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Observational and modeling studies of the Marine atmospheric boundary layer over the Tropical Indian Ocean during INDOEX Damu Bala Subrahamanyam Radhika Ramachandran Physics 2004
Occupational problems of construction workers in Kerala Siddeeque, P Jagadees Chandran, G Commerce 2020
Oil palm fiber reinforced natural rubber and nitrile rubber composites Shaji Joseph Kuruvilla Joseph,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2010
Oil palm fibres: A potential reinforcement in phenolic resins Sreekala, M S Kumaran, M G,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2001
On a critical study of theory-practical integration in teaching of High school Physical science in Kerala Mariamma Mathew Anandan Nair, K Education 2005
On domination and related topics in graph theory Vinoy George Jacob K Mathematics 2018
On Revisiting the Kerala model of health care: A study on utilisation and financing of health care Sunilkumar, M.J Thomas, T.A Economics 2018
On some Problems in fractal geometry Mary Samuel Rosa V Mathematics 2017
On some queuing models reducing congestion Rinsy Thomas Susha D Mathematics 2022
Onam as described in Malayalam poetry – A study with special references to Edassery, P Kunjiraman Nair and Vyloppilly Suraja, E M (സുരജ. ഈ എം) Vasanthan, S K (വസന്തന്‍, എസ് കെ) Malayalam literature 2012
Open source movement in biotechnology research – A contemporary study on research data protection and legal issues in intellectual property management Jayaram, E R Vikraman Nair, K Law 2012
Open source software for integrated library system: Relative appropriateness in the Indian context Gireesh kumar T K Raman Nair R Library and information science 2017
Operational efficiency and service quality of commercial banks in India Sreela Krishnan Benson Kunjukunju Commerce 2015
Opportunities and challenges of Bancassurance in Kerala Aravind, J Gabriel Simon Thattil Commerce 2015
Optical and photocatalytic studies of Titania nanostructures synthesized by microwave irradiation Suprapha, T Suresh Mathew Chemistry 2012
Optimisation of machine to machine communication protocol Aiju Thomas Eldhose, N V Electronics 2021
Optimisation studies on PVC/ELNR blends in terms of epoxy content and composition Biju P K Gopinathan nair M R Chemistry 2017
Optimising stand density in teak plantations using growth models based on intrinsic biological units Rugmini, P Thomas, A P,
Jayaraman, K
Environmental science 2008
Optimization in fuzzy environment Lisy Cherian Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2010
Optimization of the educational achievement of children utilising Parent Participating Associations in the schools of Kerala Srinivasan, K K Jayasree, P Education 2011
Optimized Designs For Adaptive Load Scheduling Using Artificial Neural Network in an Isolated Power System Vijo M Joy Krishnakumar Electronics 2022
Optothermal characterisation of bio-nano materials using laser induced photothermal techniques Jisha John Achamma Kurian Physics 2017
Organic materials for nonlinear optics: Synthesis and photophysical studies of some donor-acceptor substituted molecules Mathew George Suresh Das,
Asokan, C V
Chemistry 1998
Organisational problems in academic administration: A case study of Mahatma Gandhi University Sebastian Joseph Roy C Mathew Gandhian studies 2009
Organizational practices of N G O s in Kerala (with reference to the role of managers) Kiran Thampi Mary Venus C.J Social work 2018
Organophosphate pesticide toxicity in teleost anabas testudineus Arunima Sebastian Joe Prasad Mathew Zoology 2022
Oriental influences on Lawrence Durrell's attitude to sex Leena, N Ravindran Nambiar, C English literature 2005
Outreach of commercial banks in Idukki district Minija Abraham Sheena Sasidharan V Commerce 2022
Outside the “image” and “likeness”: a feminist reading of the book of revelation Nithya Mariam John Annie Margret, P English literature 2017
Over-expression of stress tolerant genes in endosymbionts and its application in stress management of hevea brasiliensis Mrudula P Musthapha Mohamed Sathik, M B Biotechnology 2014

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