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Characterization of Nano Zinc Ferrites and Investigations on their Optical Limiting and Antialgal Applications Rintu Mary Sebastian Mohammed, E M Physics 2017
Characterization of rare-earth doped magnesium ferrite nano-particles and its catalytic activity Smitha Thankachan Mohammed E M Physics 2015
Characterization of Tapping Panel Dryness (TPD) of Hevea Brasiliensis in clone RRII 105 Thomas Abraham Kuruvilla Joseph, C Environmental science (botany) 2015
Characterization, evaluation and micropropagation of Patchuli (Pogostemon-Patchouli Benth): An important aromatic plant in South India Mini Chacko Joseph P Varghese Botany 2010
Characters in the dramatic narratives of Robert Frost: A psychological study Edward A Edezhath Geetha, P English literature 1999
Chemical Bath Deposited Nanocrystalline (Cd:Zn)S Thin Films as Photodetectors Joissy Mathew Anila, E I Physics 2020
Chemical synthesis of Sol gel Alumina-Silicon Carbide nanocomposites Hareesh, U S Padmanabhan, M,
Warrier, K G K
Chemistry 2001
Chemopreventive effect of Amorphophallus campanulatus (Roxb) Bl tuber on colon and hepatic carcinogenesis Ansil, P N Latha, M S Bioscience 2015
Child marriage and law in India: A critical study Salini, S S Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law 2004
Child rearing practices in urban families of Kerala Jilly John Mary Venus, C J Social work 2011
Child sexual abuse - An exploratory study of the Kerala scenario Seema Bhaskaran Mathai, M P Gandhian studies 2005
Childhood as construct:an analysis of cultural productions for children Laya P.P K.M. Krishnan English language and literature 2019
Chiral pool approach towards the sysnthesis of few optically active y-butyrolactone based natural products Simimole, H Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2015
Chitosan Nanoparticles Synthesized from Penaeus monodon as a Plant Defense Elicitor against Rice Sheath Blight Pathogen Rhizoctonia solani Divya, K Jisha, M.S Microbiology 2018
Chitra Mudgal Ke Katha Sahitya Mein Samakaleen Nari Jeevan Ki Abhivyakti (चित्रा मुद्गल के कथा साहित्य में समकालीन नारी जीवन की अभिव्यक्ति) Mariamma Mathew Mathew Thomas Hindi language and literature 2021
Chitra mudgal ke katha sahitya mein yuga-bodh Pravitha Lakshmi, K James George Hindi 2019
Chloromethyleneiminium salt mediated synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles Krishnaraj, K U Devaky, K S Chemistry 2011
Chloromethyleneiminium salt mediated synthesis of Pyridine derivatives Anabha, E R Asokan, C V Chemistry 2005
Christian Missions in the pluralistic context of India - The relevance of Gandhian approach Mathew Thomas Mathai, M P Gandhian studies 2003
Chromosome studies and exploration of chemical constituents of some members of South Indian Lamiaceae John E Thoppil Joseph Jose Botany 1995
Church and community development: A sociological study with reference to Bhimadole community Sunny Varghese George Koilparambil Sociology 2007
Church as an agent of development: A case study of the Mar Thoma church Salomon, K Mahajan P Mani Social work 2013
Cities mentioned in the Panchamahakavyas - a study Sunil Kumar, G Viswanathan Nampoothiri, P V Sanskrit language and literature 2020
Civil Rights Movements in Manipur : A Study on Irom Sharmila's Struggle Rino Mathew Benny Joseph International relations and politics 2021
Clean development Mechanism(CDM) Project opportunities in fertilizer industry Jayachandran K Madhu G Environmental science 2017
Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Strategies for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Coastal District of Ernakulam, Kerala, India Karunakaran Akhil Dev 1. Pradeepkumar, A P, 2. Mahesh Mohan Environmental science 2021
Clustering algorithms and its applications in data mining Shyam Kumar, K Raju , G Computer science 2019
CMI and socio-economic and religious transformation in Kerala in the 19th and 20th centuries Mathukutty, A A Joseph Sebastian Thekkedom (Fr) History 2003
Co-operative Credit for Agriculture in Kerala with special reference to Paddy Cultivation in Palakkad District Jisha, K K Leena George Economics 2016
Coalescing margins in the cultural critique of Edward W.Said Tom Thomas P.J. George English language and literature 2019

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