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George, C T Role of NGOs in the rural development of Kerala Economics Mani, K P 2004
George, K C Human predicament in Eugene O'Neill's plays: A quest for light in the Labyrinth of Darkness English literature Mathew Joseph 2003
George, K C Study of properties of small particles of certain materials Physics Abdulkhadar, M 1993
George, K J Studies on metal ion absorption (Calcium and Mercury) by certain members of Poncene and the cation exchange capacity of their roots Botany Ray, J G 2010
George, K M Evaluation of marketing strategies of Commercial Banks Economics Sankaranarayanan, K C 2001
George, K P (ജോര്‍ജ്, കെ പി) നക്സലിസത്തിന്റെ സ്വാധീനം മലയാള കവിതയില്‍ (Naxalisathinte swadheenam Malayala kavithayil) Malayalam literature Jose, C M (Fr) (ജോസ്, സി എം (ഫാദര്‍) 2009
George, K S Identification of certain factors influencing the optimum utilisation of teacher effectiveness in the Primary schools of Kerala Education Sivadasan, K R 2004
George, M M Human resource management in Commercial Taxes Department of Kerala Commerce Thomas Joseph Thoomkuzhy 2006
George, P D (जाँर्ज, पी डी) यशपाल के उपन्यासों में प्रेम और यौन भावना (Love and sex in the novels of Yashpal) Hindi literature Thomas, P M (थोमस, पी एम) 1999
George, P J Studies on Manihot Glaziovii Muell. Arg. with special reference to its potentiality as an alternative source of Natural rubber Botany Thomas James 1996
George, P J The bleak world: Postwar America in the novels of Kurt Vonnegut English literature Mathew Joseph 1996
George, P L Performance, prospects and problems of the co-operative marketing societies in Kerala Commerce Jose, K G 2014
George, P O Management of Tourism industry in Kerala Commerce Manoharan, V M 2004
George, T U Development finance and Life Insurance Corporation Commerce Joseph, K X 2011
George, V C Purusharthas: Dharma Artha Kama Moksha - Their relevance and currency today and for tomorrow Gandhian studies Chirappanath, A K 1997
Georgekutty Joseph Electrical conductivity and dielectric studies of selected glaserite crystals Physics Godfrey, L 2007
Georgekutty S Mangalathu Nano Particle Mixture Effects on the Performance and Emission Characteristics with Biodiesel in a Diesel Engine Mechanical engineering Shajan Kuriakose 2021
Georgekutty, M V Rural democracy and political participation in Kerala - A case study of the role of women with special reference to Kottayam District Political science Cyriac Thomas 2004
Georgekutty, V V (जाँर्जकुट्टी, वी वी) हिन्दी कहानियों में नागरिक परिवेश (1960-80); (Urban life depicted in Hindi stories, 1960-80) Hindi literature Eladom, N R (एले़डम, एन आर) 1990
Georgi Neernal, J Demographic transition and its implications on the ageing population in Kerala Development studies- economics George, T M 2014
Gibi Jose Social contributions of the Catholic Church in Kerala with special reference to Higher Education Sociology Roy C Mathew 2016
Giggy P Trephining the monolith: A feminocentric reading of the fiction of isabel allende English literature N. Gopalakrishnan Nair 2019
Gigi Elias Economics of coconut products – An analytical study Economics Mohanakumar, P S 2012
Gigi George Fuzzification of decision theory and allied areas Mathematics Sunny Kuriakose, A 2007
Gigi Paul Developing certain value based strategies for enhancing spiritual intelligence, social adjustment and self efficacy among students at higher secondary level Education Anandan Nair K 2018
Gigi, P V Law and medical negligence Law Vikraman Nair, K 2012
Gigimol, M G Macromolecular characteristics on the binding of Rose Bengal by crosslinked polymers Chemistry Beena Mathew 2000
Gigy Abraham Light induced conformational changes in polymers Chemistry Purushothaman, E 1994
Gigy J Alex Contested territories: Genre, gender and nation in Alice Walker and Leslie Marmon Silko English literature Raveendran, P P 2013
Gigy Joseph The aesthetics of temporality in selected modern fictional narratives with special focus on Lawrence Durrell and William Faulkner English literature Abraham, M Y 2011

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