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Jose Dominic (जोस डोमिनिक) उपन्यासकार डॉ रामदरश मिश्र (Novelist Dr Ramdaras Mishra) Hindi literature Thomas, P M (थोमस, पी एम) 2000
Jose George വര്‍ത്തമാനപുസ്തകം: കര്‍ത്തൃത്വരൂപികരണത്തി‍ന്‍റെ പ്ര‍ശ്നങ്ങ‍ള്‍ Malayalam literature Scaria Zacharia 2018
Jose George (ജോസ് ജോര്‍ജ്) മലയാളകവിതയിലെ ക്രൈസ്തവസങ്കല്പങ്ങള്‍ (Christian concepts in Malayalam poetry) Malayalam literature Vasanthan, S K (വസന്തന്‍, എസ് കെ) 2000
Jose J Naduthotty Sustainable development and planning in India Economics Antony, C A 2002
Jose James Development of high performing interpenetrating polymer networks Chemistry George V.Thomas Co-Guide Sabu Thomas 2019
Jose John An investigation on the freshwater Algal flora of Idukki District Botany Francis, M S 2008
Jose John A study on job satisfaction, Occupational stressors and reaction to frustration among school physical Education teachers in Kerala Physical education ans sports sciences Binu George Varghese 2021
Jose Joseph Mythopoeic Odyssey in John C. Gardner : A Structuralist Analysis English language and literature Mathew Joseph 2021
Jose Mathew Development policies of India with special reference to new economic policy: A Gandhian critique Gandhian studies Mathai, M P 2003
Jose Mathew Studies on the properties of certain Nanocrystalline metal Phosphates Physics George, K C 2006
Jose Mathew Floristic and ethnobotanical studies of Achankovil forests, Western Ghats, Kerala Environmental science (botany) George, K V 2015
Jose Mathew Sedimentary Heavy Metals as Signatures of Anthropogenic Perturbations and Sedimentary Pigments as Ecological Indicators in Cochin Estuary Chemistry Anu Gopinath 2020
Jose P Abraham Studies on environmental impact of atomic minerals processing in Cochin backwaters Physics Paul, C M 2010
Jose Parakadavil (ജോസ് പാറക്കടവില്‍ ) ദേശീയപ്രസ്ഥാനത്തിന്റെ സ്വാധീനത മലയാള കവിതയില്‍ (Influence of national movement on Malayalam poetry) Malayalam literature Samuel Chandanappally (സാമുവല്‍ ചന്ദനപ്പള്ളി) 1995
Jose Thomas, T Anti-cancer activity of selected Medicinal plants Biochemistry Ramachandra Panikkar, K 2004
Jose Zacharias Polymeric permanganate, Dichromate and Chlorochromate resins derived from crosslinked Polyvinylpyrrolidones Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 1995
Jose, A Economics of food processing industries in Kerala Economics Mathew Kurian, V 2004
Jose, K B Kinetics and mechanism of Halogen displacement reactions of Halonitrobenzenes with aliphatic amines – A comparative study Chemistry George, M 2011
Jose, K J (Fr) Industry requirements for and competence of engineering graduates – A study Gandhian studies Mahajan P Mani 2011
Jose, K K The relevance of Gandhism in the post-independence politics in Kerala Political science Cyriac Thomas 1997
Jose, K P Strategies to improve the quality of Spices cultivated in Kerala Botany Joy, C M 2003
Jose, P K (Fr) (ജോസ്, പി കെ) സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യദര്‍ശനം അസ്തിത്വചിന്തയിലും ആധുനിക മലയാള നോവലിലും: ഒ വി വിജയന്റെയും ആനന്ദിന്റെയും നോവലുകള്‍ അടിസ്ഥാനമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം (Concept of freedom in existentialism and modern Malayalam novels: A study based on the novels of O V Vijayan and Anand) Malayalam literature Kurien, K C (കുര്യന്‍, കെ സി) 2002
Jose, R Development and characterization of Barium rare earth Zirconates, a new group of complex Perovskites for their potential use as substrates for High Tc Superconductors Physics Jacob Koshy 2002
Jose, V K A study on lattices of L-topologies Mathematics Johnson, T P 2009
Josekutty, E.J Floristic and ecological studies of Paithal Mala, Southern Western Ghats Botany Jomy Augustine 2020
Josemin Studies on reactions of Carbonyl compounds with Chloromethyleneiminium salts and Heterocumulenes Chemistry Asokan, C V 1999
Josemon P George A study of the influence of certain psycho-social correlates on pupils in the acquisition of Biological concepts at Secondary level Education Jacob, P J 2007
Josen George A SWOT analysis of elementary teacher programme in Kerala Education Celine Pereira 2009
Joseph Augustine Coins and currency of pre-modern Kerala till 1600 AD History Rajan Kurukkal, P M 2016
Joseph George Studies on the electrical, optical and structural properties of Indium oxide, Tin oxide and Indium Tin oxide thin films Physics Menon, C S 1997

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