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Amrutha Rinu Abraham Single child family and adolescent behaviour pattern : A sociological analysis Sociology Sandhya R S 2017
Amstrong Sebastian Kamala Das: The ecofeminist pioneer of Kerala English literature Annie Margaret, P 2010
Anabha, E R Chloromethyleneiminium salt mediated synthesis of Pyridine derivatives Chemistry Asokan, C V 2005
Ananda Kumar, A K Utilization of heavy metals by microorganisms and its application at industrial level Bioscience Muraleedhara Kurup, G 2005
Anandaraj, G Nyayamimamsayoh Keraliyaparampara - Ekamadhyayanam (न्ययमिमंसयोः केरलियपरम्परा एकमध्ययनम्) Sanskrit language and literature Viswanathan Nampoothiri, P V 2021
Anat Suman Jose Awareness and Use of Digital Resources and Services Among Users in Public Libraries of Kerala Library and information science Devarajan, G, 2020
Ancey Varughese Effect of mastery learning strategy on certain cognitive and personality variables of Secondary school students in Kerala Education Celine Pereira 2004
Ancy Anthrayose Special Economic Zones and Livelihood Status of Displaced People Economics Michael, T T 2019
Ancy Eapen Ethnicity and literary aesthetics in the novels of Amy Tan and Bharati Mukherjee English literature Geetha, P 2003
Ancy James Educational and Depressed Class in Colonial Kerala History Michael Tharakan, P K 2016
Ancy Joseph The portrait of womanhood in the novels of Paule Marshall and Shashi Deshpande: A comparative study of feminist ideologies English literature Mathew Joseph 2005
Ancy Joseph Marshall-Olkin distributions and minification processes Statistics Jose, K K 2010
Ancy Joseph An evaluation study on the knowledge and functioning of accredited social health activists ASHA from selected districts of Kerala Social science John, M.S, Co-Guide Mary Lucita 2018
Ancy Manuel Spectroscopic investigations of Sol gel glasses and their thin films Physics Paulose, P I,
Syamalakumari, B
Ancy Sebastian പാരമ്പര്യവും ആഖ്യാനവും എൻ.പ്രഭാകരൻ, സന്തോഷ് ഏച്ചിക്കാനം എന്നിവരുടെ കൃതികളിൽ Malayalam literature B. Padmanabha Pillai 2019
Ancy Thomas Effect of dress and colour on personality pattern of preschool children Home science Indulekha, K V 1998
Ancy, V P Fishing industry in Kerala: The perils of international quality assurance standards Economics Raju, K V 2016
Andez George A study of consumer behaviour in the toys market of Kerala Management studies Unuskutty, K K 2011
Anees Alangadan Relocating Arabic language and literature with reference to Arabic journalism in India (1950-2000) Arabic literature Mohamed, P P 2014
Aneesh, B Biology and culture of Kerala’s native catfish Clarias Dussumeri (Valenciennes, 1840) Fishery science Mohanakumaran Nair, C 2016
Aneesh, C Environmental factors influencing the growth of micro algae Environmental science Manila, V B 2016
Aneesha Devassy Phylogeny of Indian Clariids and Population Genetic Structure of Clarias dussumieri Using Molecular Markers Bioscience Linu Mathew,
Padmakumar, K G
Aneesha, P R Paradigm Shift from Responsibility to Accountability: India Needs More Commensurable Corporate Obligations for Respecting and Protecting Human Rights Law Sheeba Pillai 2021
Aneesudheen, P K The process of communalisation of a society – A case of Marad History Sanal Mohan 2017
Aneyamma Varughese Biogeochemical characteristics of Meenachil river System Chemistry Sunny Kuriakose 2010
Angel Blossom Gonsalvaz Evaluation of corporate social responsibility of Kerala based commercial banks Commerce Mathew Jose K 2019
Aniamma Kuriakose Interaction between character and environment in Willa Cather's novel English literature Mathew Joseph 1999
Aniamma, V M The artist who wrought in grotesquerie: A study of the fictional world of Walker Percy English literature Joseph Mathew 2004
Anice Kurian, M Utilization of latex centrifugation and its effect on the growth of selected crop plants Botany Augusthy, P O 2014
Anija Kumari V Sanskrit translations of kumaranasan’s works: a study Sanskrit language Unnikrishnan M P 2017

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