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Suresh A (सुरेश ए) निर्मल वर्मा के कथा -साहित्य में आधुनिकता बोध (Nirmal varma ke katha saahitya mein adhunikta bodh) Hindi literature James George (डॉ जेम्स जोर्ज) 2016
Suresh Babu P. Adaptation to diabetes- a sociological study of diabetic patients in kerala Sociology Ramola B Joseph 2018
Suresh Babu, P.A Public works programme and rural development in Kerala with special focus on national rural employment guarantee act Economics Manjula, K 2018
Suresh Chandra Kurup, R Developing an integrated science education strategy and its impact on students at primary level Education Saratchandra Raj,G 2019
Suresh Chellappan History of black magic in kerala Social science Raghava Varrier, M.R 2018
Suresh Kumar, E B The political processes of Kolathunadu down to 1812 History Vijayakrishnan, K 2009
Suresh Kumar, P History of social legislation in Travancore State History Cherian, P J 2003
Suresh, K J Stress and coping strategies in relation to emotional intelligence of student teachers of Kerala Education Saratchandra Raj, G 2014
Suresh, M Tribes in the sanctuary: A study in economic anthropology of Mannans and Paliyans in the Western ghats Social science Raju, S 2009
Suresh, M S Studies on the adducts of coordinatively unsaturated Co (ll), Ni (ll) and VO (iv) complexes with Bidentate conjugated N-bases Chemistry Padmanabhan, M 2001
Suresh, M V Impact of Pampa irrigation project: A case study with special reference to Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts in Kerala Economics Philip, P J 2014
Suresh, P S Polymer supported reagents Chemistry Srinivasan, M,
Rajasekharan Pillai, V N
Suresh, V S Role of family in the education of tribal students Special education Sukumaran, P S 2014
Suresh, V T (सुरेश, वी टी) यशपाल के उपन्यासों में इतिहास और कल्पना (History and imagination in the novels of Yashpal) Hindi literature Ajith Kumar, P K (अजित कुमार, पी के) 2006
Suresh. E.K Preparation and Characterization of Vanadate Based Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics and its Composites for Microwave Circuit Applications Physics Ratheesh, R 2020
Sureshkumar, M Personality profile using Exner’s Comprehensive System and related neurocognitive functions in parents with alcohol dependence syndrome Behavioural science Rajeev Kumar, N 2016
Surya Aravindakshan Women labourers and trade unionism in the era of globalisation: a comparative study of the organised and unorganised sectors Political science Sivadasan, E N 2020
Surya Babu, S Present status of fish eating birds in pokkali wetlands and adjoining areas of Ernakulam district, Kerala Zoology Raju Thomas K 2022
Surya P Rajendran Fibrinolytic Enzyme from Bacillus species: Characterization and Application Studies Biochemistry Aniey. Y 2018
Surya Ramachandran Significance of DNA repair genes in oral cancer Tumour biology Radhakrishna Pillai, M 2009
Surya Sukumaran Anatomical, Palynological, Phytochemical and Molecular Profiling of Selected True Mangrove Species in Kerala Botany Hari, N 2019
Susamma George, P Use of modern instructional strategies: Awareness and achievement of student teachers at Primary level Education Jacob, P J 2007
Susamma Jacob True self-avoiding and restricted random walks Mathematics Padmanabhan, A S 2010
Susan Alex (सूसन अलक्स) अलगावबोध - निर्मल वर्मा और कमलेश्वर की कहानियों में - एक तुलनात्मक अध्ययन (Alagaav boddh – Nirmal Varma aur Kamaleswar ki kahaaniyom mem – ek tulnatmak addhyayan) Hindi literature Mathew, K M (मैथ्यू, के एम) 2011
Susan Chandy Studies on respiratory functions during pregnancy Physiology Haridas, M% Shankar Shashidhar 2000
Susan Cherian Local history of Chengannur: A study of institutions and social relations History Cherian, P J 2010
Susan Cherian Energy consumption and conservation practices of urban house holds- an intervention study Home science N.Kamalamma 2019
Susan George The symbols in Yeats's poetry and their mystical dimension English literature Joseph Kachapilly 2001
Susan Joseph Compatibilisation of Polystyrene/Polybutadiene blends Chemistry Padmanabhan, A S% Sabu Thomas 2005
Susan Mathew Electrical and structural studies on some Phthalocyanine thin films Physics Sudarsanakumar, C,
Menon, C S

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