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A study on lattices of L-topologies Jose, V K Johnson, T P Mathematics 2009
A study on management styles and their influence on teacher performance of the secondary schools of Kerala Vijayan, M R Reghu, V Education 2017
A study on managerial efficiency in irrigated rice farming systems Madhava Chandran, K George Koilparambil Sociology 2003
A Study on Marketing of Cultural Heritage tourism in Kerala Midhunasree A.P Vimala P Commerce 2019
A study on marketing practices in handloom and khadi industries in Kerala Anu Varghese Salim M H Management studies 2017
A study on marketing strategies of BSNL in telecommunication services – A comparative study with private sector telecommunication service providers in Kerala Sabu, V G Sreeranganadhan, K Management studies 2015
A study on marketing with special reference to home delivery system in Supermarket Ravindranathan, C K Joseph, K X Commerce 2005
A Study on Mentoring among IT professionals with special reference to IT Parks in Kerala Roshen Therese Sebastian Siby Zacharias Management studies 2018
A study on metric dimension of graphs and applications Manjusha R Sunny Kuriakose A Mathematics 2019
A Study on Migrants with a Special reference to Attapady Block Varghese, K.T Varghese K. Varghese Social work 2019
A study on muscular dystrophy patients, their emotional and social problems, personal and social functioning, coping strategies and social support networks Stuckey Devapatham, A Udaya Mahadevan Social work 1997
A study on non-Gaussian distributions and time series models Joy Jacob Jose, K K Statistics 2006
A study on Non-Gaussian time series modeling and applications Seetha Lekshmi, V Jose, K K Statistics 2004
A Study on Organisational Climate in the Hospital Set-Up Pauline D' Cunha Alex O J (Fr.) Social work 2000
A study on organizational citizenship behavior among members of the faculty in the b-schools of Kerala Elizabeth Dominic Salim, M.H Management studies 2019
A Study on Patented Ayurvedic Drugs in Kerala Vipin Benny Sonny, V A Commerce 2021
A study on performance appraisal methods of nurses in select hospitals in Kerala Ushus Mathew Johney Johnson Management studies 2018
A study on personal finance planning of salaried employees in Kerala Brincy M P.K Sundaresan Commerce 2019
A study on personality types and managerial performance - An enquiry into the nature of their relationships Surekha Rachel Zachariah James Thomas Kunnanatt Management studies 2007
A study on picture languages Anitha, P Dersanambika, K.S Mathematics 2018
A study on pilgrim tourism in Kerala Bindu K Vasanthakumari, P Commerce 2016
A study on prevalence and environmental predisposing factors for bronchial Asthma Dr. Sukumaran, T U Thomas, A P Environmental science 2016
A study on problems and prospects of sugar and sugar based industries in Kerala Asha R Nair Sreeranganadhan, K Management studies 2013
A study on production inventory systems with varying rates Salini S.Nair K.P.Jose Mathematics 2019
A study on psychosocial rehabilitation facilities and rehabilitation outcomes of homeless mentally ill in Kerala Anish, K R Mahajan P Mani Social work 2010
A study on regulatory and redressal measures to investors protection in India Deepa, K J Jacob Thomas Commerce 2017
A study on responses of Neonates of Kerala and Gulf Countries with reference to Maternal stress, expectation, acceptance, gestation period, mode of delivery and gender Beela, G K Indulekha, K V Home science 2004
A Study on rhizosphere bacteria of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms from a tropical wetland and their role in phytoremediation of selected heavy metals Raisa Kabeer Sylas, V P Environmental science 2021
A study on sex education needs and sex related problems of individuals with mental retardation Sandhya Govindan Sukumaran P S Behavioural science 2017
A study on social and emotional reactions of Care-givers of elderly Demented persons Shibu, V P Celine K Scaria Social work 2006

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