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Green Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles for Environmental and Biological Applications Remya Vijayan Beena Mathew Chemistry 2018
Green synthesis of noble metal nanoparticles and investigation of their characteristic properties Mamatha Susan Punnoose Beena Mathew Chemistry 2022
Green Synthesized Metal Nanostructures for the Sensing of Drugs and Metal Ions Jaise Mariya George Beena Mathew Chemistry 2021
Greening the Self: A Comparative Critique of Select Indian and Western Poets Archana, B Thomas, T T English language and literature 2021
Growing geriatrical problems of our society - An analysis Sindhu, T P Maharajan, M Gandhian studies 2005
Growth and characterization of certain pure and doped Phosphate crystals Valsamma M Samuel Ittyachen, M A,
Unnikrishnan, N V
Physics 2008
Growth and characterization of Lanthanum samarium oxalate and Lanthanum neodymium oxalate crystals Varughese John Ittyachen, M A Physics 2002
Growth and characterization of mixed rare earth oxalate crystals Cyriac Joseph Ittyachen, M A Physics 1996
Growth and charaterisation of Rare earth mixed oxalate crystals of Cerium, Lanthanum and Neodymium Mercy V John Ittyachen, M A Physics 2003
Growth and technological changes in cement industry Binu Ann Kuriachan Mani, K P Economics 2012
Growth kinematics and characterization of Rare earth mixed crystals in Silica gel Soosy Kuryan Jayakumari Isac Physics 2008
Growth of single crystals of mixed rare earth oxalates of Gd, Sm, Ce and Nd and their characterization Ignatius Korah Ittyachen, M A Physics 2008
Growth strategies for coir industry in Kerala with special emphasis on product innovations and value additions Arunkumar, P M Viswambharan, A M Commerce 2020
Growth, characterization and property studies of some layered transition metal Dichalcogenide crystals grown by chemical vapour transport technique Sunil, K Ittyachen, M A Physics 1999
Growth, characterization and study of physical properties of double Rare earth oxalate crystals Anit Elizabeth Ittyachen, M A Physics 2004
Gumbel-X Family of distributions and their applications Jeena Joseph K.K.Jose Statistics 2019
On the growth of rare earth mixed crystals of Barium molybdates and Copper oxalates Jayakumari Isac Ittyachen, M A Physics 1993
The Gandhian methods of conflict resolution: A study of its application against communalism Ajis Ben Mathews Joseph, T M Gandhian studies 2009
The gas-phase rearrangements of protonated styryl ketones catalyzed by methoxy group: an esi mass spectrometric investigation June Cyriac George M Chemistry 2017
The genetic regulation of programmed cell death in squamous cell Carcinoma: Effects on tumour progression and response to radiotherapy Ravi, D Ramachandra Panikkar, K Biochemistry 2001
The global climate change regime and fairness in international environmental law: Indian experience Vishnu Konoorayar, K Girish Kumar, R International relations 2013
The great Afghan tragedy: a study of Khaled Hosseini's and Nadeem Aslam's fictional works Rosemol P T.T. Thomas English language and literature 2019
The Greenhouse Eden: Symbolic figuration in the poetry of Theodore Roethke Keralavarma, B Mathew Joseph English literature 2001

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