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Sunny George A study on the community organization of pulayas in the chainging social patterns of life from 1858 -1990 Social science Ahammed Neesar T K 2017
Sunny Joseph Flow of credit to trade and commerce in Kerala - A study of Real Estate and Housing Finance in Kerala Economics Jose, R V 2004
Sunny Kuriakose Molecular rearrangements in crosslinked macromolecular matrices Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 1994
Sunny Sebastian (സണ്ണി സെബാറ്റിൻ) ദുരന്തം, കലാപം, പ്രതീക്ഷ - സി. ജെ. തോമസ്സിൻറെ കൃതികളിൽ (Tragedy, Rebellion, Hope in C.J. Thomas’ works) Malayalam literature Scaria Zacharia (സ്കറിയ സകരിയ) 2016
Sunny Varghese Church and community development: A sociological study with reference to Bhimadole community Sociology George Koilparambil 2007
Supaluk Satpretpry Subjective well-being and psychological resources of students of South Thailand and Kerala: A cross-cultural study Behavioural science Razeena Padmam, M S 2002
Suprabha G Nair Isolation, purification and characterization of Xylanases from Aspergillus sydowii Microbiology Shankar Shashidhar 2007
Suprabha, L Economics of Urban water supply system: a case study of public water supply in Kollam district Economics Radhakrishnan, N 2017
Suprapha, T Optical and photocatalytic studies of Titania nanostructures synthesized by microwave irradiation Chemistry Suresh Mathew 2012
Supriya S.Nair അനുഷ്‌ഠാനങ്ങളുടെ സാമൂഹിക പരിസരം പൂരം പടയണി മുൻനിർത്തിയുള്ള ഫോക്‌ലോർ വിശകലനം Malayalam literature B.Revikumar 2019
Suraja, E M (സുരജ. ഈ എം) Onam as described in Malayalam poetry – A study with special references to Edassery, P Kunjiraman Nair and Vyloppilly Malayalam literature Vasanthan, S K (വസന്തന്‍, എസ് കെ) 2012
Surajbabu, P V Sree Narayana Guru’s perspective on education and its relevance in the emerging society Education Jacob, P J 2012
Suramya Mathai Effectiveness of yoga as an instructional strategy peace education for secondary school students Education John, M S 2014
Surekha Rachel Zachariah A study on personality types and managerial performance - An enquiry into the nature of their relationships Management studies James Thomas Kunnanatt 2007
Surendran, A HRD culture and climate of Steel based Public sector enterprises in Kerala Commerce Sonny, V A 2013
Suresh A (सुरेश ए) निर्मल वर्मा के कथा -साहित्य में आधुनिकता बोध (Nirmal varma ke katha saahitya mein adhunikta bodh) Hindi literature James George (डॉ जेम्स जोर्ज) 2016
Suresh Babu P. Adaptation to diabetes- a sociological study of diabetic patients in kerala Sociology Ramola B Joseph 2018
Suresh Babu, P.A Public works programme and rural development in Kerala with special focus on national rural employment guarantee act Economics Manjula, K 2018
Suresh Chellappan History of black magic in kerala Social science Raghava Varrier, M.R 2018
Suresh Kumar, E B The political processes of Kolathunadu down to 1812 History Vijayakrishnan, K 2009
Suresh Kumar, P History of social legislation in Travancore State History Cherian, P J 2003
Suresh, K J Stress and coping strategies in relation to emotional intelligence of student teachers of Kerala Education Saratchandra Raj, G 2014
Suresh, M Tribes in the sanctuary: A study in economic anthropology of Mannans and Paliyans in the Western ghats Social science Raju, S 2009
Suresh, M S Studies on the adducts of coordinatively unsaturated Co (ll), Ni (ll) and VO (iv) complexes with Bidentate conjugated N-bases Chemistry Padmanabhan, M 2001
Suresh, M V Impact of Pampa irrigation project: A case study with special reference to Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts in Kerala Economics Philip, P J 2014
Suresh, P S Polymer supported reagents Chemistry Srinivasan, M,
Rajasekharan Pillai, V N
Suresh, V S Role of family in the education of tribal students Special education Sukumaran, P S 2014
Suresh, V T (सुरेश, वी टी) यशपाल के उपन्यासों में इतिहास और कल्पना (History and imagination in the novels of Yashpal) Hindi literature Ajith Kumar, P K (अजित कुमार, पी के) 2006
Sureshkumar, M Personality profile using Exner’s Comprehensive System and related neurocognitive functions in parents with alcohol dependence syndrome Behavioural science Rajeev Kumar, N 2016
Surya P Rajendran Fibrinolytic Enzyme from Bacillus species: Characterization and Application Studies Biochemistry Aniey. Y 2018

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