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Suresh, V S Role of family in the education of tribal students Special education Sukumaran, P S 2014
Suresh, V T (सुरेश, वी टी) यशपाल के उपन्यासों में इतिहास और कल्पना (History and imagination in the novels of Yashpal) Hindi literature Ajith Kumar, P K (अजित कुमार, पी के) 2006
Suresh. E.K Preparation and Characterization of Vanadate Based Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics and its Composites for Microwave Circuit Applications Physics Ratheesh, R 2020
Sureshkumar, M Personality profile using Exner’s Comprehensive System and related neurocognitive functions in parents with alcohol dependence syndrome Behavioural science Rajeev Kumar, N 2016
Surya Aravindakshan Women labourers and trade unionism in the era of globalisation: a comparative study of the organised and unorganised sectors Political science Sivadasan, E N 2020
Surya Babu, S Present status of fish eating birds in pokkali wetlands and adjoining areas of Ernakulam district, Kerala Zoology Raju Thomas K 2022
Surya P Rajendran Fibrinolytic Enzyme from Bacillus species: Characterization and Application Studies Biochemistry Aniey. Y 2018
Surya Ramachandran Significance of DNA repair genes in oral cancer Tumour biology Radhakrishna Pillai, M 2009
Surya Sukumaran Anatomical, Palynological, Phytochemical and Molecular Profiling of Selected True Mangrove Species in Kerala Botany Hari, N 2019
Susamma George, P Use of modern instructional strategies: Awareness and achievement of student teachers at Primary level Education Jacob, P J 2007
Susamma Jacob True self-avoiding and restricted random walks Mathematics Padmanabhan, A S 2010
Susan Alex (सूसन अलक्स) अलगावबोध - निर्मल वर्मा और कमलेश्वर की कहानियों में - एक तुलनात्मक अध्ययन (Alagaav boddh – Nirmal Varma aur Kamaleswar ki kahaaniyom mem – ek tulnatmak addhyayan) Hindi literature Mathew, K M (मैथ्यू, के एम) 2011
Susan Chandy Studies on respiratory functions during pregnancy Physiology Haridas, M% Shankar Shashidhar 2000
Susan Cherian Local history of Chengannur: A study of institutions and social relations History Cherian, P J 2010
Susan Cherian Energy consumption and conservation practices of urban house holds- an intervention study Home science N.Kamalamma 2019
Susan George The symbols in Yeats's poetry and their mystical dimension English literature Joseph Kachapilly 2001
Susan Joseph Compatibilisation of Polystyrene/Polybutadiene blends Chemistry Padmanabhan, A S% Sabu Thomas 2005
Susan Mathew Electrical and structural studies on some Phthalocyanine thin films Physics Sudarsanakumar, C,
Menon, C S
Susan Mathew Diverse applications of zno flower/rgo composite Physics Kala M.S, 2022
Susan Panicker Studies on the intestinal Bacterial flora of some common bird species of Kerala Microbiology Ravindran, P C 1997
Susan Ray Joseph Some selected topics in graph theory- semigraphs Mathematics Mathew Varkey T.K 2018
Susan Thomas Archetypal tragic myths in Robinson Jeffers English literature Radhakrishnan Nair, D 1998
Susan Thomas Property relations and family forms in Colonial Keralam History Rajan Gurukkal 2004
Susan Thomas Cultural Conditioning and the Politics of Resistance:Gender and Class as Determinants in the Selected Fiction of Mahasweta Devi English language and literature Koshi, G 2020
Susan Varghese The pepper paper people: A portrait of the Syrian Christian community as reflected in the works of selected authors English literature Annie Margaret, P 2010
Susan Varughese Synthetic studies on chiral γ-butyrolactone systems Chemistry Ibnusaud, I 2009
Suseela Devi, C R (സുശീലാദേവി, സി ആര്‍) ടി പദ്മനാഭന്റെ കലയും ജീവിതവും - അദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റെ ചെറുകഥകളില്‍ (The art and life of T Padmanabhan as reflected in his short stories) Malayalam literature Moosath, N N (മൂസത്, എന്‍ എന്‍) 1996
Suseela Menon, R Economics of book binding industry in Kerala Economics Mani, K P 2006
Suseela, K C Jaina and Nyaya Vaisesika philosophies: A comparative study Philosophy Gangadharan Nair, G 2001
Sushama, M V The concept of Iswaratattva in Nyaya Sastra Sanskrit literature Aryadevi, T 2005

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