic evaluation of Consumer Cooperatives in Kerala Economics Mani, K P 2003
Thomas Ruby Mariamma Banana fiber- a new era in fabric culture Home science Ancy Thomas 2018
Thomas Sebastian Genetic studies on yield and certain yield components in the Para Rubber Tree [Hevea Brasiliensis (Willd ex Adr de Juss) Muell Arg] Botany Saraswathy Amma, C K 2004
Thomas Sebastian Marchers unto night: Death and mutability in the poems of John Crowe Ransom English literature Mathew Joseph 1998
Thomas V Mathew Functionally modified natural polymers such as Lignin, Chitosan and Bovine serum albumin: Synthesis, characterisation and photoresposive studies Chemistry Sunny Kuriakose 2012
Thomas, A J Modern Malayalam fiction and English: An inquiry into the cultural and linguistic problems of translation English literature Harris, V C 2004
Thomas, A M United States policy towards South Africa 1969-1980: American ideals and responses to Apartheid International relations Cheriyan, C V 1994

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