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Vamanan Nampoothiri, K Sacrifice as motif in W B Yeats and Edasseri Govindan Nair English literature Harris, V C 1999
Vanaja, V Political ideology in the novels of Nayantara Sahgal and Meena Alexander: A feminist perspective English literature Geetha, P 2004
Vandana, K Studies of DNA base radical cations using anthraquinone photosensitization and radiation-induced precursors of adenine nitrogen-centred radicals Chemistry Aravindakumar, C T 2010
Vani K Influence of defect-depoles on electrical characteristics of acceptor-doped ferroelectric oxides Chemistry Kumar V 2017
Varghese J Pudussery (Fr) A study of the families of drug addicts - Family functioning and social support system Social science Alex, O J (Fr) 1995
Varghese K Cheriyan Effectiveness of Kolb’s experiential learning model on achievement in Mathematics of students at secondary level Education Jacob, P J 2010
Varghese Mathew Studies on certain gel-grown metal malonate crystals Physics Abraham, K E 2012
Varghese Nellissery, P The impact of television on children: Socialization in family as a mediating factor Gandhian studies Bernd Pflug 2003
Varghese Varghese Tekso d 'Denho in the West Syrian tradition: A study of the Feast of Epiphany in the Malankara Orthodox Church Syriac studies Baby Varghese (Fr) 2012
Varghese, C D Anticancer activity of selected medicinal plants: A study of the anticancer principles from Saraca asoca Biochemistry Ramachandra Panikkar, K 1996
Varghese, V V Economic aspects of non-aligned movement with special reference to India's foreign policy International relations Cheriyan, C V 1992
Varkey, A V A comparative study of the juvenile delinquents and normals with respect to their self-concept and locus of control Education Jaleel, P M 2010
Varkey, P J Community management of water resources in Kerala: A study of user participation in drinking water schemes Gandhian studies Joseph, T M 2013
Varughese C Abraham Words, voices and silences: Games the author plays - A study of the novels of Samuel Beckett English literature Harris, V C 2005
Varughese John Growth and characterization of Lanthanum samarium oxalate and Lanthanum neodymium oxalate crystals Physics Ittyachen, M A 2002
Varughese Mathew Studies in graph theory – Rational approach Mathematics Arumugam, S 2012
Varughese P Peter Relationship between emotional intelligence and effectiveness of Primary school teachers in Kerala State Education Thulasidharan, T V 2013
Varughese Philipose India’s Defence Policy: Strategy and option International relations Seethi, K M 2016
Varughese, P A Crystal growth of rare earth and alkaline earth compounds Physics George Varghese 2006
Vasudevan Pillai, K Studies on water management strategies in Elavanchery Grama Panchayat with a view to develop a pollution abatement water conservation model for rural development Environmental science George, K V 2016
Vasudevan, V A critical study of the financing of Distance education institutions in Kerala Economics Sankaranarayanan, K C 2003
Vasundhara, G Nitrogen fixing Enzymes in selected plants and Microorganisms Biochemistry Muraleedhara Kurup, G,
Sethuraj, M R
Veena Appukuttan Effects of Co-operative, competitive and individualistic learning experience on certain select personal, social and scholastic variables among secondary school peers Education Suresh, K P 2013
Veena Devi, K N (वीणा देवी, के एन) रामदरश मिश्रा के उपन्यासों में नारी (Ramdarash Mishra ke upanyasom mein nari) Hindi literature Mini George (मिनी जाँर्ज) 2014
Veena George M Agro-biodiversity and Indigenous knowledge: Conservation and Sustainable livelihood perspective in Attappady, Western Ghats Environmental science Christopher G ,Co Guide Sylas V P 2018
Veena Priya,S The impact of mechanization in the Socio-Economic development of fishermen in Kerala Management studies Sreeranganadhan, K 2017
Veena, S (വീണ, എസ്) പാരമ്പര്യവും മൌലികതയും കുട്ടികൃഷ്ണമാരാരുടെ വിമര്‍ശനത്തില്‍ (Tradition and individuality in the criticism of Kuttikrishna Marar) Malayalam literature Indulekha, M (ഇന്ദുലേഖ, എം) 2013
Venu, S Free Radical chemistry of some Antioxidant Molecules: Radiolytic and theoretical studies Chemistry Aravindakumar, C T 2016
Venugopal B Menon Sino-Indian relations: A case study of crisis in bilateral relations International relations Ramachandra, G P 1996
Venugopal, R Demographic dynamics and sustainable development: A study with special reference to Kerala Gandhian studies Mahajan P Mani 2000

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