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Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic activity of Acrylic acid based Polymer-metal complexes Magi John Beena Mathew Chemistry 2003
Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic activity of polymer-supported metal complexes Jincy Jose Beena Mathew Chemistry 2002
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Lipid, Polymer and Lipid-Polymer Hybrid nanoparticles for Antiviral drug delivery Joshy K.S. Co. Guide, Sabu Thomas Dr.Laly A.Pothan Chemistry 2018
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of nano lanthana and it’s mixed oxide Marymol Moothedan Sherly K B Chemistry 2018
Synthesis, characterization and electron beam irradiation studies of selected nanocrystalline tungstates and their polyaniline composites Aloysius Sabu N Thomas Varghese Physics 2018
Synthesis, Characterization and Luminescence Properties of Certain Rare Earth Activated Lanthanum Molybdate Nanophosphors Kukku Thomas Cyriac Joseph and Biju, P R Physics 2020
Synthesis, Characterization and Physicochemical Studies of Copper Oxide and Calcium Phosphate Based Epoxy Nanocomposites Anu Tresa Sunny Sabu Thomas,
Suresh Mathew
Chemistry 2017
Synthesis, Structural and Photoluminescence Characterization of Rare Earth Activated Sodium Yttrium Vanadate Nanocrystals Linju Ann Jacob Cyriac Joseph Physics 2021
Synthesis,structural and luminescence characterization of Tb3+ /Dy3+/Sm3+ doped CePO4 nanocrystals for photonic applications Sisira, S Cyriac Joseph Physics 2020
Synthetic and mechanistic studies using polymeric oxidising and brominating reagents John K J Karakkattu Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1990
Synthetic Explorations of Acrylic Compounds and Acrylonitrile Derived Polymers towards the Formation of arbo/Heterocycles and its Applications Sruthi, P R Anas, S Chemistry 2021
Synthetic investigation on Chiral Pyrrolidine based molecules of drug-likeness employing (2S,3S)-and (2S,3R)- Tetrahydro-3- Hydroxy-5-Oxo-2,3-Furandicarboxylic acids Divya S. Nair Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2016
Synthetic investigations on functionalized Dithioesters Reichel Samuel Asokan, C V Chemistry 2000
Synthetic investigations on functionalized Ketenedithioacetals Satheesh K Nair Asokan, C V Chemistry 1999
Synthetic studies on chiral γ-butyrolactone systems Susan Varughese Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2009
Synthetic studies on β-Oxo dithioesters and Thioamides Suma, S Asokan, C V Chemistry 1999
Systematic and ethnobotanic studies on the Rubiaceae of Kerala Pramod Kumar, N Antony, V T Botany 2009
Systematic and ethnobotanical studies of the families coming under the order Ranales, Kerala State Roy, Y C Antony, V T Botany 2011
Systematic studies of family Myrtaceae in the Kerala State Vinod Kumar, T G Antony, V T Botany 2004
Systematic studies on tribes Pseudomyrmecini tetramoriini and Solenopsidini (formicidae hymenoptera ) of Kerala Rabeesh, T.P Karmaly , K.A Zoology 2019
Systematic studies on tribes crematogastrini and dolichoderini (hymenoptera: formicidae) of Kerala Sumesh S Karmaly K.A Zoology 2018
Systematic study on salticidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Kerala, India – with notes on habit and habitat of common forms Samson Davis Padayatty Sebastian, P A Zoology 2012
Systematic, Ethnobotanic and Pollination Biology (Commercially Important Plants) of Family Solanacenae of Kerala State Ambili, P Antony, V.T Botany 2019
Systematic, Ethnobotanic Nutraceutical and Pharmacognostic studies on Moringa Oleifera Lam; Syzygium Cumini (Linn.) Skeels, and Syzygium Caryophyllatum (Linn.) Alston Kala, K Antony, V T Botany 2017
Systematic, ethonotanic, pharmacognostic and nutraceutical studies on species of citrus in Kerala Mejo Jose Antony, V T Botany 2016
Systematic, pharmacognostic Ethnobotanic and Nutraceutical study of Coccinia Grandis (Linn.) Voight, Momordica Charantia Linn. And Benincasa Hispida (Thunb.) Cogn. Sheemole, M S Antony, V T Botany 2017
Systematic, pharmacognostical and ethnobotanical study of selected medicinal plants used for the treatment of rheumatism Jessy Kurien Antony, V T Botany 2015
Systematics and bionomics of Silverbellies of Kerala Coast Honey Sebastian Inasu, N D Zoology 2012
Systematics of spiders in central Malabar, Kerala, India with special emphasis on myglomorphs (araneae:orthognatha) Sunish E P A Sebastain Zoology 2018
Sythesis and charecterization of Pr3+, Er3+ Doped Barium Calcium Tungstate Phosphors. Sreeja, E Biju, P R Physics 2020

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