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Acceptance and perception of e-governance among elected representatives of Local Bodies in Kannur District Sabu Thomas John, M S Political science 2013
Accomplishing Ploidy variation through Invitro techniques for Crop improvement Hevea Brasiliensis Divya, U K Sushama Kumari, S Biotechnology 2016
Accounting policies and practices of local self-governments in Kerala Thejo Jose Thomas John, M,
Joseph, K X
Commerce 2012
Accumulation of heavy metals in selected Benthic organisms and Fishes of Vembanad Lake Ecosystem Jayasooryan, K K Ramasamy, E V Environmental sciences 2016
Achievement related motives in adolescents in relation to parental and familial variables, scholastic achievement and appraisal of personality attributes Shirly Rachel Kurian Indulekha, K V Home science 1996
Activation of Carboxyl groups in organic synthesis Joshy, C L Purushothaman, E Chemistry 1998
Acyl Homoserine Lactone (AHL) based Quorum Sensing and its Biotechnological applications Merlin Antony Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2017
Adaptability, distribution status and phylogeny of selected venerid clams Ampili, M Shiny Sreedhar, K Environmental science (botany) 2016
Adaptive techniques in genetic algorithm and its applications Rajan, K Anilkumar, A K Mathematics 2014
Adbhutapanjaram of Narayana Diksita: A critical study Ambika, C P Leelamani, K Sanskrit literature 1999
Adjustment and its correlates in old age: A study in relation to living arrangement Jacob Cherian Kumar, K A,
Elsheba Mathew
Behavioural science 2000
Administrative leadership potential: A study on the Taxes Department of Government of Kerala Biju, M G Ramalingam, N Commerce 2004
Adolescents in contemporary Kerala family: Issues and challenges Maries, V L Shally Joseph Sociology 2014
Adolescents' creativity: A study with reference to the self-concept and achievement motivation Jose Antony Varghese K Varghese Social work 2002
Adunikakavithyum puthukavithayum oru tharathamya padanam (അധുനിക കവിതയും പുതുകവിതയും ഒരു താരതമ്യ പഠനം) Bins M Mathew (ബിൻസ് എം മാത്യു) Babu Sebastian (ബാബു സെബാസ്റ്റ്യൻ) Malayalam language 2015
Advaita and new science Harish, D Girishkumar, T S Philosophy 2014
Advertising in Kerala - Its influence on select consumer non-durables Gopakumar, K C Ramesh, B Social science 2004
Aesthetics and politics of language in Adrienne Rich Babu, K T Augustine Joseph,
Mathew Joseph
English literature 2008
Aetiological factors in suicidal behaviour Johnson, R Baburaj, P T Psychology 2003
Ageing of women in Kerala - An analysis of their consumption pattern Merly Zachariah Tessy Kurian Economics 2012
Agony of alienation: A comprehensive study of the aftermath of alienation in the novels of Toni Morrison Swarna Kumari, K Ravindran Nambiar, C English literature 2005
Agricultural technology development and transfer in the socio-economic transformation of agrarian economies: The Kerala experience with special reference to Kuttanad Aniyankunju, P C Joseph A Thomas Economics 2005
Agro-biodiversity and Indigenous knowledge: Conservation and Sustainable livelihood perspective in Attappady, Western Ghats Veena George M Christopher G ,Co Guide Sylas V P Environmental science 2018
Agro-processing in Kerala - A case study of Rice mills in Kalady Krishnadas, K Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2007
Agrobacterium mediated molecular breeding in Hevea brasiliensis for crop improvement Rekha, K Nazeem, P A,
Venkatachalam, P
Biotechnology 2014
Alcohol consumption and sexual behaviour: Comparison of the risky behaviour patterns of the Final Year Medical, Engineering and Non-professional undergraduates in Bangalore Silvy Mathew Verghese K Verghese (Fr) Social work 2005
Algorithmic approach to some intersection graphs Benedict Mary, A Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2006
All owe is one: The emergence of a composite identity in the novels of Paule Marshall Sushila Nair, K Kochuthresiamma, P J English literature 2009
Allelopathic properties of phytochemicals from selected plants Shelmi Antony Benny, P.J Biochemistry 2018
Allocation of time of working women in Kerala: A comparative study across occupations Ramya, R Visakha Varma, G Economics 2014

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