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A study of Certain Psycho-Educational Variables of Secondary School Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Hema, K.J Jacob,P.J Education 2019
A study of the quality of life of people with dementia in residential care homes of India Mathew Joseph Harilakshmeendra Kumar, C.R Gandhian studies 2019
A study on corporate social responsibility exercise of beach sand mineral industries in Kerala Mathew John Santhosh P Thampi Management studies 2019
A Study on social competency and educational aspirations in relation to emotional intelligence among tribal Students at secondary level. Savitha Prasad Poulose P.J Education 2019
Antimicrobial and Immunomodulatory Effects of Acacia catechu Sunil, M.A Jyothis Mathew Microbiology 2019
Certain investigation on secured cloud framework to detect and prevent co-resident DOS attacks. Rethishkumar, S Vijayakumar, R Computer science 2019
Developing a model based on cooperative learning for enhancing social intelligence and academic achievement among students at upper primary level Sunitha Susan Jose Poulose, P.J Education 2018
Development of Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposites for Various Applications Eldho Elias Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2019
Ecology of Mangrove Creeks in Chirackal and Kattiparambu of Ernakulam District, Kerala Sofia, S Merlee Teresa, M.V Botany 2019
Exchange Rate Volatility And the Role of RBI Nimisha C Nair Vijayakumary, M.S Economics 2019
Exploration of Cu-catalyzed Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions for the synthesis of Thioethers and Heterocycles Anns Maria Thomas AnilKumar, G Chemistry 2019
Generalized Families of Distributions and their Applications Jisha Varghese Jose, K.K Statistics 2019
Geochemical signature and source characterization of trace elements in the coral reef sediments of Lakshadweep Archipelago Indian ocean Anu Joy Anu Gopinath Chemistry 2019
Geoenvironmental Evaluation of slide areas and modeling for locating slide prone areas in Thrissur District, Kerala. Manoj, A.K Sreekumar, S Environmental science 2019
Graphene/Phenol Formaldehyde Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Morphology and Properties Sandhya, P.K Padmanabhan, M , Co Guide Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2019
Human rights violation among tribal women in Kerala with special reference to Edamalakudy Priya Thomas Umadevi, S Political science 2019
Impact of MGNREGS in Kerala - special reference to rural asset creation Vineeth Mathew Jose K. Joseph Economics 2019
Influence of parenting behaviour on executive functions and academic achievement among adolescents of parents with schizophrenia Faisal, P. N Jayasree, P Education 2019
Linguistic steganography using Malayalam text Vidhya, P.M Varghese Paul Computer science 2019
Morphology and Properties of Poly (trimethylene terephthalate)/Polypropylene/Carbon Nanotube Blend Nanocomposites Ajitha, A.R Geethamma V.G, Co-Guide Sabu Thomas, Lovely Mathew, P Nano science 2019
Non-Income determinants of Consumption in an open Economy Context: The Case of Kerala Joseph Kurien Jose K Joseph Economics 2019
Nutrition intervention for obesity management among adolescents (16-18 years) Jisha, A. Prabha Kumari, K.S Home science 2019
Phytochemical evaluation and host relationships of Helicanthes elastica (Desr.) Danser Ajith Kumar, T.G Lizzy Mathew Botany 2019
Prospects and Challenges of Ecotourism - with special reference to wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala Baby Salini, P.V Sankaranarayanan, K. C Economics 2019
Some Extension to Problems in Optimization and Data Mining Using Soft Set Approach Sreelekshmi, C. Warrier Samuel, M.S Mathematics 2019
Soulful Silence: Literary Mapping of Dalit Discourse in Kerala: A Study of Malayalam Dalit Literature Soumya Nair, V Latha Nair, R English language and literature 2019
Statistical inference for Overlapping Coefficient and its Applications Sibil Jose Seemon Thomas Statistics 2019
Structural and optoelectronic properties of silver based transparent conducting oxide thin films fabricated by post air annealing and oxygen plasma assisted reactive evaporation techniques Keerthi, K Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2019
Synthesis and characterizations of metal and metal oxide nano particle/cluster polymer composites for their uses in craniofacial prosthesis and prosthodontic and dental applications Indu Raj Nandakumar Kalarikkal, CoGuide Sabu Thomas , Aby Mathew T. Dentistry 2019
Synthesis, Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of Luminescent Nanocrystalline Dy/Tb/Eu oxalates Dinu Alexander Cyriac Joseph, Co Guide Biju, P R Physics 2019

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