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Theoretical investigation of some problems in transport through random media Alexander Abraham Indulekha, K Physics 2009
Thermo-optic characterization of nanofluids using laser induced thermal lens spectroscopy Shemeena Basheer, N Achamma Kurian Physics 2014
Third order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of the high-Tc superconducting crystals LA1.8Sr0.2CuO4, Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4 and Bi2Sr2Cacu2O8 Jayachandran, K P Menon, C S Physics 2000
Third order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of the trigonal crystals CaCO3, Bi and LiNbO3 Thresiamma Philip Menon, C S% Indulekha, K Physics 2007
Third order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of the Uniaxial crystals Sn, Sn-In and BN Mathew, V M Menon, C S Physics 2002
Time resolved spectroscopy and energy transfer mechanism in optical materials using laser excitation Ajithkumar, G Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 1998
Tin Oxide Based N and P Type Transparent Conductors and PN junctions: Spray Pyrolysis Deposition and Characterization Ebitha Eqbal Anila, E I Physics 2020
Transparent and conducting ZnO based thin films: synthesis, structural, optical and electrical properties Athma, P.V Anila, E.I Physics 2019
Transparent Conducting CuInO2 thin films (doped and undoped) via Activated Reactive Evaporation: A Study on Structural, Optical, Electrical and Transport properties Bindu G Nair Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2019
Transparent ZnO Thin Films: Deposition, Characterization, Doping Effect and Gas Sensitivity Sheeba N H Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2018
Tunable thermo-optical properties of fluids using nanoparticles Rajesh Kumar, B Achamma Kurian Physics 2014
Type -11 Core shell Quantum Dots; syntheses characterization and photo induced charge transfer studies Simi, N.J Ison V Vanchipurakkal Physics 2020
Ultrasonic absorption and acoustic non-linearity parameter B/A of binary liquid mixtures Jugan, J Abdul Khadar, M Physics 2003
Ultrasonic investigation of elastic properties and phase transition in selected mixed Sulphate and Sulphamate crystals George Varughese Godfrey, L Physics 2005
Ultrasonic study of certain binary and ternary liquid mixtures Roshan Abraham Abdul Khadar, M Physics 1998
Wave instabilities in Anti Loss-Cone (ALC) plasmas Antony, S Chandu Venugopal Physics 1998
Weak measurements and nonclassical correlations in two qubit quantum systems Lekshmi, S Shaji, N, Co Guide Mohammed,E.M Physics 2019
X-ray crystal structure analysis of some Organic compounds Bubbly K Joseph Sudarsanakumar, C Physics 2001

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