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Developing an IT integrated learning package for enhancing teacher competency in mathematical problem solving skills among student teachers at secondary level Sindhu, S Minikutty, A Education 2018
Developing and testing enactive and iconic models of animating the teaching of Malayalam metre in schools Ammini, M J Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2007
Developing and testing integrated educational models using environment and community resources Lali, S Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2004
Developing and testing musical models in animating school education Ashok Alex Philip Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2001
Developing certain designs for promoting reflective learning practices at Secondary level Asha, O S Sudharma, A Education 2012
Developing certain strategies based on predictors of schema Modification for the Enhancement of schemata and Higher order thinking in Economics at Secondary Level Nithya, S Theresa Susan, A Education 2020
Developing certain strategies for better teacher accountability and reflective teaching among secondary school teachers in Kerala Sumamol, N S Sudharma, A Education 2014
Developing certain strategies for promoting Reflective Practices among Teacher Educands at Secondary Level Johnson, J Sudharma, A Education 2016
Developing certain strategies for the effective classroom management at Higher secondary level Rany, S Sudharma, A Education 2008
Developing certain strategies for the transaction of curriculum in commerce at the level of Higher secondary education Issac Paul Sudharma, A Education 2013
Developing certain value based strategies for enhancing spiritual intelligence, social adjustment and self efficacy among students at higher secondary level Gigi Paul Anandan Nair K Education 2018
Developing instructional models for the teaching of biology using the theory of multiple intelligences Arun Kumar, P Suresh, K P Education 2015
Developing strategies based on fierce teaching for enhancing problem solving ability and self-efficacy among students at secondary level Sethu S. Nath Sudharma, A Education 2018
Developing web based meaningful engaged learning strategy for learning astrology at secondary school level Rakhy Radhakrishanan Jacob, P J Education 2016
Development and validation of an NLP – based training package for enhancing the soft skills of student teachers. Pramod D Celin Pereira Education 2017
Development of a multimedia package for augmenting phonemic awareness and vocabulary instruction in English at the elementary level with special reference to Dyslexic students Beena Rani, S Saratchandra Raj, G Education 2015
Development of a multimedia package for students at primary level with dyslexia Sheeba Krishnan Celine Pereira Education 2013
Development of a multimedia resilience intervention to Remediate maladaptive behaviours and anxiety among higher secondary school students Rony S Robert Theresa Susan .A Education 2018
Development of a package for enhancing Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Secondary School Teachers in Malayalam Bindu Joseph Exemmal, J Education 2016
Development of a Teacher assisted Multimedia Instructional Package for Enhancing process skills in Physics among Secondary School Students. Vipul Murali Jaya Jaise Education 2016
Development of an Intervention Package for Dissuading Higher Secondary School Students from the Use of Psychoactive Substances Johny K Lawrence Exemmal, J Education 2021
Development of certain instructional strategies for inculcating values among students at secondary level with special reference to Social science Shakeer, E.T Thulasidharan ,T.V Education 2019
Development of e-content using interactive softwares on problem solving skills, technical skills and achievement in computer science of students at higher secondary level Baby Shabeela, V. V Sajna Jaleel Education 2020
Development of educational courseware for enhancing appreciation and creativity in English poetry among secondary school students Nidhu NeenaVarghese Jaya Jaise Education 2017
Development of psycho-social and personal skills of girl students at secondary level: A study based on the programmes of social welfare department Shyja N.C. T.V.Thulasidharan Education 2018
Diagnosis and remediation of reading deficits in English of students at primary level Latha Joseph Jaya Jaise Education 2018
Education and economic growth in Idukki District Shajimon, P P Jaleel, P M Education 2010
Educational activities of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar in Kerala Elizabeth Kuruvilla Jaleel, P M Education 2010
Effect of a strategy based on geogebra on certain cognitive and affective variables of students at higher secondary level Sandhya Raj M Minikutty A Education 2018
Effect of action competence model on environmental literacy and ecological intelligence of secondary school students Mary, K.J Rajan, K.M Education 2019

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