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A comparative study of Public and Private sector in General Insurance Swathy Varma, P R Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2012
A critical study of the financing of Distance education institutions in Kerala Vasudevan, V Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2003
A critique of the petroleum pricing policy of Government of India Prasanna Kumar, G Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 1998
A new paradigm in agrarian relations and productivity in Kerala Omana Cheriyan Philip, P J Economics 2005
A study of competitiveness of industries in Kerala to meet the challenges of liberalised economy Babu Thomas Jose, R V Economics 2012
A study of Indian textile exports with special reference to eco-friendly aspects Paul Cornelius Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2006
A study of women workers in the plantation sector of Kerala Tessy Kurian Jose, R V Economics 2000
A study on the performance of Indian textile industry in the context of multi fibre agreement (MFA) Regime Greeshma, S Muraleedharan, S Economics 2016
Ageing of women in Kerala - An analysis of their consumption pattern Merly Zachariah Tessy Kurian Economics 2012
Agricultural technology development and transfer in the socio-economic transformation of agrarian economies: The Kerala experience with special reference to Kuttanad Aniyankunju, P C Joseph A Thomas Economics 2005
Agro-processing in Kerala - A case study of Rice mills in Kalady Krishnadas, K Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2007
Allocation of time of working women in Kerala: A comparative study across occupations Ramya, R Visakha Varma, G Economics 2014
An economic analysis of health care burden and health insurance of unorganized workers in Kerala Eldose, A M Sheela Varghese Economics 2016
An economic analysis of Indian railways: A study on two railway divisions Julie P Lazar Mani, K P Economics 2014
An economic analysis of Kole cultivation in Kerala with special reference to Thrissur District Leema, T G Thomas, E M Economics 2016
An economic evaluation of Consumer Cooperatives in Kerala Thomas Paul Kattookaran Mani, K P Economics 2003
An economic evaluation of rural drinking water supply projects in Kerala: A comparative study Vijayakumary, M S Antony, C A Economics 2004
An evaluation of community housing projects under people’s plan in Kerala – A case study of Thrissur District Baby, V O Stephanson, K A Economics 2013
An evaluation of eco-tourism projects in Kerala: A study with special reference to Idukki District Resmi, G Leena Mathew Economics 2013
An evaluation of the performance and social capital formation of food processing Microenterprises under kudumbasree in Kerala Kavitha A C Muraleedharan S Economics 2017
Bottled water industry in Kerala: Economic and environmental impacts Sheeba, V T Tessy Kurian Economics 2011
Capital flows and volatility in foreign exchange rte: A study of Indian economy since wide liberalization Xavier, V K Muraleedharan, S Economics 2016
Case for interest-free financial institutions in Kerala Yaqoob, P K Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2010
Changing consumption pattern in Kerala Rosamma Joseph Tessy Kurian Economics 2012
Changing patterns of foreign investment and its impact on Indian economy – A macrolevel analysis James, C P Thomas, E M Economics 2011
Changing production conditions in Agriculture: A study of Kuttanad Thomas, T A Joseph A Thomas Economics 2005
Co-operative Credit for Agriculture in Kerala with special reference to Paddy Cultivation in Palakkad District Jisha, K K Leena George Economics 2016
Coconut oil milling industry in Kerala- Choice of technology and linkages Jaison V Joseph Sunny, K A Economics 2009
Competitiveness and labour standards in special economic zones: A study of Cochin special economic zone Anupa Jacob Martin Patrick Economics 2014
Construction industry – Explorations into forward and backward linkages Damodaran, P A Mani, K P Economics 2011

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