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Jane A Luke Confidence intervals for Process capability indices with respect to Random effects models and Autocorrelated data Statistics Jose, K K 2013
Janeepa, P A Effectiveness of web-integrated language learning on language anxiety and achievement in English among secondary school students Education Jaya Jaise 2017
Janey Mary Mathew Structural, Spectral, Biological and short term in vitro Cytotoxicity studies of transition metal complexes derived from heterocyclic ketone3-(N-substituted) piperazine ring incorporated thiosemicarbazones. Chemistry Jesty Thomas 2021
Jani George Transnationalism, hybridity and alienation: The expatriate’s dilemma in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines, in an Antique Land and Jhumpa Lahiri’s the Namesake. English literature Verghese Leena 2016
Jaseena Joseph (ജെസീന ജോസഫ്) സ്ത്രീസ്വത്വ പരിണാമം മലയാള നാടകത്തില്‍ - സ്ത്രീകള്‍ എഴുതിയ നാടകങ്ങളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം (Evolution of female identity in Malayalam drama – A study based on the plays of women) Malayalam literature Thomas, K V (തോമസ്, കെ വി) 2012
Jaseentha, O P Electrical characterization, optical studies and the effect of gamma irradiation on AgPc, F16CoPc and F16ZnPc thin films Physics Godfrey, L,
Menon, C S
Jasim B Functional Analysis and Applications of Endophytic Bacteria from Selected Spice Plants Microbiology Radhakrishnan E.K 2016
Jasmine Alex International focus on rights of children and the Indian context of human rights of children – Emphasis on the neglected and the disabled Law Vikraman Nair, K 2012
Jasmine Mathew Studies in Graph Theory: Graph Decomposition and related problems Mathematics Rejikumar, K 2020
Jaushua, F Yanthrikasamskaravum apamanaveekaranavum Sethuvinte novelukalil (യാന്ത്രികസംസ്കാരവും അപമാനവീകരണവും സേതുവിൻറെ നോവലുകളിൽ) Malayalam language and literature Philip, V A 2021
Jaya Abraham A study on hexagonal recognizable picture series Mathematics Dersanambika, K.S 2019
Jaya Anitha Abraham Effectiveness of community participation in raising productivity and production – A case of vegetable cultivation in Kerala Economics Philip, P J 2009
Jaya Jacob, M Effectiveness of tax administration in Commercial Taxes Department in Kerala Commerce Thomas Joseph Thoomkuzhy 2014
Jaya Kuruvilla Pharmacognostic and Anti-Microbial Investigations of Selected Plants for the Formulation of Herbal Shampoo Botany Anilkumar, M 2020
Jaya Lekshmi, R Distribution, reproductive morphology and agar content of the agarophytes of Kerala Botany Nadaraja Panikkar, M V 2014
Jaya Sukumaran (ജയാ സുകുമാരന്‍) നോവല്‍ വിവര്‍ത്തനം മലയാളത്തില്‍ : ബംഗാളി നോവലുകളുടെ തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്ത മലയാള വിവര്‍ത്തനങ്ങളെ അടിസ്ഥാനമാക്കി ഒരു താത്ത്വികപഠനം (Novel translation in Malayalam: A theoretical study based on selected Malayalam translations of Bengali novels) Malayalam literature Scaria Zacharia (സ്കറിയ സക്കറിയ) 2003
Jaya T Varkey Synthesis of Thioredoxin partial sequences on a Hydrophilic crosslinked polymeric support Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 1997
Jaya, K R A study on the Impact of the Kerala State Handicraft Apex Co-operative Society on the working of Handicraft Co-operatives in Kerala Commerce Venugopal, S 2008
Jayachandran K Clean development Mechanism(CDM) Project opportunities in fertilizer industry Environmental science Madhu G 2017
Jayachandran, C Performance evaluation of self help groups programme in Kerala Commerce Rajagopala Nair 2009
Jayachandran, D Efficacy of group intervention in the psycho-social care of patients with epilepsy Behavioural science Kumar, K A 2007
Jayachandran, K Electrical, optical and structural studies in Bismuth, Antimony, Bismuth oxide and Antimony oxide thin films Physics Menon, C S 1999
Jayachandran, K P Third order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of the high-Tc superconducting crystals LA1.8Sr0.2CuO4, Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4 and Bi2Sr2Cacu2O8 Physics Menon, C S 2000
Jayachandran, V N Dynamics of Trade Union Movement in Tea Plantations in Kerala: A study with special reference to the Peermade Taluk in Idukki District Economics Mathew Kurian,V 2016
Jayachandran, V R (ജയചന്ദ്രന്‍, വി ആര്‍) ഇതിവൃത്ത കഥാപാത്ര ബന്ധം സി വി യുടെ ചരിത്ര നോവലുകളില്‍ (Relation of plot and characters in the historical novels of C V Raman Pillai) Malayalam literature Moosath, N N (മൂസത്, എന്‍ എന്‍) 1992
Jayageetha, K N Kavyakalanidhi of Krsnasudhi: A critical edition and study Sanskrit literature Leelamani, K 1998
Jayakrishnan, G Autecological studies on the river Mangrove Aegiceras corniculatum (L) blanco in Kerala Botany Francis, M S 2014
Jayakumar, K P (ജയകുമാര്‍, കെ പി ) കുടിയേറ്റ ആഖ്യാനങ്ങളിലെ ഹൈറേഞ്ച് : ചരിത്രസാഹിത്യ പാഠങ്ങള്‍ (High range in migrant narratives: A study on history and literature) Malayalam literature Ummer Tharammel (ഉമര്‍ തറമേല്‍) 2014
Jayakumari Isac On the growth of rare earth mixed crystals of Barium molybdates and Copper oxalates Physics Ittyachen, M A 1993
Jayakumari, P K Liability of the State in Torts: With special reference to human rights violations Law Vikraman Nair, K 2006

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