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Sumy M Scaria Developing a blended learning package for enhancing Technopedagogical skills and achievement among Student Teachers at secondary level Education Celine Pereria 2016
Sunandha, K A Women entrepreneurs and manufacturing sector – A case study of Thrissur District Economics Jose, A M 2012
Suneethi, A S Influence of teacher education programme on emotional competence, creative thinking and locus of control of student teachers at secondary level Education Thulasidharan, T V 2015
Sunil Abraham Thomas Information and communication technology enabled education and governance in the state of Kerala Economics Antony, C A 2016
Sunil C. Vattappalam Studies on gas sensing characteristics of ZnO nanostructured thin films Physics Sunny Mathew% Simon Augustine 2017
Sunil Gladson, M Patent on life forms and its impact on human environment with particular reference to climate change Law Vikraman Nair, K 2017
Sunil Jacob Polymer-supported solid phase reactions using N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone derived polymers Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 2007
Sunil Jose, (സുനിൽ ജോസ്) ടെലിവിഷൻ ചാനലുകളുടെ സ്വാധീനം മലയാള ഭാഷയിലും സംസ്കാരത്തിലും (Television Channelukade Swadeenam Malayala Bhashayilum Samskarathilum) Malayalam literature Jose K. Manuel (ജോസ് കെ മാനുവൽ) 2016
Sunil Jose, K A faunistic survey of Spiders (Araneae: Arachnida) in Kerala Zoology Sebastian, P A 2007
Sunil Kumar S Menon Economics of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing industry in Kerala Economics Raju, K V 2010
Sunil Kumar, K Marginalisation and identity politics: The tribal question in Kerala International relations Seethi, K M 2013
Sunil Kumar, P N Structure of some Peptides rich in hydrophobic residues Biophysics Haridas, M 2005
Sunil Markose, P (സുനില്‍ മര്‍ക്കോസ്, പി) കടല്‍ത്തീരജനതയുടെ സംസ്കാരം മലയാള നോവലില്‍ (Kadaltheerajanathayude samskaram Malayala novalil) Malayalam literature Leelamma, C P (ലീലാമ്മ, സി പി) 2012
Sunil Nayar, G Factors influencing male fertility and its management Environmental science Vijayakumar, T 2004
Sunil Paul Mathew, M Transformation reactions of water pollutants by free radicals and inorganic ions: Mechanism and environmental implications Chemistry Pramod, G% Aravindakumar, C T 2016
Sunil T K Socio economic conditions of Tribes in Idukki district with special reference to Mannan and Oorali Tribal groups in the District Gandhian studies (social work) Roy C Mathew 2017
Sunil Thomas RE3+ doped multi component glasses and ion exchanged/ laser written waveguides Physics Unnikrishnan, N V 2015
Sunil, K Growth, characterization and property studies of some layered transition metal Dichalcogenide crystals grown by chemical vapour transport technique Physics Ittyachen, M A 1999
Sunil, V.T Ragas through modal shift of tonic Music Omanakutty, K 2016
Sunila Thomas Effectiveness of co- operative learning on learning styles and academic performance in Mathematics learning at the Upper primary level Education Sudharma, A 2009
Sunilkumar, M.J On Revisiting the Kerala model of health care: A study on utilisation and financing of health care Economics Thomas, T.A 2018
Sunish E Systematics of spiders in central Malabar, Kerala, India with special emphasis on myglomorphs (araneae:orthognatha) Zoology P A Sebastain 2018
Sunita Panicker Successful turnaround strategies: A comparison between Public and Private sector organisations in Karnataka Management studies Mathew J Manimala 2012
Sunitha Susan Jose Developing a model based on cooperative learning for enhancing social intelligence and academic achievement among students at upper primary level Education Poulose, P.J 2018
Sunitha Krishnan Effect of RBC model of lifeskills and achievements in mathematics among secondary school students Education Minikutty A 2017
Sunitha, K (സുനിത കെ) ആഖ്യാനവും അന്യവത്ക്കരണവും - മലയാളത്തിലെ സ്ത്രീ ആത്മകഥകളെ അടിസ്ഥാനമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം Malayalam language Jose K Manuel, (ജോസ് കെ മാന്വൽ) 2016
Sunitha, M S (सुनीता एम एस) समकालीन हिंदी कहानियों में पारिस्थितिकी का स्वरुप (Samakalin Hindi kahaniyon mein paristhitiki ka swarup) Hindi language% language and l Praneetha, P (प्रणीता पि) 2015
Sunitha, T K Biochemical and pharmacological studies on green tea Biochemistry Ramachandra Panikkar, K,
Mukkadan, J K
Sunitha, V.S Immunomodulatory Effect of Traditional Thirst Quenchers in Kerala Zoology Jyothis Mathew 2019
Sunithakumari K Amarkanthi ki kahaniyam : Ek Adhyyan Hindi literature Roy Joseph 2017

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