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Lissy Jacob A study on invariants in fuzzy convexity theory Mathematics Rosa, M V 2013
Lissy Jose Transition metal complexes derived from polymeric ligands Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 1994
Lissy Mathew, V (ലിസി മാത്യു, വി) സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യാനന്തര മലയാള നോവലുകളിലെ ഹാസ്യം: ബഷീര്‍, വി കെ എന്‍ എന്നിവരുടെ കൃതികളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം (Humor in post independent Malayalam novels with special reference to Basheer and V K N) Malayalam literature Vasanthan, S K (വസന്തന്‍, എസ് കെ) 1997
Lissy, K P A comprehensive investigation into some selected species of Sida Linn with reference to their substitutes and adulterants Botany Thara K Simon,
Latha, M S
Lisy Cherian Optimization in fuzzy environment Mathematics Sunny Kuriakose, A 2010
Litty Joseph Cytotoxic potential of selected South Indian Medicinal Plants Pharmacy Srinivasan, K K 2016
Litty Yohannan Abdul Bismillah ke upanyason mein samajik yatharth Hindi Mini George 2018
Liz Mary Antony Configuring New Paradigms of Ecofeminism: A Comparative Critique of Sarah Joseph and Margaret Atwood English language and literature Priya K Nair 2021
Liza Jacob Impact of heavy metal pollutants on the germination, histo-morphology, productivity and histochemistry of certain plants of Solanaceae Botany Avita (Sr) 1997
Liza Mathew, K Developing a learning package based on geographic information system (GIS) for enhancing certain cognitive and affective variables of students at secondary level Education Minikutty, A 2016
Lizmitha Godwin Health and nutritional status of women and preschool children in urban slums of Kochi Home science Kumari, K S 2011
Lizy James Family configuration of children with behaviour disorders Social work Alex, O J (Fr) 1998
Lizy Paul The role of action in the development of personality: A study based on Mahatma Gandhi's life and writings Gandhian studies Chirappanath, A K 1993
Lizy, P J A study of adoptive families in Kerala Social work Kochuthresia, V J (Sr) 2011
Lizymol, P P Binary and ternary blends Based on Poly (Vinyl chloride), Poly (Ethylene-co-vinylacetate) and Poly (Styrene-co-acrylonitrile) Chemistry Sabu Thomas 1998
Lizzy Mathew A comprehensive investigation on Polygalaceae Botany Merlee Teresa, M V (Sr) 2003
Lohidhasan, M K Evaluation of the revised biology curriculum at high school level in the constructivist perspective and practice Education Rajan, K M 2015
Lolitha,C.V A Study on Employee Engagement and Work Outcomes among IT Sector Employees in Kerala Management studies Johney Johnson 2019
Lopez Mathew A study on the Chemistry of in situ generated Iminoketene intermediate Chemistry Dominic Jacob, E 2007
Lovely Abraham, T Generalization of Harris distribution Statistics Sandhya, E 2016
Lovely George Synthesis and Characterization of nano mixed ferrites and its Photocatalytic application in dye degradation Physics Mohammed, E M 2021
Lovelymol Sebastian Some problems in integral equations using fuzzy set theory Mathematics Samuel, M S 2013
Lovie Abro Physical Activity Nutritional and Fitness Knowledge of Nursing Students Physical education ans sports sciences Manoj, T I 2021
Lovly M.S Inventorying mangrove flora along muziris pattanam wetlands and the characterization of bioactive compounds in selected members Botany Merlee Teresa M.V. 2019
Lucy Mathew, P Linear and dendritic macromolecules modified with Porphyrin and Metalloporphyrins: Synthesis, characterisation and photoresponsive studies Chemistry Sunny Kuriakose 2011
Lucyamma Kurian The structure and functioning of Gram Sabhas: A study focused on the District of Kottayam Gandhian studies John, M S 2001
Luka, M K (लूका, एम के) मलयालम में प्रयुक्त हिन्दी शब्दों का भाषा वैज्ञानिक अध्ययन (Philological study of Hindi words used in Malayalam) Hindi language Eladom, N R (एले़डम, एन आर) 1995
Lumy Joseph An Intelligent E-Learning Environment for Enhancing Learner Performance Computer science Sajimon Abraham 2021
Lusamma Joseph The origin and nature of coronal mass ejections Physics Kurian, P J 2015
Lynnette Joseph Density functional theoretical simulations and vibrantional spectral investigations of biologically active molecules with phenyl ring Physics Jayakumari Isac,
Sajan, D

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