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The Inroads of Colonization into the Cultural Identity of the African People in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Alex Haley’s Roots Jyothi Susan Abraham Varghese Leena English language and literature 2019
ഗദ്ദിക; അനുഷ്‌ഠാനവും കലയും പി കെ കാളൻറെ സംഭാവനകൾ Rabija, A Jobin Jose Malayalam lanuage and literature 2019
നവോതഥാന സങ്കൽപം ചാവറ കുര്യാക്കോസ് എലിയാസച്ചൻറെ ജീവിതത്തിലും കൃതികളിലും Sindhu Sebastian Thomas Scaria Malayalam lanuage and literature 2019
1, 4-Butanediol Dimethacrylate-crosslinked Polystyrene as an efficient support for solid-phase Peptide synthesis Krishna Kumar, I M Beena Mathew Chemistry 2000
A study on ecotourism in Kerala Rajani P Vasanthakumari P Commerce 2019
A class of Heavy-Tailed distributions and their applications Dais George Sebastian George Statistics 2012
A comparative and critical study of Dutavakyam of Vyasa, Bhasa and Narayanabhatta Pushpalatha, E D Chandrasekaharan Nair Sanskrit language 2016
A comparative study of autocratic and democratic styles of management in industries of Kerala Mathews, G G Sreeranganadhan, K Management studies 2010
A comparative study of leadership styles of managers in selected public sector and private sector banks in Kerala Seethalekshmi, M P Harikumar, P N Commerce 2015
A comparative study of natural and adulterated toddy Rajalakshmi, R Latha, M S Bioscience 2016
A comparative study of Public and Private sector in General Insurance Swathy Varma, P R Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2012
A comparative study of sabda vyaparas according to naiyayikas, mimamsakas and vaiyakaranas Sharmila, N S Ramaswamy Iyenkar, A Sanskrit language 2011
A comparative study of scheduled caste welfare schemes in habitat and other places of their abode Chandrasekhara Pillai, P P George, T M Gandhian studies 2009
A comparative study of the absurd elements in the prominent plays of Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter Arun Salim Sadasivan Pillai, H English literature 2018
A comparative study of the contributions of Benjamin Bailey and William Carey to Indian education Wilson Mathew Anandan Nair, K Education 2002
A comparative study of the CPI (M) and CPI led coalition governments in Kerala: Politics and policy implementation Sivadasan, E N Cyriac Thomas Political science 1991
A comparative study of the hydrological scenario of Peruvanthanam sub-watershed and Valiyathodu sub-watershed of Manimala River basin, Kerala, South India Rekha, V B George, A V Environmental science 2013
A comparative study of the job satisfaction level of the work force and executives in Hindustan Newsprint Limited, (HNL), Vellore, Kerala State Priya Mariyat Tharsis Joseph Commerce 2015
A comparative study of the juvenile delinquents and normals with respect to their self-concept and locus of control Varkey, A V Jaleel, P M Education 2010
A comparative study of the root and other biochemical characteristics towards salinity tolerance in two high yielding varieties of Rice Anniamma Thomas Ray, J G Botany 2005
A comparative study of the search for black identity in the selected plays of Lorraine Hansberry and James Baldwin Bijimol Thomas Annie Margaret, P English literature 2011
A comparative study of the service and working conditions of teachers in Government and Private unaided schools of South Kerala Arun Babu Zachariah Roy C Mathew Gandhian studies (education) 2013
A comparative study of the short fiction of Katherine Mansfield and Kamala Das Elizabeth P Kurian Narendra Prasad, R English literature 1996
A comparative study of the spiritual and philosophic vision in the poems of Auden and Gokak Sherly, M D Joseph Kachapilly English literature 2006
A comparative study of watershed projects under western ghat development programme implemented by gramapanchayats and nongovernmental organisations (NGO) in Kerala Shijumon K.J J. Nalini Commerce 2019
A comparative study on attitude of employees in government and private sector organizations towards privatization Joju Chacko Akkara Johney Johnson Management studies 2014
A comparative study on financial management and performance of listed public sector and private sector companies in India Varun V Varghese Sundaresan, P.K Commerce 2019

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